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The Tech Industry Has Never Been More Exciting for Investors

Stock market futures

The tech industry can get confusing. Investors have a lot of questions: Should I buy GOOG or GOOGL? Should I invest in an ETF? Which stocks should I avoid at all costs? What's the industry's long-term outlook?

We believe that investing in technology is the single best wealth engine ever. And we want you to navigate its choppy waters with confidence.

Here's how to get started on that...

How the Terrorism "Trend" Is Moving Your Money Today

terrorism trend

The terrorism "trend" is moving your money today. When it comes to the proliferation of one of the six primary trillion-dollar trends - War, Terrorism, and Ugliness - there's no ignoring the truth.

But while conventional wisdom is that terrorism has a negative impact on your money, in reality, the effect is quite the opposite.

That's because in one of the great ironies of the financial world, terrorism actually creates far more opportunity than it destroys...

Five Self-Made Millionaires and How They Built Their Fortunes

self-made millionaires

Self-made millionaires are a rare commodity.

Plenty of men and women succeed in business after having studied economics, the stock market, or finance in college.

But then there are the folks who did it all themselves – who earned every penny of their impressive fortunes from scratch with little more than a stubborn disposition and a tiny supply of cash.

Here’s a look at five self-made millionaires and how they transformed an idea, a talent, and a small pile of cash into millions…

This Investing Tactic Could Help You Beat the Market by 21.97% in 2015

investing tactic

The year 2015 will be filled with opportunity for investors, perhaps more than ever before. But most people's portfolios are totally out of whack.

However, a simple investing tactic can help you achieve much higher returns - 21.97% higher annually, on average, over the last 14 years, in fact. And it only takes about 20 minutes to complete, once a year.

Here's how to start the year off right for your money...

How to Invest Like a CEO – and Beat the Market by 40%

how to invest

If you've ever seen the movie "All the President's Men," then you know that maxim of investigative journalism - Follow the money.

The same idea applies to investing, of course, and today we're going to follow the money CEOs plan to spend over the next half-decade - and then use that knowledge make some cash ourselves.

According to a survey I just read, our nation's top executives plan to spend a lot of money on technology that will help them attract, retain, and understand customers.

That may sound, at first, somewhat vague. After all, there is no "retaining customers" tech sector.

But after digging into the survey - doing a little "investigative investing" - I figured out exactly where those CEOs will be spending their dollars in the next five years.

And today I'll show you an investment that takes advantage of these long-term spending trends in a way that beats the market by 40%....

If You Only Use One Investing Strategy in 2015, Use This

the 50 40 10 portfolio

Here's the most important investing strategy for you to use in 2015 - plus two more that will also reinforce your brokerage account. These habits will help you sleep at night even when the markets are pitching fits.

In fact, you'll be snoozing better than your broker. Which is why, of course, he won't fill you in on these tactics.

But we will...

Three Bad Investing Habits to Dump in 2015

bad investing habits

Over the past 20 years, individual investors averaged a measly 2.53% a year, versus the S&P 500, which chalked up 9.02%.

This is because every investor is hardwired to do three things that kill returns. If you understand what these bad investing habits are, recognize them in yourself, and learn how to eliminate them, then you can build wealth much more quickly.

So let's get cracking...

How to Invest in the Tech Powerhouse Rising in Asia

stocks to buy 2014 The world's next big center for semiconductor production isn't going to be somewhere on the U.S. West Coast. It won't be in South Korea, Taiwan, or somewhere in mainland China. It will be Ho Chi Minh City, in an increasingly powerful Vietnamese tech economy… The Spike in Production Next year, the CPUs for 80% of the world's new PCs will be produced […]

Read More…

This Play Could Double Again – But There's Much More to It

Stock Market News Today

A big grin lit up my face when I opened my trading screens recently.

I was looking at the chart for Ekso Bionics. The company was trading at right around $1.81 per share at midday on Monday.

That means it was close to a double from where I initially recommended it as our first human augmentation target to members of my Total Wealth research service.

Ekso is still a great buy, which is why I'm recommending it for Money Morning, too. There's plenty of room for this company to double - again.

But... What really got me smiling on that day was the juicy opportunity to use my absolute favorite trading tactic...

The Best Investments to Profit from Japan's Money Printing

Japanese recession

As long as Japan's government insists on money printing to try to stimulate its long-moribund economy, opportunities will abound.

The only question is how to find the best investments. Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald, who lives part of the year in Japan, shared several ideas with Stuart Varney on a Monday appearance on FOX Business' "Varney & Co."

In this video, Fitz-Gerald talks about how American investors can profit from what's happening in Japan, and what he considers the best investments...

This "Financial Mass Destruction" Play Is All Upside


While Russia fights for Eastern Ukraine, for now, it's losing the currency war.

Thanks to a perfect storm of low oil prices, economic sanctions put in place in response to the crises in Ukraine, and capital flight, Russia's been forced to capitulate by abandoning its currency peg.

It's all reminiscent of the financial attacks on Iran and its currency.

But fortune favors the bold, and blood's about to start running in the streets of Moscow, providing us an opportunity to capture our share of profits...

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