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Don't Buy One More Gold Stock Until You See This

gold stock

In his latest video, Money Morning champion stock picker Bill Patalon shares with you the perfect way to play gold in 2017.

In fact, current events - like Brexit and the election of Donald Trump - have poised this stock for serious gains.

Now, here's Bill...

Millions of Investors Own Some Gold, but Only the Smart Ones Own This

In our latest "Stock Talks" video, our champion stock picker, Bill Patalon, shows you how you can play this ultimate gold mining stock right now.

Here's Bill...

This “Inflation Buster” Pays a Rich Dividend This Month


Inflation is classically defined as an increase in the money supply, but today, even most economists use the term to describe the effect of inflation: a general rise in prices.

On that basis, it's becoming impossible to deny that inflation, an insidious tax on your wealth, is back... bigly.

In fact, the U.S. government is telegraphing, loud and clear, massive spikes in inflation ahead.

As you'll see in a moment, there's likely no stopping it, but you don't have to take it lying down, either - not with the "stock-and-a-kicker" play I'm going to recommend...

Outlook: Gold and Silver Investors Will Look Mighty Smart in 2017

gold and silver investors

I'll be blunt: This is the perfect time to lay into ample supplies of gold and silver. I think that, here at the start of 2017, we're on the cusp of a good strong bull run for both metals.

After a frustrating second half of 2016, I see several undeniable reasons why demand will tighten up and prices for both of these popular investments will begin to surge.

I'm going to show where I think gold and silver will go in the short term and give you four reasons why I think precious metals investors could have an even better year than they think. 

I believe we've seen the bottom, and the future prospects look bright, so let's take a look at my price forecast...

Mark Your Calendar: Big Gold Profits Start on This Day in 2017


With the incoming administration's big spending and stimulus plans, inflation is back on the table. And gold has been a safe haven for many investors and a hedge against rising inflation.

But it recently hit a 10-month low, which means now is your chance to make some serious profits on the yellow metal. Here's exactly when the biggest gains could happen...

Trump Will Actually Be Good for Gold – Here's Why


The idea that Trump's economic growth plan will pressure gold is shortsighted.

In fact, Trump will bring the one catalyst gold needs to surge. Learn more here...

What We Look for When Picking Superior Gold Stocks

gold stocks

When it comes to picking the best gold stocks out there, Frank Holmes and his team have to sift through the entire market to identify the best profit opportunities for investors.

Here's exactly how they find these hidden gems and the most important factors they focus on...

The War on Cash Is Still Good for Gold


A new book out now is promoting a war on cash, yet eliminating paper money would pose a direct threat to citizens' economic liberty.

One asset that would benefit from killing cash is gold.

Here's why gold prices skyrocket in currency crises...

Why It's Time to Go "Maximum Overweight" in Gold


Most American consumers do their banking with one or more of the 10 biggest U.S. banks, like Bank of America or Wells Fargo, with more than $10 trillion in assets.

In any case, it's safe to say few, if any, Americans bank with Raiffeisenbank Gmund am Tegernsee, a small co-operative bank outside Munich, Germany.

But now it's vital Americans know what's happening in the tiny bank with the big name. The European Central Bank's negative rate on deposits has forced the small co-op to implement negative interest rates (what it creatively calls a "custodian charge") of its own... on private clients.

Yes, while the majors like JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, and ABN Amro have been moving toward negative deposit rates for their business clients for some time, this is a shocking and, unfortunately, early example of private citizens having to pony up for central bank madness.

It's not hard to fathom that soon enough, this will affect more and more people in more countries at different income levels. As I've said, the consequences of negative-interest-rate policies - financial repression - are soon to be widely felt.

That's why some of the world's ultimate "in the know" investors are making a beeline for gold right now.

And when you see what's coming down on our heads, you'll see why it's a good idea to follow them before prices get much higher...

We've Got a Rare Chance to Grab One of My Favorite Stocks Now

gold price

Around three weeks ago, I recommended a stock I called the "2016 Market MVP," the most valuable player in one of this market's strongest, most compelling comeback stories.

What investor doesn't love a good comeback story? After all, they start with irresistible prices and end with outsized gains.

Now, my Private Briefing readers who've been following my recommendations have owned this innovative firm for a while now, and as a result, they've bagged peak gains of more than 79%.

But I've just seen a report that suggests this stock could more than double our money.

That's why I wanted to "go big" and let everyone know how they can become a part of this comeback story and follow along to potential gains as high as 130%.

And now a recent pullback in the market and correction in the gold price has handed us a great entry price point in one of the best gold stocks to buy.

Three Tips on How to Buy Gold

buy gold

Buying gold is a smart move for many investors. Knowing how to buy gold the right way is key to huge profits.

Here are three tips to get you started on gold buying...

I’d Love This “Gold+” Play Even If It Weren’t Paying 12.6% in Cash Right Now


Well, it "only" took seven years of financial repression and zero-interest-rate policies to make the wheels fall off the wagon and make the deleterious effects obvious to everyone - even policymakers.

Savers were among the first to catch on that they were being mercilessly, unfairly punished every day through their nonperforming "savings" accounts.

Bondholders, too, have noticed how their investments have become "certificates of confiscation," as trillions of dollars' worth of sovereign debt is trading at negative yields.

Those of us who will rely on pensions to help our retirements have perhaps been treated worst of all. Anyone who wants to retire faces bigger and scarier challenges each day, while funds are raided, slashed, and bleeding out value.

Accusing fingers are now (rightly) pointed at central banks and world political leaders. But knowing who's to blame for your plight and doing something about it are two different things.

That's what I'm going to show you how to do today - how to do something about the comfortable retirement you deserve that's been put at risk by the central bankers and politicians.

Think of this as the "Plan B" you need...

The Single Best Gold Play Out There Is 2016's "Market MVP"


We're just over halfway through one of the most exciting, dramatic market years in living memory.

Between the extreme volatility that marked the first few months and the financial bloodbath of the Brexit vote, it's been a gladiatorial fight to the death for investments to keep their heads above water.

Unless you're in gold.

It's already the "Winner and World Champion" of the post-Brexit market, thanks to a truly global flight to safety.

But now I think it's time we take that a step further.

Within the past two weeks, the yellow metal hit two-year highs, while bond yields hit all-time lows, as world markets were caught in a protracted reaction to the Brexit. Gold has pulled back just a bit, but this is some of the clearest confirmation yet that we're in a fresh new gold bull market.

Since the start of the year, the precious metal has shown returns above equities, Treasuries, investment-grade bonds, currencies, and major stock indexes in both emerging and developing countries.

But here's what really makes this stock the "Market MVP"...

You Can Pick Plenty of Gold Stocks, but Play This One for Steady Profits

gold investing in 2017

I'm a trader, so I have to be flexible with my risk-management approach, to hedge using different tactics and tools according to the trade in front of me.

I'm not the only one with risk management on my mind right now. Thanks to the Brexit and concerns about the European banking sector, it seems anyone with two nickels to rub together (and the instinct to protect them) is making a beeline for safety: Gold is at 28-month highs and racing toward $1,400.

But really savvy investors are making protective plays they can profit on with these shares.

Why Gold Buyers Look So Smart (and Rich) Now – and How to Join Them

gold investing in 2017

Get the world's biggest, most successful investors together for a cocktail party, and of course you'll have a room packed with power, money, big ideas, and, for better or worse, uncommon decisiveness.

But... because of the huge variety of investing styles - value, macro, momentum, growth, you name it - among the assembled company, you'll also have friction. The world's top investing minds just don't agree on much very often, if ever.

But right now, more and more, these giants are sounding a common note. And they're achieving consensus on one of the most contentious assets on Earth: gold.

The consensus is: Buy early, buy often, and buy in massive quantities.

With the gold shares I'm about to show you, we'll be getting rich in some very good company...