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Do This… And Gain Control of Your Financial Destiny

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My work puts me in touch with all kinds of investors, from beginners to seasoned pros.

And it's made me realize that many investors, particularly those who are new to the stock market, are totally unaware that there are different order types - let alone the advantages that come from using them. So they simply call up their broker and tell him that they want to buy a given stock, bond, or ETF.

There's a problem with that. Unless you name a specific price, you're effectively giving your broker permission to fill your order at any price. Of course, you're guaranteed to get filled as long as there's trading activity - meaning buyers and sellers making a market.

And best of all, it puts you in control...

What Is the Difference Between Insider Buying and Insider Trading?

Insider buying

Strong insider buying is one of the most accurate indicators that a stock is headed higher. So whenever we see a stock that has strong insider buying, we alert our readers.

But we frequently hear the same question from readers: What is the difference between insider buying and insider trading?

Here's the difference between the two, and why insider buying is such a strong "Buy" signal...

What Is the Beta of a Stock?

beta of a stock

There are numerous financial figures to analyze when determining which stocks to buy, and the beta of a stock is one of the most important.

That’s because the beta of a stock indicates its volatility.

Here’s everything you need to know about beta, and how to properly analyze the figure…

How to Invest in the New Energy Balance

higher oil prices

As we await the next chapter in the ongoing Greek debt mess, something of interest is happening right here in the U.S.

For the first time in my memory (which goes back more than four decades in this business), the energy market's normal supply-and-demand trade-off has been fundamentally altered.

As I have explained on several occasions in Oil & Energy Investor, overleverage will hamper some U.S. producers, while the inability to replace volume extracted due to the expenses incurred exceeding the wellhead profits will cause significant problems for others.

Here's where the best opportunities are going to arise...

3 Biggest Investment Mistakes That "Kill Returns"

biggest investment mistakes

What are the biggest investment mistakes that put individual investors' average annual return 4.8% below than the broader market?

We'll walk you through the three most common errors people make when it comes to markets...

"If you understand what these costly behaviors are, recognize them in yourself, and learn how to eliminate them, you can build wealth much more quickly."

Time Warner Cable (TWC) Stock Could Gain 35% from a Merger

TWC stock

TWC stock has big gains sitting in front of it as suitors line up in a bidding war to acquire Time Warner Cable Inc. (NYSE: TWC).

TWC stock is up 20% over the past year and 79% over the past two years. Now TWC shareholders are looking at gains of anywhere from 15% to 35%, depending on which company succeeds in pulling off the deal.

Here's a closer look at each of the companies in the hunt for Time Warner Cable...

The Best Way to Invest Money in Tech Stocks Today

best way to invest money

Today we want to show you the best way to invest money in tech stocks - which are on fire in 2015.

Through May 18, the Nasdaq has posted a gain of 7.3% in 2015. That's nearly three times the return of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. During the same time, the bellwether Dow is up just 2.7%.

How to Profit from a Pattern Few Others See

how to invest

In a moment I'm going to show you a chart for EOG Resources.

As I looked at the chart for this oil and natural gas development company, and positioned myself for a possible trade, an old song happened to come on the radio. It's a catchy tune that my friends and I used to "try" to dance along with.

Fast-forward to today, and as the song plays in my head, I'm almost moved to dance again by the profit pattern I'm seeing develop for us on this chart!

Chicago's Woes Presage More Problems for Muni Investors

Country US Illinois

Detroit and Chicago couldn't seem to be more different. The former is a manufacturing wasteland, except for the resilience of the Big Three, and it suffers from massive demographic and economic problems.

Chicago, by contrast, is the home of the world's largest futures and options exchanges and it is the Midwest's center for trade and entrepreneurship...

Biotech Investing for Beginners: Your 7-Step Guide

Biotech news

Biotech investing can be tricky. The industry is complicated, and the stocks are volatile.

But the profit payoff can be life-changing.

That's why we've created the "Biotech Investing for Beginners Guide" with Money Morning's Biotech Investing Specialist Ernie Tremblay.

That's because many of the metrics we use to evaluate other stocks - like P/E ratio, profit margin, earnings per share - don't always apply to biotech stocks.

Here's Tremblay's step-by-step guide to investing in biotech stocks...

How to Profit Today from This Sweeping Global Trend

How to Profit

Savvy investors know that over short time periods, and especially during bear markets, the saying "cash is king" often holds true. It provides security and allows for bargain hunting when assets are cheap.

However, through times of financial repression and negative interest rate policies (NIRP), central planners along with banks are changing that precept into "cash is trash."

That notion is a dangerous one that you can prepare for and prosper from….

Total Wealth Tactics: Analysts' Expectations Are Your Secret Weapon

wealth tactic

Apple's most recent earnings were nothing short of spectacular, and the headlines reflected that:

... "Apple Beats Estimates on Soaring iPhone Sales" -The Street

... "Apple Beats Estimates with $10.2 Billion in Profit" -

... "Apple Crushes iPhone Estimates, Boosts Buybacks" - CNBC

What they should have said is "Analysts Got It Wrong Again."

We've talked in the past about how far off the mark Wall Street analysts can be, and how costly that can be for investors who blindly follow along. It's no surprise - or at least it shouldn't be - given the hidden biases Wall Street holds.

But we haven't talked about how to use that information to your advantage.

Until today.

Here are the two best presents analysts could possibly give you this earnings season...

What My Derby "Doubler" Can Teach Us About Investing

high-yield stocks

The 141st running of the Kentucky Derby was not going to pass me by this year without a challenge...

I was hanging out with some financial friends last week when the question got popped along with a bottle of wine.

"Who do you like in the Derby?" I was asked.

I'd never really thought of it, although I enjoy the excitement of the race. But when I heard a few of my friends around the table talking about betting on the long shot, I had to open my mouth.

"You never bet the long shot," I said, knowing that in the business of options trading, nothing could be more clearly stated.

With that, I took a bold step that not only paid off handsomely for me, but can also pay off for my readers.

Indeed, this financial lesson learned from the Derby will be of greater long-term importance to you than remembering the name American Pharaoh...

2015 Top Stock Picks: PRTA, AMBA, RMBS

If you’ve been following our Money Morning 2015 top stock picks, you may notice a big shakeup from last week.

That’s right, some of the best biotech stock to buy right now are only up somewhere between 30% and 50%.

Here’s why this sell-off isn’t going to rain on biotech’s parade…

Teva Finally Puts a Number on Mylan Deal, Investors Stand to Profit


Teva is a 114-year old maker of pharmaceutical generics, and they've generated lots of cash along the way. They've been coy about their intention to purchase Mylan, but now there's a healthy number on the table, and share prices are on the way up...

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