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Sharpen Your Pencil – And Put These Three Stocks on Your "Shopping List"

Ask any of our gurus for advice on how to survive a stock-market sell-off – or even a whipsaw period like the one we’re navigating now – and you’ll get a surprising answer.

Keep a shopping list ready, they’ll tell you…

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    A Map to Turn Fear into Profit

    Last Monday, I shared a chart with Money Map Report subscribers and suggested they may want to batten down the hatches because I saw a 30- to 40-point drop happening by the end of the week.

    Now I want to share that same chart with you plus a new one - and encourage you to do the same thing.

    The shellacking the markets took last Thursday is the most powerful warning sign we've seen yet that things are not what they seem in the financial markets. For lack of a better term, it's a bearish omen, despite Monday's recovery.

    Today I want to talk about what that means for your money and what you can do about it in the name of protecting your money and, more importantly, the pursuit of profits.

    Contrary to what you might believe, not all bears are bad news.

    Let's start with the chart....
  • Investment Advice

  • Seize Massive Wins (Without Losing Sleep) History is literally chock-full of compelling examples of small-cap stocks delivering 1,000% returns to shrewd investors who got in early.

    With those kinds of returns possible, it's no wonder investors are so excited by small-cap stocks.

    Unfortunately, though, in many cases that same excitement leads less disciplined investors to throw away all sense of risk management and proper portfolio structure in the pursuit of outsized gains - and that's a big mistake.

    For every story of a $5.00 stock exploding and becoming a $50.00 stock, there are countless examples of companies flaming out, leaving investors with worthless shares.

    That's why it's so important to have a risk-management strategy in place - and one that's tailored for small-cap stocks.

    That way you can seize the great opportunities for massive wins... and still sleep easily Full Story.
  • The Best Play for a Scary Market U.S. blue chips suffered their biggest drop in five weeks recently because the latest round of economic reports are fostering a lot of uncertainty about the prospects for continued global growth.

    For most investors, it's been that kind of year.

    But I continue to believe that the tech sector - especially here in the U.S. - still has a lot of fuel left in its tank.

    Because I know a lot of you folks are concerned, I thought we'd take the time to alleviate some of those fears... and make some money along the way.

    And the best way to alleviate fears is to initiate a plan of action.

    So that's just what we're going to do.

    Today I'm going to show you a strategy that will help you put the odds in your corner.

    And I'm even going to give you a tech stock that will get you started.

    When you're done reading this, you'll be ready to laugh at the next sell-off. Full Story Read More...
  • Triple-Digit Gains… With Easy "Insurance" Against Risk Small Cap Penny Stocks to Buy

    How do single-day stock gains of 40%, 50%, 75%, even a 100% or more sound? If you're anything like me they sound pretty darn great.

    Those kinds of gains happen almost every day, but the mainstream financial media would much rather focus on recent stories such as: FB jumps 14% on increased mobile revenue, GOOG rockets ahead 13% on higher top line, or TSLA up 8% on higher than expected sales of the Model S.

    Small-cap biotech stocks can deliver triple-digit gains – or they can crash if clinical trial results disappoint.

    Here's how to limit your losses...
  • My "Sominex Strategy" for Big Profit in This Rocky Market best investments in tech

    "Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy; profit from folly rather than participate in it." -Warren Buffett

    It's tough to argue with the "Oracle of Omaha." And Buffett is right: Investor "folly" creates some of the biggest moneymaking opportunities you'll find in stocks.

    Just look at the whipsaw-trading we've been seeing in recent weeks...
  • How to Protect from a Stock Market Crash in 2014

    When the markets are down like they have been in 2014, it's smart to know how to protect your money from a stock market crash.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average has dipped 2.8% in 2014 and the S&P 500 is down 0.7%. Some experts see the current market sell-off continuing through the month of February.

    While other investors worry about the markets tumbling further, you can start protecting yourself from a potential stock market crash.

    Here are three strategies to prepare today.
  • We Found a Clear Path to Energy Profits, Even in Volatile Markets Oil Rig

    It was quickly becoming OPEC's worst nightmare. By the mid-1980s, oil prices had begun to collapse.

    What's more, renegade cartel members were selling more oil than their monthly quotas allowed, which merely made a bad situation even worse.

    Ordinarily, that was a point when the Saudis usually would step in and cut their own exports.

    But by then, the pricing situation had become untenable. Instead, the Saudis embarked on a bold new strategy.

    First, they opened up their own spigots and flooded the market with crude. This taught those recalcitrant OPEC members a big lesson about lost revenues.

    To continue reading, please click here...
  • Double Your Opportunities for Profit In their effort to capture all the profit they can, many investors focus exclusively on buying stocks. That's too bad because it means they're missing out on half the profits - literally.

    I say that because the markets move in two directions - up and down - which means there's plenty of profits to be had in both directions.

    George Soros, for example, made a cool $1 billion in a single trade that famously almost broke The Bank of England in 1992.

    John Paulson made billions off the housing crisis when it hit by going against the grain.

    Doug Kass of Seabreeze Partners is known for betting against the herd and laughing all the way to the bank.

    Obviously, shorting stocks isn't for everybody - it takes a lot of guts and more than a little conviction to do it profitably. Not to mention a healthy dose of discipline.

    But done right, it can really boost your profits...
  • Make One Tiny Adjustment Today… Get Rich in 2014 It's natural to look back. We live in the past.

    For most people, the future isn't an unknown full of unlimited opportunity. It's about hoping the bad stuff in our past isn't a prelude to the future.

    But what about the stock market?

    2013 was a spectacular year - at least for stocks it was. And already people are afraid about the future. They're afraid that after a great year for stocks, the bloom is off the rose.

    Are people naturally pessimistic? Are they afraid of the market?

    The answer to both of those questions is, unfortunately, "yes."

    Full Story...
  • The Best Way to Compound Your 2013 Gains With the exceptional, unpredictable year that was 2013, we have a one-time opportunity to "mine" its insights... and make even more money in 2014.

    The trick, as you'll see, is to block out the noise, stay invested, and focus on three key numbers...

    Full Story
  • This Big-Gain Spark Can Even Boost Your "Tax Refund" New contracts are huge catalysts, or "sparks," for companies that land them with the government. When analysts get wind of the pending business, they can send earnings estimates - and stock prices - rocketing skyward.

    Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, and Boeing have been playing the game for decades, and winning it.

    But the money isn't reserved just for the big boys. Hundreds of small companies get a piece of the pie as well.

    You can find these sparks everywhere.

    And some of them even give you a chance to boost your "tax refund," too... as you'll see.

    In fact, the big-money contracts don't even have to come from the government.
  • This Will Change the Way You Think About Investing Forever We've already made good money playing publically traded oil and gas companies.

    125% on Cheniere... 200% on Halliburton... 210% on Western Refining... 542% on Westport Innovations... 300% on Golar LNG...

    And given energy's across-the-board potential, our focus on growth isn't going to change.

    In fact, it's about to expand.

    Something huge just slipped under the radar.

    It was so significant that it promises to change how you think about investing forever - especially in oil and gas.

    A late-summer change in the rules now allows for expanded access by retail investors into the lucrative world of venture capital.

    It's called direct investment, and it goes far beyond just buying stocks, bonds, and options...

    It opens up the potential for all of us to make some serious money. It really is a whole new ballgame.

    And for you, it starts this Thursday - perhaps even sooner. (I'll let you know.)

    Like I said, this is huge...
  • Trailing Stops Explained – And Why You Need Them Stop

    Here at Money Morning, we're big proponents of using trailing stops as an easy and effective way to mitigate risk and boost gains.

    And yet a surprisingly large group of individual investors don't use them, or have never heard the importance of trailing stops explained.

    To continue reading, please click here...
  • This 3.5% Payout Is "High Yield" in Disguise If I offered you an investment that pays 3.5% a year, and one that pays 12% a year, which one would you choose?

    All else being equal, we'd be fools not to take the 12% offer.

    Of course, "all else" is rarely equal... especially in a rising interest-rate environment. "Growth," as you'll recall, is the new "income."

    That's why we need to look well beyond yield to evaluate a dividend payer, and focus on total return.

    The first company we'll look at today, for example, will pay you $12 a year for every $100 you invest in its stock. That certainly seems appealing.

    But this second company - despite its lower payout - is a far better investment, for three reasons...
  • The Only Number You Need to Time – and Beat – the Market It certainly seems as though the political gamesmanship that rules Washington, D.C., also rules the markets. But this isn't really the case.

    In fact, there's one single "magic" number that far outweighs everything else when it comes to long-term influence.

    This number's predictive power has saved me from some of the steepest market drops of the century, and it's given me everything I need to position myself for maximum gains in bull markets.

    And the best part is, it's widely available - access to it costs nothing.

    It's how you use this simple number that counts...
  • The (Simple) Secret to an Early Retirement In my early career, I was fortunate to do well financially while working at Goldman Sachs. I also made the decision to live below my means, and to invest intelligently. By my late twenties, I had amassed a seven-figure nest egg, and in my early thirties, I actually took an extended vacation for about five years.

    What I came to learn, however, is that you don't have to work for Goldman Sachs - or be a multi-millionaire - to be able to retire comfortably or early.

    You don't even have to figure out your "number"...