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    China’s stock market

    Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani joined "Making Money with Charles Payne" on FOX Business Monday, offering his views on China's ongoing stock market collapse.

    Gilani outlined several lessons that both investors and policy makers can draw from this unfolding event, including his view that this is an economic phenomenon, not just a market event.

    Watch the video here...

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stock market crash

China Stock Market Crash by the Numbers

China Stock Market Crash

Today's China stock market crash was the sharpest one-day decline in eight years.

The 8.5% decline in the Shanghai Composite Index is equal to a whopping 1,500 drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Keep reading for more startling numbers from China's Stock Market Crash on Monday...

How to Profit from China's Stock Market Crash Today

china stock market crash

Investors around the world are worried about a stock market crash in China. But instead of panicking, there's a way you can profit from China's stock market crash.

The Shanghai Composite Index fell 8.5% today (Monday) in the largest one-day drop for Chinese stocks since Feb. 27, 2007. The index is now down more than 27% from early June.

Here's how you can profit from China's stock market crash today...

China's Stock Market Could See More Government Intervention


China's stock market has been extremely volatile since mid-June.

And now that dip has prompted government intervention. Additional measures are likely if the whiplash-like moves continue.

Over the last month, the Chinese government has implemented at least 40 measures to prop up the market, including...

How Bad Is China's Stock Market Crash, in 4 Charts

Global Economy

While much of the world's focus has been on the crisis in Greece, China's stock market crash brewing to the east is more likely to ripple global markets. Value of shares in the world's largest economy plummeted more than 30% in the last few weeks alone, after having skyrocketed 150% in little more than a year.

"Hundreds of millions of inexperienced Chinese investors, many of whom have never owned securities before and who have never experienced anything other than rising markets, are panicking. Effectively, they've all hit the sell button at once."

Exactly how bad is the China stock market crash?

These four charts help put the country's major market sell-off into perspective...

China Stock Market Crash Is 1929 All Over Again

China stock market crash

For students of history, the China stock market crash looks eerily familiar.

It's playing out much like the Wall Street stock market crash of 1929.

Although it rebounded 5.8% today (Thursday) thanks to more government intervention, the Shanghai Composite Index has shed 29% over the past month.

Here's how the Chinese stock market crash mimics the one in 1929 - and why it's nowhere close to a bottom...

Update: New York Stock Exchange Reopens

NYSE Closed Yesterday

It’s not unprecedented for the New York Stock Exchange to shut down. In its 223-year history, the index has had more than 400 “special closings.”

But Wednesday’s unexpected three-hour closing came without warning. It left investors confused — even panicked — and asking the question, “Why did the NYSE shut down today?”

Here's What Happened...

China Stock Crash Could be a Long Term Opportunity

DJIA futures

The falling Chinese stock market is a frightening spectacle, given that China has been a driving force behind global growth for decades.

But it isn’t likely to amount to the long-term, worst case scenario that is rousing fears in the media.

One Major Stock Market Correction Warning Sign for 2015

stock market correction table

This is the second-longest stretch without a stock market correction for the S&P 500 since 1945, according to RBC Wealth Management.

It's been more than 1,350 days since we've seen a correction in the S&P 500. A stock market correction is defined as a 10% dip from the index's high.

Here are the five biggest bull runs since 1945...

2008 Stock Market Crash Causes and Aftermath

2008 stock market crash

The 2008 stock market crash was the worst since the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

The Dow plunged 54% in 18 months. It wiped out more than $2 trillion of Americans' retirement savings, and millions lost their jobs.

Here's a look at the events behind the brutal 2008 crash, in our third installment of the worst stock market crashes in U.S. history...

BREAKING: One of the Biggest Stock Market Crash Indicators Since 2008

when greece defaults chart

We just received one of the biggest stock market crash indicators we've seen since the 2008 financial crisis.

A Bank of America Merrill Lynch note today shows the bank's clients sold more than $4.1 billion in U.S. stocks last week. That's the largest amount in any week since January 2008, according to analyst Jill Carey Hall.

And most of that selling pressure came from institutional clients...

The Dot-Com Crash of 2000-2002

dot com pop

Stock market crash history series No. 2: The dot-com crash of 2000 eviscerated more than $5 trillion in market value between March 2000 and October 2002.

The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite tumbled 76.81% between its March 10, 2000 high and Oct. 4, 2002 for a whopping 76.81% drop. (The Dow Jones and S&P 500 also suffered, albeit less intensely - down 27.38% and 43.19%, respectively.) The March 10 high wouldn't be seen again for 15 years.

What triggered this massive loss of wealth is one of the most famous bubbles in stock market history...

Are We in a Stock Market Bubble?

are we in a stock market bubble

Are we in a stock market bubble?

Nobel Laureate and Yale professor of economics Robert Shiller told Goldman Sachs "there is a stock bubble element in what we see."

Here's what evidence Shiller's looking at - and what investors can do to protect themselves right now...

Catalyst #5: The Fed Can No Longer Stop a U.S. Dollar Collapse

stock market crash

Since November 2008, the Federal Reserve has used quantitative easing to keep the U.S. dollar from collapsing.

But the Fed’s safety net is no longer available to prevent a U.S. dollar collapse.

This video explains what has changed at the Fed that would keep it from performing its role…

Catalyst #2: Will the Petrodollar Collapse in 2015?

stock market crash

Will the U.S. petrodollar collapse in 2015? If the world’s largest energy exporter and the world’s largest energy importer have their way, it may.

Watch the video to see how two countries are working to take down the U.S. petrodollar…

This 2008 Stock Market Crash Conspiracy Theory Will Give You Shivers

crash the stock market

We know the 2008 stock market crash started with irresponsible financiers doling out bad loans. And we know that Lehman Bros.' ultimate failure was the harbinger of what was to become the most desolate era in recent American economic history.

But what you might not know is we'd been warned... by an anonymous Internet user who went by the name of "Reinhardt."

Unfortunately, no one listened to his warnings. Here's his theory of why it all happened and who's really responsible for the Great Recession...

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