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Are Trump and Putin Meeting in Slovenia?

Trump and Putin meeting

Are Trump and Putin meeting in Slovenia?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask.

Russia says "da," the White House says "no way," and Slovenia - out of left field - says, "The meeting, which will be held here in our country, is 'still on'"...

Trump Critics Warn His Budget Proposal Puts Americans' Lives at Risk

budget proposal

President Trump's budget proposal will be formally presented to Congress this evening.

The new POTUS has heralded his fiscal plan as "historic" and one "everyone will like"...

But a fierce opposition party has already begun to form in advance.

Here's why Trump's critics are warning that one of his proposed cuts could put American lives at risk...

Will Trump Cut My Taxes?

will trump cut my taxes

Will Trump cut my taxes? That's one of the biggest questions we've been receiving from readers all year.

And that question has come into focus again today as Trump prepares to speak in front of Congress tonight.

Here's what we know about the Donald Trump tax cut plans so far...

Why the Middle Class Should Love Trump's Budget Proposal This Week

Trump's budget proposal

President Trump's budget proposal will spare cuts to big social welfare programs like Social Security and Medicare.

This falls directly in line with the promises the new POTUS made on the campaign trail last year.

Here's why each policy change - including additional tax cuts - should make members of the middle class stoked about their enactment...

Why One of Trump's Boldest Economic Promises Will Be Delayed Till 2018

economic promise

One of Trump's chief economic promises is getting pushed to the backburner.

That's because of three more pressing issues staring the new administration down this very moment.

Here's a look at each one...

Who Is Alexander Acosta?

who is alexander Acosta

Just who is Alexander Acosta?

Well, according to CNN's Ana Navarro, he's a humble man with a "squeaky-clean reputation."

But that depends on who else in Trump's cabinet you compare the new secretary of labor to...

New Trump Transparency Rule Is a Boost for Oil Stocks in 2017

trump transparency rule

On Tuesday (Feb. 14), President Trump signed his third bill into law, eliminating a Dodd-Frank regulation requiring resource-extracting companies to disclose payments to foreign governments.

The new Trump transparency rule comes from the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to overturn recently made rules by the executive branch.

We're going to show you why it's a big deal, and why it's an even bigger deal for your money in 2017...

Trump Tax Plan for Individuals: A Complete Breakdown

Trump tax plan for individuals

The Trump tax plan for individuals could be released by the end of February 2017.

How will it affect you?

Here's everything you need to know...

President Trump's Tax Returns Remain Prime Target for Congressional Dems

Trump’s tax returns

Congressional Democrats are still scrambling for President Trump's tax returns.

They've threatened to impose a century-old tax code provision to have them released.

And one Congress member is promising to compel a vote on the House floor to see where "loyalties lie."

Will the Trump Tax Cut Plans Happen in 2017?

trump tax cut plans

The Trump tax cut plans have pushed the Dow Jones and S&P 500 to record highs.

But it's unlikely that his tax proposal will be implemented this year.

Here are two reasons why a delay is inevitable - plus, our favorite Trump-proof stock to buy...

One of the Top Trump-Proof Stocks to Own Now

Trump proof stocks

What is one the best Trump-proof stocks to own?

We've been getting that question a lot lately.

That's why Money Morning guru Michael A. Robinson found the one "stress-free" stock every investor should have in their portfolio. Here's everything you need to know...

7 Strange-Acting Presidents Who Make the Trump White House Look Good

Trump White House

Every slightly out-of-the-ordinary event at the Trump White House has become more "proof" of the media's ongoing case of a bizarre and unstable presidency.

Even trivial things like hanging gold curtains in the Oval Office are construed as evidence of a man who has no respect for the office he holds.

But what's happened so far pales beside the behavior of some other presidents.

It's hard to believe what these men were capable of...

Will Trump Undo Dodd-Frank?

will trump undo dodd-frank

President Trump's executive order on Friday (Feb. 3) has many wondering whether Trump will undo Dodd-Frank.

Naturally, this creating uncertainty for investors.

That's why we're going to tell you whether President Trump will repeal Dodd-Frank and why repealing Dodd-Frank is such a big deal...

Mark Cuban: Trump's Travel Ban Is "Bad for Business Across the Board"

Trump's travel ban

Trump's travel ban poses serious financial threats to businesses "across the board," warned Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban this morning.

The outspoken billionaire is not alone in his concern.

In fact, another big-name CEO threatened to take Trump to court over the ban today as well...

Trump's Cabinet Net Worth: 30 Times That of George W.'s Cabinet

Trump's cabinet net worth

Trump's cabinet net worth amounts to - get this - 58 Taylor Swifts.

Arguably more significant, the nominees' combined wealth is more than the net worth of the 43 million "least wealthy" American households combined.

Here's a look at these moneymakers and how they got so filthy rich over the years...