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The Apple Car: A Source of Growth or a Money Pit? (AAPL)


Apple Inc. certainly has the resources to design, build, and sell an electric Apple Car that would have much of the world salivating.

But the question for investors is whether an Apple Car would help or hurt Apple stock. The company needs new sources of growth, but the auto industry is riddled with challenges.

Here's why, despite the potential, the Apple Car poses a ton of risk...

Tesla Stock Price Dips 2% After Apple Car Announcement (Nasdaq: TSLA)


The Tesla stock price slipped 2.1% to $258.88 today (Tuesday) on news Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) has begun working on its own electric car.

Apple's move means the battle for the luxury electric market is about to get more intense

But for long-term investors, there is still plenty of profit to be had from Tesla stock. Here's why...

AAPL Stock News: Why Apple Pay in China Matters

Apple pay

AAPL Stock News: Apple Pay is moving closer to a launch in China, a development that will accelerate the company's already ballooning profits in that country.

Chinese newspaper Wenhui News reported late last week that Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) had registered a business entity in the Shanghai free-trade zone in June to run its Apple Pay business.

Here's how the Apple Pay service in China will pay off for Apple stock...

The Best Investments When the Fed Raises Rates


Keith Fitz-Gerald was on CNBC's "Word on the Street" discussing the best investments if the Fed raises interest rates.

A recent Goldman Sachs report calls into question Keith's suggestion that Apple will see little impact from a rate increase.

But there is a flaw in that thinking, and investors may want to put the report in the context of Goldman's trading history...

Apple Stock Price Predictions Soar on iPhone Upgrade Plan (AAPL)

apple predictions

Revised Apple stock price predictions have shares rising from 50% to 74% from its current level of about $115.

And what has analysts so excited isn't any of the new hardware Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) announced last week, but a new way of selling the iPhone.

Here's what Apple is doing - and why it will drive the AAPL stock price higher...

What Really Mattered at Apple Inc.'s (Nasdaq: AAPL) Big Event

Stock market futures

I get giddy every time the fall Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) product announcements come around. After all, Apple is the leader in consumer electronics and operating systems.

And this year certainly didn't disappoint. However, while everyone is distracted by the iDevice King's impressive new lineup of hardware, it's what the company has brewing behind the scenes that investors should be paying attention to.

Here's a rundown - plus how to play Apple stock now...

Is Fitbit Stock (NYSE: FIT) at the Mercy of the Apple Watch?


The Fitbit stock price has seen a massive rise over the last week. Shares of FIT are up 9.1% since Sept. 3.

The majority of the gains came after Morgan Stanley reported that Fitbit dominates the wearable tech market over Apple.

But could the Apple Watch jeopardize Fitbit's long-term appreciation?

Apple Stock Price Will Thrive on New iPhone, iPad Pro, Apple TV (AAPL)


The Apple stock price slumped 2% following the company's biggest product unveiling of the year today (Wednesday). But in the long run, today's announcements will propel AAPL stock to new heights.

Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) revealed the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, as well as a larger iPad aimed at the business market and a revamped Apple TV.

Here's why these new products will prove positive catalysts for the Apple stock price...

Apple Stock Alert: An Investor's Guide to the Sept. 9 Event


Of all the news and events that can influence Apple stock over the course of the year, the one with the most long-term impact is the annual introduction of new iPhone models.

We already know many of the details of what will be unveiled at the Apple event.

Here's a guide to what to expect - and how each of these announcements will impact AAPL stock...

Apple Stock: Why It Pays to Buy AAPL Before an iPhone Launch

Apple stock

Apple stock doesn't do well in the periods directly before the launch of a new model of iPhone - a period we're in right now - but usually rises in the days and months afterward.

If the pattern holds again this year, now is when you want to buy AAPL stock.

Here's what Apple stock has done over the past five years whenever a new iPhone is launched...

Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) and Pentagon in a $171 Million Wearable Tech Venture

Wearable Tech

The Pentagon has partnered with Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL), Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA), Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE: HPQ), and 159 other private companies and universities to develop wearable tech for military use.

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced the creation of a new institute in San Jose called "Flexible Hybrid Electronic Institute" on Friday. The institute will work to develop manufacturing techniques and new applications for flexible electronics.

Apple has become a tour de force in the wearables market this year alone, according to fresh IDC data...

Dow Futures Today Dip Despite 4.8% Surge in China


Find out what's ahead for the stock market today.

Get Dow futures today, stocks to watch, the biggest stock market news, and today's best profit plays.

Continue reading here...

Apple Stock Just Formed a Death Cross – Now What? (Nasdaq: AAPL)

Apple death cross

Apple stock formed a bearish "death cross" pattern in its chart yesterday (Wednesday), giving Wall Street one more thing to worry about.

Technical analysts see a death cross as a signal that a short-term drop is about to become a long-term slump. And in the case of AAPL stock, the death cross is especially worrying.

This is what happened the last two times we saw an Apple death cross...

Does the Tim Cook Email to Jim Cramer Warrant SEC Investigation? (Nasdaq: AAPL)


Does the Tim Cook email to "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer warrant an all-out SEC investigation? Well, the correspondence wasn't the most legal of conversations, that's for sure.

You see, Cook's decision to fill Cramer in privately on Apple's performance violated an SEC regulation.

Here's the likely outcome of an SEC investigation into Tim Cook's email...

Apple Stock Gloom Vanishes as Wall Street Flip Flops Again (Nasdaq: AAPL)


After a month of negative talk from Wall Street analysts that helped drive Apple stock down 20%, the mood has suddenly reversed.

One email from Apple CEO Tim Cook was all it took to reverse weeks of gloomy sentiment from Wall Street.

Here's why Wall Street got it wrong on AAPL stock - and why investors need to take everything these analysts say with a grain of salt...

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