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how to invest

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Personal Finance Tips for Successful Money Management

personal finance tips

We talked to an expert in personal finance tips to get the best insight on what people are doing wrong, so you can avoid these pitfalls.

The sooner you read this, the sooner you'll put yourself on a path to financial freedom.

Get these tips here...

Forex Trading Tips for 2016

forex trading tips

Get some top-notch forex trading tips from someone who has worked hard to become very successful with it.

A forex trading must-read - exclusive interview with Zachary Storella...

Investing for Beginners: A Guide for the New Investor

investing for beginners

Learn about investing for beginners the right way.

That means you won’t lose money on typical mistakes that new investors make.

So get started on the right path to growing your wealth here.

A Real Estate Investing Update for 2016

real estate investing

Real estate investing requires lots of research. So to get you started, we have an interview here with someone who has been following these markets for years.

Find out the latest real estate investing outlook here.

How to Add 326% to Your Portfolio Ahead of the Fed's Next Press Conference

After yet more lackluster economic data and the dovish tone from the Fed's April meeting, many investors are anxious about where markets are going next.

But with this strategy, you can invest with peace of mind - and beat the markets by 326%. Here's how...

How to Invest for Big Profits When the Smartest Guys in the Room Are Wrong

how to invest

Central banks keep expecting old tricks to produce new results. It's not working - money isn't flowing to consumers like they want.

So here's how to invest in today's markets, even as the global economy continues to sputter...

Profit from 2016 IPOs with These Two "Icebreakers"

2016 IPOS

Yes, there's been a low volume of 2016 IPOs due to broader market volatility.

But the IPO market is about to stage a massive turnaround.

And this chart examines why the 2016 IPO market is ready to bounce back...

How to Protect Your Biotech Profits from This Legal Limbo

biotech profits

Gilead Sciences Inc.'s Sovaldi was a real breakthrough in the fight against the chronic liver disease hepatitis C (HCV). The condition may show no symptoms for years after initial infection but can slowly become debilitating.

Hepatitis C affects as many as 200 million people worldwide, and before Sovaldi, the approved drug regimen could treat only about 50% of cases and could cause serious side effects. Treatment was generally long - 24 to 48 weeks - and arduous.

Sovaldi, on the other hand, could cure more than 90% of cases in a matter of weeks at a cost, in the United States, of around $94,000. The pricing caused controversy, but the drug proved transformative for HCV patients, their families, and doctors.

Sovaldi also proved a huge windfall for investors when it received FDA approval in 2013 and entered the pharmaceutical marketplace the following year.

So far, Gilead shareholders have seen a 2:1 split, several dividend payouts, and gains of more than 155% since 2013. Sales of Sovaldi and Gilead's other HCV drug, Harvoni, topped $12.5 billion in 2015 alone.

There's just one big, expensive problem...

The Best "Investment" to Protect Your Money Right Now

best investment how to invest

Today I have a recommendation for you that's nothing but positive - the best "investment" to protect your money right now.

The securities I'm about to discuss are far safer than the bank. They're extremely liquid.

The return is better than you'll get from the bank, and they're very, very safe. Here's what they are and how to get them...

The Ultimate Must-Have Investment

investment stocks

The "ultimate must-have investment" is a profit play that, when executed correctly, can't fail, but not one in a million investors has thought about it, let alone knows how to play it for maximum profits.

The situation is so lopsided, in fact, that I'd venture a guess that 99.99% of all investors could quadruple their allocation to this particular must-have opportunity and still not have enough.

Which makes this an even bigger opportunity for you...

How You Can Beat Wall Street in 15 Simple Steps

Wall Street

I have misgivings about Wall Street. Their short-term trading distorts the energy markets, almost beyond recognition.

Indeed, the past year has shown clearly how disastrous such speculation can be. But there is a way to remedy this situation: You.

As a normal investor with a balanced, long-term view, you can stabilize the market. Just follow this simple 15-step strategy...

Double Your Money on Your Broker’s Dime Before This Bullish Rally Ends

double your money

We've had a nice run in the markets since last month, but we've only got a few more weeks of the bulls.

And that means one thing: Right now is the perfect opportunity to increase the size of your portfolio.

There's an easy strategy you can use to double your money on your broker's dime...

This Investing Tip Could Add Another 190% to Your Returns

top hedge funds

There's nothing like a market swoon when it comes to unleashing the most damaging of all investor behaviors - emotional decision-making.

Investors who make knee-jerk decisions damn themselves to abysmal returns.

But with this investing tip, you can boost your returns by 190% - even in times of uncertainty...

Here’s How Investors Get Tricked into Buying Companies Like Valeant


While half the trick of investing is figuring out what the consensus thinks, the wisdom of crowds is a myth when it comes to the markets.

Case in point, Valeant Pharmaceuticals has cratered since October 2015, but many investors cling to the belief that the company's problems will be solved.

Some hedge funds have (or had until the stock collapsed) as much as 20% to 30% of their capital in the company, which is extraordinarily reckless.

But it's all in the numbers. The masses are missing these figures, but you don't have to...

This Gun Stock Has Returned 5X the S&P 500 for a Reason You May Not Expect

How To Invest

Buying "what you know" used to be a fundamental underpinning of investment success. Now, it's a recipe for disaster.

As the performance of this gun stock shows, true investing success is all about "knowing" the real numbers.

In fact, understanding this company's fundamentals would have helped you beat the markets five times over...