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stock market crash

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Will Trump Cause a Stock Market Crash?

will trump cause a stock market crash

A stock market crash could be on the way as the investigation into President Trump's campaign intensifies.

The S&P 500 has fallen 2% since the opening bell on Wednesday (April 17) after news broke Trump asked the FBI to end its investigation into his former National Security Advisor.

And things could be even worse this time around. Here's why President Trump could cause a market crash in 2017...

A Market Crash 2017 Could Happen If the Trump Agenda Fails

market crash 2017

The "Trump Rally" has sent the Dow soaring 14% since Election Day, but the market could fall just as quickly, and a market crash in 2017 is a serious possibility.

But with stocks soaring to new highs, a destabilizing event could pull the rug out from under the market.

That event could be the derailing of President Trump's economic agenda. Here's why overvalued stocks are dangerous and how a 2017 stock market crash could happen...

Is the U.S. Energy Independent?

The United States is not yet energy independent, but it will be soon.

If current trends hold, the U.S.' energy production will match its demand for energy by around 2025.

We have three stocks ready for double-digit gains this year, because U.S. energy independence means explosive growth for American energy...

What Is the Hindenburg Omen?

Hindenburg omen

The Hindenburg Omen is a complex stock market indicator that has predicted the market crash in 1987 and the 2008 stock market crash.

And the Hindenburg Omen just signaled again last week (May 4).

Here's the exact definition of the Hindenburg Omen and why investors should be preparing for a potential 2017 market crash...

Why Every Investor Needs to Prepare for the Next Stock Market Crash

next stock market crash

Investors have been loving this bull market, but the next stock market crash could happen sooner than you think...

These soaring highs could be a sign of a stock market bubble.

But that doesn't mean it's time to panic. Prepared investors can protect their money, and profit, during a stock market crash, and we'll show you just how...

Two Ways to Protect Your Money Now If the North Korea Situation Escalates

protect your money now

Tensions between the U.S. and North Korea have escalated significantly in recent months.

This has made investors nervous about looming stock market volatility.

Here are the two best ways to protect your money now if the market takes an unexpected dip...

Will the Stock Market Crash During a Government Shutdown?

will the stock market crash during a government shutdown

The government's funding runs out Friday (April 28), and without congressional action, there will be a government shutdown.

With the Dow flattening as the Trump rally fizzles, investors are wondering, "Will the stock market crash during a government shutdown?"

That's why we're going to show you how to protect your money during a stock market crash and why a government shutdown can cause one...

Will the Stock Market Crash After the French Elections?

stock market crash

As the Dow begins to flatten, investors are beginning to wonder if we are just one destabilizing event away from another stock market crash.

And the French elections this weekend (April 23) could be just the event to upset the markets and lead to a stock market crash in 2017.

That's because there's more at stake in this election than who will run the French government, and it could send U.S. markets into a tailspin...

A 2017 Stock Market Crash Could Be Coming as Trump Raises Instability

A 2017 stock market crash could be on the horizon as President Trump's actions hike uncertainty.

The Dow fell 100 points the week Trump failed to push House Republicans to vote on a new healthcare bill.

There are even more major policy decisions coming soon, and that could lead to the sort of uncertainty that causes the next stock market crash...

A Stock Market Crash in April Is Very Possible

stock market crash

A stock market crash in April is a possibility every investor should take seriously.

But we want our readers to be prepared if there is a stock market crash in April.

We're going to show you exactly why a market correction could send stocks spiraling down and how you can protect your wealth if it happens...

Will the Stock Market Crash as the Fed Hikes Rates?

will the stock market crash

The U.S. Federal Reserve just hiked interest rates on March 15, but Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren says the Fed should raise rates three more times in 2017.

After nearly a decade of interest rates below 1%, investors are wondering, "will the stock market crash as the Fed hikes rates again?"

To help you protect your money we're going to show you our stock market crash plan...

Is a Stock Market Crash Coming Now That the Trump Agenda Stalled?

will trump cause a stock market crash

The "Trump Rally" saw the Dow surge 16% from Election Day to its all-time high of 21,115 on March 1.

But today the Dow opened 172 points, or nearly 1%, below its Friday close after Republicans failed to repeal and replace Obamacare.

As the Trump agenda stalls, investors are worried a stock market crash is coming...

A Stock Market Crash Is More Likely as Interest Rates Rise

Dow Jones news

A stock market crash could be on the horizon as the Federal Reserve is moving forward with interest rate hikes.

A period of rate hikes, especially at the end of a long bull market like this one, can slam the brakes on stock market advances.

That's why we're going to investigate why stocks are so high and why higher rates can bring them down...

Will the Stock Market Crash After the FOMC Meeting?

stock market crash

Investors are wondering if another interest rate hike will cause the next stock market crash.

That's because the stock market has been soaring, and the Fed hiking rates could throw water on red-hot stocks.

Here's what a rate hike next week means for the markets, including our stock market crash prediction...

The Next Stock Market Crash Prediction for 2017

next stock market crash prediction

On Wednesday (March 1), the Dow sailed past the 21,000 mark on its way to another all-time high. But the Dow's post-election run - up 15% - has investors wondering when the markets will fall.

That's why we're giving you our next stock market crash prediction.

Before we show you our plan, here's how we made our 2017 stock market crash prediction...