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    stock market correction

    The lunatics are running the asylum.

    After an incessant flow of bad economic news from both the U.S. and abroad, investors decided that "bad news is good news" and they should bid up stock prices.

    Saying "bad is good" is like saying "down is up" or "Hillary is telling the truth."  It is so obviously contrary to the facts that you can't take it seriously.

    And yet investors, in their infinite wisdom, decided that the economic news is so bad that the Federal Reserve (which itself doesn't know up from down) is not going to raise interest rates.

    It's not clear how long this insanity will last, but I wouldn't be chasing stock prices here.

    And here's why...

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stock market crash

WARNING: Record Global Sell-Off of U.S. Debt Could Trigger Economic Collapse

10 9 15 economic collapse 1

Foreign governments buy U.S. debt because of its status as the world’s reserve currency – the American economy has long been viewed as a safe place to invest.

But that’s all changing now – events that could spark a U.S. economic collapse are already underway…

The Wall Street Journal revealed this week that China – the largest holder of U.S. investments – is ridding itself of its U.S. investments at the fastest rate in history. Central banks in China, Russia, Brazil, and Taiwan are selling U.S. government bonds at such a pace that it’s caused the most dramatic shift in the $12.8 trillion Treasury market since the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

Foreign central bankers’ massive offloading of U.S. debt sends a dangerous signal.

Here’s why…

The Smart, Easy Way to Turn a Market Sell-Off into an "Extreme Profit" Opportunity

stock market sell-off

Most investors look at the stock market in a very conventional way: Bull markets are good. Bear markets are bad. You make money when stocks rise. You lose money when they fall.

As a tech investor friend of mine said, that's a "binary" view of the financial markets. With a perspective like that, you can't help but be frightened of what's coming just around the corner.

But I'm different. I'm a trader. And I believe there's always a place to make money, so I look for opportunities - wherever they are.

It's a lot easier than you think, and the windfall will be huge.

And today I'm going to show you exactly how to do it...

ETF Black Magic: What's Really in the Hat?


The first ETF debuted back in 1993. ETFs have displaced regular mutual funds as the investment of choice: The amount of money ETFs hold has skyrocketed more than 2,000% - compared with a paltry 120% for regular funds.

ETFs trade all day like stocks - making them "better" than mutual funds. ETFs are modern-day magical trading tools.

But if you know anything about magic, you know there are times where the trick goes awry...

U.S. Stock Market Sell-off 2015: Triggers to Watch For and How to Prepare


A U.S. stock market sell-off in August saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunge 10.36% (1,810 points) in 10 days. On Aug. 24 alone, the DJIA fell a whopping 1,000 points before recovering.

The truth is that U.S. markets face even more headwinds the rest of 2015. For example, a Federal Reserve rate hike, a continual slowdown of China's economic growth, and huge, unchecked debts festering in Europe, just to name a few.

Watch to video to see what signals will tell Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani a stock market sell-off is imminent. Plus, Shah explains his strategy for how to both protect -- and cash in -- on a stock market sell-off:

Read More…

Before You "Buy the Dip," Answer This One Question

august sell off dip

Having experienced their first true stock market correction in four years - and the potential beginnings of a rebound in the three weeks since - investors are naturally asking whether now is a good time to buy stocks ahead of the Fed meeting tomorrow.

You can see why it might be attractive to "buy the dip."

If you really want to buy stocks right now, I've got one question for you first...

Four Black Monday Takeaways Wall Street Hopes ETF Investors Never Understand


Exchange-traded funds - ETFs for short - are billed as among the most investor-friendly products ever created, thanks to low fees, intraday pricing, and unprecedented flexibility versus the mutual funds they've ostensibly "replaced."

But unless you understand these four truths, they're just another way for Wall Street to separate ETF investors from their money...

Why Is Stock Market Volatility So High?

Market crash

For the past month, stock market volatility - the extreme swings in stock prices and market indexes - has unnerved investors.

In one 10-day span, the Standard & Poor's 500 index shed 11% - then rose 6.5%. And on Aug. 24, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 1,000 points before recovering.

Here are five reasons stock market volatility has been so high lately....

Whipsaw the Market Right Back with These Three Tech Investing Plays


While others get distracted by the noise on Wall Street, we're staying focused on our long-term objective of building wealth through tech investing.

No one else in the mainstream media is covering the fact that tech is still performing better than the overall market and will continue to outperform.

And these three tech stocks will lead the pack...

The Real Threat from China's Stock Market Crash

China's stock market crash picture

Conventional wisdom at the moment says that China's coming unglued and that the country's stock markets pose a grave danger to global investors.

In reality, the real risk isn't being reported.

In fact, it's not even being talked about...

Profit From the China Stock Market Crash With This Strategy

Chinese stocks

A China stock market crash this summer triggered a global sell-off. The country’s benchmark index, the Shanghai Composite, lost 12.5% in August alone. It declined a massive 37.94% (1,960.36 points) from its June 12 high through the end of August.

Investors all over the world are growing increasingly concerned – and they should be.

Watch the video to get Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani’s strategy for investors to protect themselves -- and even profit -- from a China stock market crash…

What Is a Death Cross?

Market Correction

It's a question that often comes up in times of market turbulence: "What is a death cross?"

In the simplest of terms, a death cross is when the 50-day moving average passes below the 200-day moving average. While traders view the death cross as a bearish indicator, technical analyst dismiss it.

But investors should not ignore a death cross in the markets. Here's why...

How to Invest During a Stock Market Correction

market crash

Since reaching an intraday high of 18,351.36 on May 19, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has dropped 11.6% through today.

That puts us squarely in correction territory, and has led to many readers asking us how to invest during a stock market correction.

For the answer, we turned to Money Morning Executive Editor Bill Patalon. Here's his strategy...

Your Stock Market Crash Survival Plan

stock market crash

Make no mistake about it: The stock market crashed last Monday.

Stocks bounced on Wednesday and Thursday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average gaining back more than 1,000 points.

Now investors want to know: Was last Monday's stock market crash a below-the-belt hit?

Here's the truth about last week, what's going to happen next, and what you should do...

Our Secret to the Biggest Gains During Market Corrections

Best Investments

When it comes to stock market corrections, the urge to sell and run for cover is completely understandable - but it's the wrong move.

Instead, when the going gets tough, the tough... go shopping.

Shopping after a market sell-off is absolutely critical to capture the maximum possible profits. Remember, the markets' powerful upward bias means corrections and even crashes will always pass into history, giving way to wealth-generating bull runs.

And today, our strategists will share some of their own market correction shopping lists, and even how to lay "profit traps" to pick them up at the price you want.

Will the Stock Market Rally Stick?

stock market rally

On the heels of last Monday's vicious 1,000+ point "dip" and then Wednesday's subsequent 619-point "rip " higher, many investors are asking one question - will the stock market rally stick?

The media certainly seems to think so, but I'm not so sure.

I say that because the answer depends on a question nobody's asking...

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