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Cash in on This "Invisible" $33 Billion Business

U.S. defense contractors don’t make a habit of sending “thank you” letters to America’s enemies.

But if they did, the corporate leaders at The Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) might want to look up Vladimir Putin‘s address – before running to the Hallmark store.

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  • Dow Jones Makes It Clear That Inversion Deals Are Unwanted Trend

    Dow Jones Industrial Average officials just made membership requirements for its elite index even more stringent, prompted by a surge in inversion deals made to avoid the high U.S. corporate tax rate.

    The committee overseeing the storied blue-chip benchmark just updated the definition for index inclusion. The classification now states that companies that conduct business in the United States, but are incorporated abroad, are not eligible for admission in the 30-stock index.

    The Dow tweaked the language used in its process of accepting components into the coveted index to officially read that member companies must be incorporated and headquartered in the United States. Additionally, the United States must be a company’s largest revenue-generating country.

    That means the new eligibility requirements clearly exclude companies that have moved overseas via inversion deals.

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  • Dividend-Paying Stocks: MSFT, MCD, and 22 More New Dividend Boosts

    The profusion of dividend-paying stocks that have increased payouts over the last several weeks reflects a robust second-quarter earnings season.

    Companies in the S&P 500 turned in 10.3% earnings growth in Q2 - the highest advance since 2011's third quarter.

    Last week Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), McDonald's (NYSE: MCD), and 22 other dividend stocks raised payouts. Here's the full list of dividend hikes announced during the week ending Sept. 19, 2014.
  • Stock Market Crash 2014: George Soros Tips His Hand stock market crash

    Hedge fund filings for the second quarter show a spike in defensive positions, which many have interpreted as a sign that professional investors like George Soros are preparing for a stock market crash.

    And yet these hedge fund managers don't seem to be bailing on stocks altogether. Some even increased their long positions.

    But if you dig a little deeper it becomes clear exactly what Soros and his fellow hedge fund managers are up to - and it makes perfect sense.

    Here's why you should follow their lead on this...
  • Is a Stock Market Correction Coming? stock market

    More than three years have passed without a stock market correction, and this has investors, traders, analysts, and economists wondering when one will occur.

    Even with interest rates sitting at rock-bottom levels and earning next to nothing for savers, right now, sitting on cash isn't a terrible thing.

    Here’s why so many big-name investors have kept cash hordes growing instead of invested – this will have a major impact on your money…
  • You Can Make Money in Stocks (Especially These Three) No Matter What Rates Do stocks

    It's commonly held wisdom that stock markets go to heck in a hand basket when interest rates rise. So, the thinking goes, you'd be better off selling ahead of time before that happens.

    No doubt it's tempting to head for the hills with rates at historical lows, but it pays to do your research before you hit the "sell" button.

    The three companies I'm going to show you today, for example, can actually benefit from rising rates.

    First, let's take an "Econ 101" look at the impact interest rates can have on stocks, especially when rates start rising...

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  • Short Selling Unpopular GameStop Stock (NYSE: GME) Hasn't Paid Off – Yet Gamestop

    GameStop stock (NYSE: GME) is a short selling favorite, and for good reason.

    It's trying to navigate an online-centric marketplace as a physical retailer, and the short bets are playing off this knowledge to mount a strong position against the company.

    But trying to profit off GME's downfall has proven harder than anticipated. Here's why...
  • Stock Market Crash 2014: How a Correction Could Turn Into a Meltdown stock market crash

    Instead of getting the healthy correction that many market watchers have been expecting for months, several hard-to-see cracks in the market infrastructure could instead give us a full-blown stock market crash.

    Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani is not surprised, as he has been predicting a 20% stock market correction for weeks. The reason, he said, is that the stocks have raced too far ahead of the economy.

    But Gilani, a former hedge fund manager, sees several major problems with the mechanics of the markets themselves.

    Any one of these could turn a correction into a painful stock market crash...
  • Today's Stock Market Crashers Include WAG, TWX, GRPN stock market crash

    Six downtrodden stocks made our "stock market crasher" list today (Wednesday).

    They are Walgreen (NYSE: WAG), Time Warner (NYSE: TWX), T-Mobile (NYSE: TMUS), Groupon (Nasdaq: GRPN), Rocket Fuel (Nasdaq: FUEL), and Cognizant Technology Solutions (Nasdaq: CTSH).

    And what's behind their respective sell-offs can be divided into just two groups:

    Deals gone sour and earnings gone wrong...
  • These Signs of Market Trouble Are Looming

    Editor's Note: By now you're familiar with Michael E. Lewitt of The Credit Strategist. We love his work. Today, he has a special report on current, troubling conditions at this late stage - and a dire warning for investors who may be unprepared. Here's Michael...

    "Markets are priced to perfection...

    Signs of late cycle behavior and thinking are abundant...

    The latest example came from BMO's strategist Brian Belski, who published a report arguing that the bull market in stocks will continue for another ten years with annual gains of 10.5%.

    This is the type of report that appears at market peaks. Despite the fact that it was dressed up in statistics and produced by a respectable brokerage house, this isn't a serious piece of research; it is nonsense and anyone who takes it seriously and invests based on its conclusions deserves the losses that will follow."

    The above is excerpted from a recent report I produced for my Credit Strategist readers. I wanted to share with you some of my thinking on rapidly coalescing signs that point to growing cracks in the façade of a healthy market... Full Story

  • Today's Stock Market Crashers: Why GIMO and TCS Took a Dive stock market crash

    Gigamon stock (NYSE: GIMO) and Container Store stock (NYSE: TCS) both tumbled today (Wednesday) to earn "stock market crasher" status.

    Here’s what’s behind their respective drops…
  • These Lies Could Trigger Another Market Collapse

    The public has been brainwashed about deflation.

    We've been hoodwinked by central banks, governments, and the manipulators who pull the reins of those Trojan horses into believing that deflation is a deadly disease. It's not.

    So, why are we browbeaten into believing that deflation is so bad?

    Here's the truth about deflation and how its fearmongers are really screwing us over...
  • Argentina Stock Market Crash Reverses After Today's Deal – for Now stock-market-crash_argentina

    Monday, a stock market crash to the tune of a 12.22% drop hit the Merval Argentina (BCBA: IAR), the most important index of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. The index fell to 5,847.78 by market close on Monday – 15% from its all-time high hit just six days prior.

    But today, Argentina’s stock market got relief. Stocks are up 1.14% after the country’s lawyer said it will negotiate with a group of hedge funds that are suing over $1.33 billion in bonds.

    The move is historic since Argentina had said it would never negotiate with the group – but, after what happened this week, they had little choice...
  • Stock Market Crashers: What's Behind Lifelock Inc.'s (NYSE: LOCK) Double-Digit Drop Today Stock Market Crash Today

    Consumer security company Lifelock Inc. (NYSE: LOCK) earned "stock market crasher" status on Monday when it dropped 17.57% to $10.70 per share by close.
    Lifelock, heavily advertised on "The Rush Limbaugh Show," provides identity theft protection services for consumers and identity risk assessment and fraud protection services for businesses. The company went public on Oct. 12, 2012, and investors had locked in gains of more than 200% through the beginning of February. Shares are still 46.17% above initial offering price, but LOCK stock is down 34.08% year to date and 51.3% since mid-February.

    Here’s what’s behind LOCK’s stock market crash today…
  • Stocks to Buy: Get the "Google of Russia" for a Bargain Yandex

    When looking for the best stocks to buy, many investors avoid companies and markets that are tangled in bad news.

    For many, it seems like common sense to avoid areas that keep generating negative headlines. But for shrewd investors, "bad news" can frequently generate very profitable stocks.

    And right now, Russian tech stocks are providing investors with discounted buy-in opportunities. This tech stock in particular has huge potential…
  • Stock Market Today: Wal-Mart Misses Earnings, Other Top Stories Stock market today

    Stock market today, May 15, 2014 The Dow Jones Industrial Average slumped from record highs yesterday on concerns of rising inflation. Producer prices increased 0.6% in April, the largest increase since September 2012. Economists had predicted a rise of just 0.2%.

    Here’s what you need to know to make your Thursday profitable: