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stock market crash

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How China Will Trigger a Global Stock Market Crash

stock market crash

Although some fear that the Chinese government is deliberately working to create a global stock market crash that would make their country the most dominant economy, the reality is much more frightening.

You see, China's 30-year economic boom has been built on a very shaky foundation. And that foundation is on the verge of collapse.

Here's why the Chinese economy is on the brink of spinning out of control...

3 Reasons We Could See a Stock Market Crash in 2016

stock market crash

A stock market crash is likely in 2016. This bear market rally simply won't last...

That's because it hasn't been based on strong earnings reports, solid balance sheets, or a growing economy. It's been hinged on the Federal Reserve's policy actions.

And once the Fed moves to raise interest rates, this rally will reverse. And investors will see three clear reasons for a stock market crash in 2016...

The Truth (About the Stock Market) Is Out There


Investors want to believe the Fed can support the stock market, and pundits are working hard to convince everyone that the bear market is over.

Don't fall it. This rally is unsustainable, and the Fed's forging monetary policy with flawed data that's doomed to fail.

Here's what's really going on in the markets right now - and what you should do about it...

Protect Yourself from a 2016 Stock Market Crash with This One Investment

Stock Market Crash

The markets may be up in the last month, but the threat of a stock market crash in 2016 is still very real.

Investors are bracing for a dismal Q1 2016 earnings season, which will weigh on stocks around the world.

Money Morning Global Credit Strategist Michael Lewitt shows you how to protect yourself from a stock market crash with one investment...

Why the 2016 Bear Market Will Soon Come Out of Hibernation

bear market

The way this earnings season is shaping up, a resurgence of the January bear market is virtually inevitable.

Both analyst estimates and guidance from the companies have been moving lower for weeks. Almost every sector is expected to see earnings shrink this quarter.

These numbers are sounding a warning investors can't afford to ignore.

When you see them, you'll understand why...

This Looks Like the 2008 Stock Market Crash All Over Again

Stock market crash

U.S. markets logged their fifth straight week of gains last week, pushing the Dow and S&P 500 into positive territory for the first time in 2016. But despite those gains, the fears of a stock market crash are still very real.

In fact, Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani says this rally reminds him of the one that preceded the 2008 stock market crash...

When China's Stock Market Crashed, It Sent This Desperate Email to the U.S. Fed

chinese stock market crash

China's stock market crash last July prompted Red Dragon officials to make a surprising move.

They asked the U.S. Federal Reserve for help.

Specifically, China wanted to know how we contained the stock market crash of 1987, which proved remarkably similar to China's crash.

Here's how the U.S. Fed responded...

3 Signs a Stock Market Crash Could Be Coming in 2016

Stock Market Crash

U.S. markets have logged four consecutive weeks of gains, but investors shouldn't get too comfortable. In fact, we've spotted three signs a stock market crash could be coming in 2016...

But before we get to the stock market crash warning signs, here's what has been pushing markets higher...

This Will Make the Next Stock Market Crash as Bad as 2008

stock market crash

We're facing the prospect of a stock market crash as bad as the one we suffered through eight years ago - and it's the fault of governments the world over.

The 2008 financial crisis chopped about 56% from the Standard & Poor's 500 Index. And in an effort to stop the bleeding, governments simply laid the groundwork for a 2016 stock market crash.

This economic dynamite, quiet while the fuse burns, will go off at some point. And here's what happens then...

The Stronger U.S. Dollar Is Actually Destroying the Markets

best investments

The U.S. dollar remains the most important financial instrument in the world. The dollar rally has been the single most decisive factor in determining economic growth (or weakness) and market direction since early 2014.

Right now, that’s not a good thing. A stronger dollar has a far-reaching, negative domino effect that pressures global markets in all directions.

And that pressure is nearing the breaking point…

A Major New Stock Market Crash Warning Sign Was Just Revealed Today

market crash

Even though the markets have rebounded in the first week of March, we just received a major new stock market crash warning sign today (Monday).

The Bank for International Settlements warned today that there's a "gathering storm" in the global economy. According to the bank, the storm is the result of global governments exhausting their monetary policy options.

Fortunately, Money Morning experts have developed a plan for investors to protect their money during a stock market crash situation. But before we get to that, let's dig deeper into today's stock market crash warning...

Here's What Makes the Derivatives "Monster" So Dangerous (for You)


The $650 trillion derivatives market is a nightmare scenario waiting to happen.

First problem: the size. It's 36 times the size of the U.S. GDP and over eight times larger than the world GDP, that is, the entire global output of the entire world in a year.

While credit default swaps (the type of derivative that played a huge role in the financial crisis) have shrunk significantly in size since the financial crisis, they remain large enough to constitute a potential time bomb inside the financial system that could blow up any time.

Second problem: the interconnectedness. Every derivative contract involves two parties. In a crisis, one of these counterparties may be unable and/or unwilling to meet his obligations, leaving a volume of broken contracts that will overwhelm these institutions and render them instantly insolvent.

That's why it's crucial we understand the ramifications of these instruments - because while the derivatives monster is ugly, there are things individual investors can do now.

Plus, one of the worst offenders could be your own bank...

This Is Not the Start of Another Bull Market in 2016

bull market

Investors may be feeling better about markets after U.S. stock indexes closed Tuesday at their highest levels in nearly two months. But despite the recent gains, this is not the start to another bull market.

In fact, Money Morning experts see U.S. markets actually falling again in 2016. But before we get to their stock market predictions, here's why hopes of a bull market have returned...

The One Factor That Could Cause a Stock Market Crash in 2016

Stock Market Crash

Global stock markets have tanked this year, leaving many investors worrying about a potential stock market crash in 2016. And Money Morning Global Credit Strategist Michael Lewitt has just told readers about the biggest factor that could lead to a 2016 stock market crash.

Before we get to that, here are the factors that have already driven the Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Nasdaq down this year...

Why the Chinese Yuan Was Lowered Today – and What That Means for Your Money

Chinese yuan

The Chinese yuan tumbled to a three-week low against the U.S. dollar today (Monday), and that's having a ripple effect throughout global markets.

China's central bank cut reserve requirements for most major banks today in a move aimed at boosting growth in the world's second-largest economy.

Here's what that means for you and your money...