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  • Commodities Prices 2014: The Halftime Report commodities prices

    After a disappointing 2013, commodities prices came roaring back, with returns for the first half of 2014 outperforming the S&P 500 by more than 4% and 10-year Treasury bonds by more than 6%.

    With money flowing back into commodities, the market is finally trying to reverse the downtrend that we've been up against since 2011.

    Now let’s take a look at how individual commodities – including gold, oil, and more – have fared during the first half of 2014...
  • Four Compelling Reasons to Buy Gold Stocks Right Now gold stocks

    Gold prices have rallied 8% so far in 2014. It follows that investors in gold stocks - which are closely linked with gold itself - stand to profit. But the first half of 2014's gains aside, pressures shaping the yellow metal right now demand an allocation of gold stocks in a healthy investment portfolio.

    In fact, Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald said in May that the case for owning gold has never been stronger.

    "Many investors are asking themselves if now is the time to buy gold. I think that's the wrong question," Fitz-Gerald said. "What they should be asking themselves is if they can afford not to buy gold."

    Here’s why…
  • What's Behind Gold Prices' Biggest Daily Drop of 2014 Gold Prices' Biggest Daily Drop of 2014

    Gold prices today (Monday) fell sharply by 2.3% for the biggest one-day drop of 2014.

    U.S. gold futures for August delivery were down $30.70 at $1,306.70 an ounce - their biggest one-day drop since December. Spot gold fell $33.50 at $1,305.50 an ounce. The sell-off happened quickly following the Comex futures market open in early U.S. trading according to Kitco, suggesting a big sell order hit the futures market at that time.

    Read the article to view our new gold price chart that reflects the sell-off, and watch our Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald breakdown what was behind today's drop...
  • 7 Gold and Silver Stocks That George Soros Bought in Q1 Soros

    George Soros, one of the world's best-known and savviest investor, has been bulking up his holdings of gold and silver stocks.

    According to his latest 13F Securities and Exchange Commission filing from May 2014, instead of buying physical gold and silver, Soros has been building positions in precious metal mining companies.

    Following are a look at seven gold and silver stocks that Soros has been buying.
  • Here's Why Gold Stocks Are on the Rise – Plus Three Picks That Will Benefit gold price

    Gold stocks are poised for an upswing.

    Just recently, the European Central Bank (ECB) announced a new policy to promote lending and, ultimately, inflation in the Eurozone. The move sent investors flocking to precious metals like gold and silver. And a recent election in April saw the seating of a new government in India. On account of the platforms of these new leaders, the Indian press has indicated to expect a considerable decrease in import duties.

    With the upward pressure on gold prices, here are three gold stocks that can benefit from a potential price spike...
  • Silver Prices May Level Off – but Will Stay Strong in Coming Months silver bars

    Silver prices got a slight bump this week, as traders continue to feed into the momentum of precious metal investments generated by fear of earlier-than-expected interest rate hikes. Silver prices are up about 1.3% on the week to $21.13 as of 12:17 p.m. today (Friday).

    This week’s climb is not as dramatic an increase as last week – here’s what has changed, and where the white metal is headed...
  • What's Moving the Gold Price per Ounce to a Fourth Straight Weekly Gain Today gold price per ounce

    Gold price per ounce was on track for a fourth straight weekly gain today (Friday) - our up-to-date gold price chart reflects that the yellow metal is floating around its highest price since mid-April, achieved earlier this week...

    Today, gold for August delivery was up $0.50 at $1,317.50 per ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. Spot gold price per ounce was nearly flat, down $0.10 at $1,317.25. The London a.m. gold fix is up at $1,315.25 compared to the previous p.m. fixing of $1,311.75.

    Here’s the top market news affecting gold prices right now…
  • This Metal Problem Could Ignite China's Smoldering Crisis

    China is about to step on the gas and boost bank lending once again.

    That's despite both the IMF and World Bank thinking it's unnecessary.

    But concerns of China's growth moderating and housing prices dropping 5% this year aside, this might be the real reason for renewed easing:

    Recent reports indicate that copper and aluminum used as loan collateral may have been rehypothecated or, worse, may never have existed at all...

    Full Story...
  • Silver Prices Today Show Long-Term Profit Potential Silver Commodities Prices 2014

    Buoyed in early trading by a flight to safety amid simmering turmoil between Ukraine and Russia, silver prices today are showing signs of life.

    In morning trading Friday, the price of silver rose $0.62, or 2.44%, at $21.89 an ounce. While the white metal slipped $0.148 Thursday to finish the session at $21.25 an ounce, the dip came on mild profit taking. Silver had a stellar showing Wednesday, ending up 2.66%, or $0.55, at $21.33.

    Here's why this is an important catalyst for higher silver prices over the week...
  • Gold Prices Today Soaring on the "Ukraine Effect" Gold Prices - The Ukraine Effect

    Gold prices today (Monday) hit a four-month high, surging over 2% on fallout from the Ukraine-Russia conflict; silver prices climbed alongside.

    The yellow metal lost 28% in 2013, logging its first annual loss in 13 years. Behind the plunge was the U.S. Federal Reserve's decision to scale back its bond-buying program; however, gold has begun to steady since.

    What investors need to know of the conflict’s market effect, here…
  • Silver Prices Today: Expect Continuing Rally in Coming Months shutterstock_9189067

    Even though silver prices today (Friday) are down a relatively flat 0.59%, they're up more than 10% so far in February, and the rally won't end here.

    This is where silver prices are heading in early 2014 - and how they're getting there...
  • Pan American Silver (Nasdaq: PAAS) Notches Victory over Lower Silver Prices Price of SIlver in 2014

    Despite lower silver prices, Vancouver's Pan American Silver Corp. (Nasdaq: PAAS) reported strong earnings yesterday (Thursday) that sent its shares soaring 6.28% over the day - and up to an 8.35% gain through Friday.

    At first glance, Pan American's story may appear grim. In 2013, silver prices fell 35.7%, and Pan American shares fell right alongside, for a remarkably similar 35.57% loss across the year.

    Thursday's earnings posted a net loss of $293.1 million, or $1.94 per share, during Q4 2013.
  • This "Workhorse" Metal Is Ready for a Breakout It's not surprising that precious metals get the most attention. They're considered "precious" thanks to their scarcity, beauty, and history as a store of value. That's all true. But industrial metals do the really hard work. There's one base metal used worldwide to produce rustproof steel, in a variety of alloys, and even as a health supplement. It's not often spoken of as a great addition to your investment portfolio. Here's the thing: It's poised to break out of a low multi-year price range and challenge the better-known metals in producing profits. In fact, a stunning rally is in the works... and a great opportunity to seize an upside that others will miss, blinded by focusing on this metal's shinier counterparts... Full Story...
  • Huge Gains Are at the End of This "Acquisition Trail" What is the Price of Gold Today? A few weeks back, Goldcorp Inc. (NYSE: GG), a top gold producer, made a hostile $2.6 billion offer for Osisko Mining Corp (TSE: OSK).

    It was one of many signs that top gold producers are on the acquisition trail.

    It was also a sign of where to find the gold profits today...
  • Best Stocks to Buy Now: A Money Morning Weekly Recap Best stocks to buy for the week ending Nov. 15, 2013: The markets continue to shatter records. The Dow Jones Industrial Average logged a sixth week of gains last week, closing at 15,961.70, and opened this week by topping 16,000 for the first time in history. And the S&P 500 Index hit 1,800 on Monday, […] To continue reading, please click here...