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Apple stock

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How Apple Stock Will Get a Boost Out of WWDC 2016

Apple stock

Apple stock normally gets a short-term boost out of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event.

But this year AAPL stock figures to get much more than that. What Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) announces at WWDC will serve as a catalyst for the stock for years to come.

It's all part of a larger theme - a shift toward a higher reliance on services, rather than devices, for revenue growth.

And this WWDC news will act as an accelerant to that shift...

Three of the World's Best Investors Just Proved We're Far Ahead of the Pack (Again)

Apple Stock

The world's best investors - Buffett, Einhorn, Soros - are betting on Apple stock. But it's not just the bargain-priced shares attracting these money managers.

There's a growth opportunity here so far off the radar almost no one's picked up on it yet...

Where the Apple Stock Price Is Headed in 2016

Despite Apple stock slipping in early 2016, it remains one of the best stocks on the market today to buy and hold long term.

Apple stock dipped below $100 per share in early 2016 along with the broader markets. Through the first month of the year, the Apple stock price dropped 8.4%, while the Dow Jones dipped 5.6%. It has since rebounded, and has flat year-to-date returns.

But Money Morning experts see Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) stock as a solid long-term investment.

Before we get into the reasons why AAPL stock will be so profitable, let's look at why the Apple stock price has dipped in 2016…

Why the Apple Stock Price Fell Below $100

In early January, the AAPL stock price fell following a negative report about iPhone sales.

Apple stock forecastReports of slowing iPhone sales started in November, but hit with more frequency throughout December and January. Most cited data from Apple suppliers indicating a slowdown in iPhone production.

Analysts have taken this data and lowered their iPhone forecasts dramatically. Several such as Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse are now projecting that 2016 iPhone sales will actually decline year over year – a much worse prospect than slowing growth.

Then the financial media piled on, with pundits declaring that we've reached "peak iPhone."

Following the weak iPhone report, the Apple earnings report for Q4 also disappointed investors.

On Jan. 26, Apple reported earnings of $3.28 a share. That topped forecasts for $3.23 a share, but was an increase of just 1.9% from the same quarter a year ago. Still, the $18.4 billion in profit was the most by any company in history.

Revenue rose just 1.7% to $75.87 billion, which fell short of the consensus estimates for sales of $76.6 billion.

Apple sold 74.77 million iPhones in the quarter as well. The product that accounts for two-thirds of those sales. The increase of less than 1% year over year missed forecasts for sales of 76.54 million iPhones.

But despite the reports of slowing iPhone sales and uninspired earnings, Money Morning experts are still bullish on the AAPL stock price in the long term.

"If you're looking at the long haul, Apple is still a stock to own," Money Morning Defense & Tech Specialist Michael A. Robinson said on FOX Business in January.

Here are three reasons to remain bullish on Apple stock today…

iPhone Sales Won't Hurt Apple Stock Like Many Predict

iPhone growth has slowed, but this slip in growth is likely only temporary. Apple's global smartphone market share generally hovers around just 15%, meaning it can keep chipping away at Android's dominant share of 80%-plus.

Apple also has untapped potential in China. As Tim Cook pointed out in a recent conference call, the Chinese middle class is expected to grow from 50 million in 2010 to 500 million in 2020, and many of them will want iPhones.

Over in India, which is the next major growth market for smartphones, Apple has been busy laying the groundwork for the iPhone. It has plans to open more stores there in the next year or so, and sales have already started to accelerate.

Apple sold 800,000 iPhones in India in the December quarter, and 1.7 million for calendar year 2015. That December quarter figure represents year-over-year growth of 60%.

Then there's Apple's thriving ecosystem, which is stronger than ever…

What the "Ecosystem" Means for the AAPL Stock Price

Apple's services includes iTunes, iCloud, the App Store, and Apple Pay. And these are all part of the Apple "Ecosystem." In the last earnings report, Apple said revenue from that segment was up 23% in 2015.

The Apple profit machine ultimately runs on the fuel of its ecosystem – the glue that ties all those elements together and keeps customers loyal to the Apple brand.

Here's a full rundown of Apple ecosystem products:

  • The Mac
  • The iPad
  • The Apple Watch
  • Apple Pay
  • Apple TV

"A billion devices connected to Apple's services just in the last 90 days. That's enormous – $5 billion in service revenue," Robinson said. "They have a built-in customer base second to none in technology and really in the world in any kind of a consumer format."

Of course, many critics say Apple needs to produce another game-changing product like the iPod/iTunes tandem or the iPhone.

The notoriously secretive Apple probably has such a project in the pipeline. It could be the much-rumored Apple Car, or the definitive virtual reality platform. But Apple knows only too well that it needs to continue innovating.

Apple may not necessarily build a car, but could create self-driving technology to sell to automakers. Whatever Apple is doing in the auto space, we won't see it in 2016 – or 2017, for that matter.

So the company is not relying on iPhone sales alone. And the ecosystem will continue to have a major impact on the Apple stock price for years to come.

And the third reason we're bullish on the Apple stock price for the long-term is the future unveiling of the iPhone 7.

What iPhone 7 Means for Apple Stock in 2016

The iPhone 7 – expected to launch in September 2016 – is bound to have at least one extremely tempting new marquee feature.

One rumor already circulating is the possibility of a nearly unbreakable sapphire screen. Another is that the new iPhone will be waterproof. We could see both.

Apple uses both technologies in the Apple Watch, so that's not out of the question.

Durability is a big issue for all smartphone users. A nearly indestructible iPhone 7 would give both sales and the Apple stock a huge jolt.

Another positive long-range factor will be the new iPhone subscription plan, which allows users to upgrade to the latest iPhone each year. We won't see the impact of that until Q1 2017.

Either way, the unveiling of a new iPhone will have a huge boost on Apple's sales. And it will be a major catalyst for the Apple stock price into 2017.

So where exactly do we see the Apple stock price heading? Here's Robinson's Apple stock price prediction…

Apple Stock Price Prediction for 2016 and Beyond

The first question is whether Apple stock will keep falling in 2016 before it rebounds. Can it get cheaper?

Yes, maybe a little. Given its negative momentum right now, AAPL stock could easily sink to about $85, but probably no lower. It's notoriously hard to time these things, so investors considering whether to buy AAPL stock shouldn't wait too long.

After that, look for Apple stock to recover.

Robinson has an Apple stock price target of $130 by Labor Day 2017. Robinson's $130 target is about 35% higher than where AAPL stock is trading now. And he's not alone in believing that Apple stock will right itself. Even after several Wall Street analysts lowered their Apple stock price targets as well, the consensus is still about $138.

Stay tuned to Money Morning for everything you need to know about Apple stock in 2016 and beyond…

Where the Apple Stock Price Is Headed in 2016

Despite Apple stock slipping in early 2016, it remains one of the best stocks on the market today to buy and hold long term. Apple stock dipped below $100 per share in early 2016 along with the broader markets. Through the first month of the year, the Apple stock price dropped 8.4%, while the Dow […]

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Buy Apple Stock Now While It's On Sale

buy AAPL stock

Not many investors want to buy Apple stock now, but that's what makes it so attractive.

The AAPL stock price is down more than 30% over the past year, and more than 14% in 2016 as Wall Street has soured on the tech giant.

But the talking heads of Wall Street are so focused on what they don't like they're missing the big picture.

Here's why AAPL stock is such a great bargain right now...

It's Time to Make a Big Bet "the Other Way" on Apple Stock

Apple stock

After its first quarterly miss in 13 years, the financial press is humming with negative sentiment toward Apple.

To hear them say it, the stock is a pure falling knife.

Now, second-quarter earnings out of Cupertino were less than inspiring, and the miss was a bit wider than anticipated. Global economic growth concerns are looming large, too, given that Apple pulls in 67% of its revenue from outside the United States.

All told, Apple is off about 26% in the past 12 months, and 13% since Apple's earnings miss. But the same experts who are trading Apple down to $92 now were so bullish on the stock they traded it up above $130.

What's more, there's nothing shocking about Apple's filings. Wall Street's chattering classes are reacting as though they've been caught off guard, but no one seriously thought that the massive boom in iPhone 6 sales was going to be a "permanent phenomenon."

So this is just the typical closing of the barn door after the horses have taken off. Remember, these are the same "minds" who never saw the financial crisis coming and who only recently got around to downgrading Exxon Mobil after oil's rebound.

Naturally, this is the perfect time to carefully consider what the experts have to say... and then do the exact opposite.

Here's how to play Apple for the most gains right now...

After the AAPL Stock Price Slide, Should You Buy AAPL?

Apple stock price

On Monday, the AAPL stock price managed the dubious achievement of falling eight straight trading days - a losing streak last matched nearly 18 years ago.

Punctuated by a lousy earnings report that alone chopped 8% from the Apple stock price, shares slid a total of 11%.

But while the "experts" declare an end to Apple's glory years, investors with little perspective know better. Here's why Apple stock still has plenty of upside...

Don't Make the Same Mistake Carl Icahn Just Did by Dumping Apple Stock

Apple stock

After an earnings report that was worse than expected, Apple stock got blasted last week. Even activist investor Carl Icahn dumped his massive stake.

But emulating activist investors and bailing out now would be a huge mistake. Here's why, plus what's next for Apple and what this all means for your money...

Why Carl Icahn's Apple Stock Dump Is a Red Flag for All Investors

apple stock

The extra slam that Apple stock got from Carl Icahn's surprise announcement that he had dumped all of his AAPL shares proves again why activist investors can be dangerous.

While many investors believe they can glean actionable tips by following the likes of Carl Icahn, people can never forget that these folks are in the game to maximize their own profit.

A step-by-step deconstruction of what Carl Icahn did to Apple over three years illustrates why we all need to be wary of activist investors...

Apple Is Changing What It Means to Hold AAPL Stock

AAPL stock

Earlier this week, tech juggernaut Apple Inc. singlehandedly sent the entire stock market reeling when it reported a second-quarter miss in earnings and revenue.

It was the company's first revenue decline in 13 years.

The disappointing reports listed falling iPhone shipments, which are down some 16% year on year, and 26% fewer sales in the massive and, for Apple, critical Chinese market. The strong dollar isn't helping Apple's performance there, either.

It's only the latest victim of the "earnings recession" we're almost certainly enduring right now.

Don't get me wrong: Apple is still a great company and a must-have stock.

But here's the thing... the very nature of what it means to be an Apple shareholder is changing, and the company is in the midst of what I think is a misstep right now.

Here's what I mean...

Apple Stock Price Tanks on Earnings Miss – What Investors Should Do Now

Apple stock price

The Apple stock price has been hammered following an uncharacteristically bad earnings report.

Apple Inc.'s fiscal Q2 earnings were not only much lower than the same period a year ago, but missed Wall Street expectations as well.

The AAPL stock price was down as much as 8% in after-hours trading. But the sharp sell-off was an overreaction.

Here's why Apple stock is a great bargain right now...

Should I Buy Apple Stock After the 2016 Q2 Earnings?

AAPL stock

While Apple stock has slumped ahead of the fiscal Q2 earnings, the company has not yet peaked.

The Apple Q2 2016 earnings are expected to show the company's first year-over-year decline in revenue since 2003.

Concerns about slowing iPhone sales have shaved more than 19% from the AAPL stock price over the past year.

But investors need to ignore the gloom. Here's why Apple stock is a buy...

Is Apple Stock a Buy One Year After the Debut of the Watch?

Apple Stock

Whether Apple stock is a buy on the one-year anniversary of the Apple Watch launch has not been made easier to answer by a lot of speculative news stories.

Many analysts and pundits have declared the Apple Watch a "flop" because they're guessing that the newest Apple device has failed to meet expectations.

Here's why investors need to take these stories with a big grain of salt - and what they should be looking at instead...

Why AAPL Stock Is a Buy After "Snoozer" Event

AAPL stock

AAPL stock has reacted to Monday's Apple Event news pretty much like the tech media did - with a big yawn.

But most people have completely missed the significance of what Apple is doing.

That reading of the debut of the iPhone 5SE greatly underestimates Apple's plans. It's part of a grand strategy that will boost earnings more than people think.

Here's how...

The 2016 Apple Dividend Increase: What Investors Can Expect

apple dividend

A 2016 Apple dividend increase is pretty much a lock for April.

Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) already has committed to raising its dividend. The tech giant has done it three years in a row.

The only question is how big the AAPL dividend increase will be.

We've crunched the numbers, it looks like it will be much higher than most people think...

Why the Apple vs. FBI Fight Is About Much More Than One iPhone

Apple vs. FBI

The Apple vs. FBI fight might seem about one company granting access to the data on one device, but the legal implications of this case go far beyond that.

The FBI is seeking access to the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino attackers, but Apple has resisted. It may look like Apple is simply being stubborn.

But when you dig into the company's thinking, it becomes clear why Apple has decided to fight the government...