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Why the Silver Price Will Climb Higher in 2016 Despite Fed Uncertainty

silver price

The Fed did not help the silver price last week - or so it would seem.

You see, the Fed made comments that showed weakness in the price of silver. But that's just going to be a short-term problem.

Here's how good silver looks long term...

3 Reasons the Price of Silver Will Rebound from Recent Lows

price of silver

The price of silver has been on a tear, but that has halted - temporarily.

To find out what's next for silver, we are looking at some indicators that give clues to where the white metal is headed.

And what these signs show us is silver-price strength ahead...

Silver Prices Will Keep Rising in 2016 Thanks to One Figure

silver prices

Typically what is good news for gold prices is also good news for silver prices. And that's what we saw last week when the Fed did nothing and the metals got some love.

The silver price also broke above a key level.

What's more important to note about silver though is this one number...

Silver Prices Today Showing This "Brilliant" Opportunity

price of silver

Silver prices have not been as solid as they were earlier this year, but they'll get there. We know the metal is always volatile.

It's easy to get lost in the short-term move and think this metal will never show real gains.

But here's a silver price outlook that will show the real story with this metal...

The Biggest Reason the Price of Silver Will Keep Climbing in 2016

price of silver per ounce

From the start of the year until today, the price of silver is up 12%.

There's one major reason silver will keep going higher.

Let's look at this silver price catalyst, plus the big factors that have pushed silver up so far this year...

Silver Prices Today Showing This Bullish Pattern Shift

Silver prices

Thanks to very bullish action in gold, silver prices have been able to gather the same kind of momentum over the past week.

But over the past three months, gold prices have outpaced silver prices by an astonishing 12%, leaving some to wonder about silver's viability in this renewed precious metals bull.

In order to address that very question, we'll look at the relationship between these two precious metals to determine what just might be in store for the price of silver over the coming months and even years.

Is Silver a Good Investment in 2016?

Is silver a good investment in 2016?

Last month's silver price volatility has investors worried the metal will remain risky and unpredictable throughout the year.

But there's a $940 million trend that will push silver prices higher this year...

Silver Spot Price Up Today on These Factors

Silver spot price

The silver spot price today is up $0.19 to $14.86. This is great to see after the past week as silver gave up a little ground.

With stocks and oil bouncing from their recent retreat, and the U.S. dollar doing so as well, they've weighed on silver. Still, silver is ahead about 8.5% year to date, nearly a 13% outperformance of the S&P 500, which has lost just over 4%.

Let's look at how the silver price has behaved over the past week and what drivers lie ahead...

Silver Prices Will Keep Climbing in 2016 Thanks to One Huge Trend

Silver prices are up more than 2% this morning as volatility in U.S. markets urges investors to buy safe-haven metals.

And there's another factor that will keep pushing prices higher for the foreseeable future.

But first, here's a breakdown of today's movement in silver prices...

Why the Silver Price Is Climbing 2% Today

silver prices

The silver price is up more than 2% in early trading today (Monday) to $15.33, continuing a 2016 rally for the precious metal.

The silver price is now up nearly 10% since the end of January.

Silver prices were aided in the past week by a surprise move from the Bank of Japan, which instituted negative interest rates. Statements about dollar strength by the New York Fed's president last week also boosted the silver price.

All of this has combined to make for one of the strongest weeks in quite a while for silver prices. Let's look more closely at how it got there and what other factors are driving it...

Price of Silver to Move Higher in 2016 on These Factors

silver price

The price of silver is up today. Now silver's up on the year - faring better than broader markets.

Silver prices have been especially strong lately.

Here's why silver prices in 2016 will do well...

Silver Price History Chart: Where the Current Crash Ranks

silver price history

Silver prices on the New York Commodity Exchange have fallen 72.6% from a peak of $51.38 in April 2011.

That makes the current slump one of the worst crashes in silver price history.

This silver price history chart tracks the metal's movement from 1976 to present...

Why We're Bullish on the Price of Silver Despite Today's Dip

silver prices

Despite the dip over the last several days, we're still bullish on the price of silver in 2016.

Spot silver prices slipped $0.04, or 0.25%, to $13.82 in morning trading Tuesday because of a stronger U.S. dollar and stabilization in Chinese markets.

While silver prices are down today, this is an excellent time for investors to add silver to their portfolios...

Why Silver Prices Are Down Today – January 8, 2016

silver prices

Silver prices today moved lower in the wake of a better than expected December jobs report.

Despite today's decline, there are two reasons to remain bullish on silver in 2016.

In fact, one is an important announcement that indicates silver prices will soon begin their long-term rebound...