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One of the Best Investments to Make Now in This Booming $2 Trillion Market

best investments

Money Morning Director of Tech & Venture Captial Michael A. Robinson is targeting a $2 trillion tech market, and he's sharing one of the best investments to make in this lucrative space.

Driven by M&A, tech is a standout sector this year.

Here's how to easily play the whole sector via one investment...

One of the Best Investments to Play Tech's Biggest Dividends Today

Best Investments

Dividend-growing equities play an important part in a portfolio's overall return, and we have one of the best investments to make today for consistent dividend hikes.

With dividend decreases outpacing dividend hikes this year, this is one investment you cannot afford to overlook.

Keep reading for all the details...

One of the Best Stocks to Buy Today to Double Your Money

Best stocks to buy today

Despite the modest gain notched by the broader market in the first quarter of 2016, many stocks are still down by a wide margin year to date.

But you can double your money, even in this challenging market, with one of the best stocks to buy today.

You see, the products this company makes are in high demand and critical to your safety...

How to Invest in Stocks During 2016's Extreme Volatility

How to invest in stocks

Global markets have been extremely volatile in 2016, leaving many investors wondering how to invest in stocks right now.

That's why we turned to Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald for the answer. He's a seasoned market analyst with more than 30 years of global experience in the markets.

But first, here's why the markets are so turbulent...

How to Invest in 2016: Follow These 8 Trends

how to invest

With the Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Nasdaq all starting 2016 with declines of at least 6%, Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald has developed a strategy for how to invest during the volatility of 2016.

According to Fitz-Gerald, it’s more important than ever to focus on his eight favorite market trends.

That's because they'll make investors money even during periods of high volatility...

How to Start Investing: Begin with These Top Guides

how to start investing

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling more than 5% to start 2016, new investors have plenty of questions about how to start investing now.

The first thing investors need to remember is that even when the markets are volatile, there is plenty of profit to be had.

That's why Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald has shared his top guides for those wondering how to start investing in 2016...

The Best Investments in Japan's Changing Economy

best investments

I spent last week in Tokyo, and I want to share what I found on my trip to Japan.

It's proof positive that we're on the right track and, once again, we may beat a lot of people to the best investments, just like we did in September 2011.

That's when I told subscribers to short the yen a full six months and 150% ahead of George Soros and other big names who would subsequently make headlines for doing the same thing.

This time around the profits could be even bigger - if you understand what's happening and why. Here's what you need to know...

The Best Investments When the Fed Raises Rates


Keith Fitz-Gerald was on CNBC's "Word on the Street" discussing the best investments if the Fed raises interest rates.

A recent Goldman Sachs report calls into question Keith's suggestion that Apple will see little impact from a rate increase.

But there is a flaw in that thinking, and investors may want to put the report in the context of Goldman's trading history...

An Infrastructure Play for the Ages

best investments

To try and offer some perspective between the demand for public works projects in ancient times and for infrastructure projects of today, I set out to see if there was any way of creating a cost comparison.

It's not a simple exercise. But it is kind of a fun one.

Let me demonstrate...

Our Secret to the Biggest Gains During Market Corrections

Best Investments

When it comes to stock market corrections, the urge to sell and run for cover is completely understandable - but it's the wrong move.

Instead, when the going gets tough, the tough... go shopping.

Shopping after a market sell-off is absolutely critical to capture the maximum possible profits. Remember, the markets' powerful upward bias means corrections and even crashes will always pass into history, giving way to wealth-generating bull runs.

And today, our strategists will share some of their own market correction shopping lists, and even how to lay "profit traps" to pick them up at the price you want.

Your High-Profit Guide to the New "Convergence Economy"

spied on

By any measure, we've experienced an extraordinary bull run, with the S&P 500 soaring as high as 2,134.72 since it bottomed out at 676.53 on March 9, 2009.

But the real story is in the catalysts that led the markets to better than triple over that relatively short time - the story beyond quantitative easing, cheap-as-free money, and tax breaks.

Rather, these extraordinary gains have come from a group of "hot spots" that have given rise to the creation of an entirely new economy.

Let's look at where those profits will come from in the weeks ahead...

The 5 Best Stocks to Buy Now

best stocks to buy now

Today, we're bringing you the five best stocks to buy now from Money Morning Executive Editor Bill Patalon. He has picked over 185 stock winners since he launched his Private Briefing investing service just three years ago.

He holds closed-door sessions with our team of investing experts and spends hours analyzing and researching the market every week.

Here are Patalon's five best stocks to buy this week...

Today’s Top Blue-Chip Stock to Buy

Dow's Volatile

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been extremely volatile in 2015. Through January, the index fell 3.7%. In February it climbed more than 5%.

Now the Dow is back below 17,700 after falling more than 240 points. 

That’s why we’re recommending a blue-chip stock to buy today. Blue-chip stocks are some of the best investments to make when the markets are choppy. Here’s why…

The Best Investments to Protect Your Assets in a Crisis

best investments

As the financial crisis in Greece intensifies, it serves as a reminder to investors everywhere of the importance of knowing the best investments for keeping your assets safe.

You never know when some sort of financial tragedy will strike, so it pays to be prepared.

Here's a look at several of the best investments for a crisis and the strengths of each...

Why the Apple Stock Price Today Is Down – But Won’t Stay That Way

apple iphone

Anyone expecting great things from the Apple stock price today following a flurry of announcements at the tech giant’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) was sorely disappointed.

But Wall Street totally missed how these WWDC announcements have the ability to drive the Apple stock price much higher…