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Our New "Best Stocks to Buy" List Focuses on 6 Tech Picks

best stocks to buy list

Our newest list of the best stocks to buy all hail from the tech sector.

One company makes pharmaceutical products for the treatment of renal disease. Its stock has enjoyed a 780% run over the last two years, but it recently dipped due to a false media report. Investors can nab shares now at a deep discount.

Our defense & tech specialist highlighted an ETF play that takes advantage of recent CEO changes in some of the top tech companies, plus two big-cap tech stocks with promising technical charts.

You can find all of last week's tips and recommendations here in our latest list of the best stocks to buy now...

The Best Investments for Rising Interest Rates

best investments for rising interest rates

We're entering a rising interest rate environment for the first time in 33 years.

This is a watershed market event - a shift really - that will change how you invest. In a moment I'll explain what it means for your money and detail three of the best investments you can make now to protect yourself and profit.

But first I want to show you why I'm so certain, not only that rates will rise, but what is going to cause it.

It all comes down to one number.

(Other) Investors Will Hate You for Using This Investment Strategy

best investments in tech

In the past couple of weeks, we've been seeing record highs in the markets nearly every day.

However, we saw a pretty scary headline earlier this week about the Nasdaq Composite Index.

On Monday, Bloomberg reported that nearly half of the stocks in the tech-centric Nasdaq have declined 20% from their highs of the past 12 months - putting them in "bear territory."

Now this decline is mostly in small caps, which I don't cover in Strategic Tech Investor.

However, Nasdaq small caps are not the only place we're seeing jitters in the overall market.

Even with interest rates so low and the economy steadily improving, many nervous investors - worried about a correction - are selling off.

Whenever there's this sort of negative noise in the air, I tell you it's not a time to sell - but a profit opportunity for tech investors.

So, today I want to share with you three strategies designed to turn market declines to your financial advantage.

With them, you'll leave the nervous sellers in the dust...

The Best Way to Invest in Google's (Nasdaq: GOOG) 3D Printing Breakthrough


The 3D printing field has been around for many years now, yet it remains relatively young in its potential for handing tech investors outsized gains.

This is one of the tech sector's most exciting fields - one I believe offers plenty of long-term upside.

Indeed, I believe there is one company poised for a fresh breakout.

Its cutting-edge technology and management team are so strong that it led to a formidable new alliance with a technology player whose name is synonymous with growth and profits.

This company's stock is heading higher, so let's get right to its story and profit...

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The Single Best Investment for the Semiconductor Boom

Business Graph, 3d rendered conceptual arrow chart.

At first glance two of the major trends reshaping the semiconductor industry seem like polar opposites...

On the one hand, the industry is in the midst of a major boom. On the other, it's also contracting.

For tech investors these conflicting indicators raise two questions:

First, how is this contradiction possible?

Second, and more to the point, how can we make money from it?

After looking at the trends, I've come up with a plan for us to outperform the market over the long term with one easy investment...

How to Double Your Money on the GoPro Craze – Without Buying GoPro Stock

double your money_AMBA square

GoPro Inc. (Nasdaq: GPRO) launched its successful IPO on June 26. And it's up nearly 24% since then.

As an individual investor, you probably couldn't participate in the GoPro initial public offering... or any IPO. However, the best investments usually aren't the big-name companies whose products line store shelves - but the "pick and shovel" plays...

And this one can double your money in less than two years. Here’s how…

The Best Investments for Riding the Tech Stock Rally: XSD, FDN, FPX


Just weeks ago, the media was still talking about an alleged tech correction. But the Nasdaq has gained some 6.5% so far this year - and tech stocks will continue climbing for the rest of this year.

Here are three ETFs for the tech subsectors I predict will do particularly well in this rally, so you can play the entire subsector with a single investment.

So get ready to profit – it’s as easy as XSD, FDN, and FPX...

Three Small-Cap Funds to Watch as Sector Stages a Comeback

small-cap funds

As the U.S. economy becomes stronger and interest rates start to rise, smaller companies benefit the most from this type of environment.

With modest risk and high potential for growth, small-cap funds - which consist of stocks of companies that maintain a market capitalization between $500 million and $2 billion - are possibly one of the best investment hubs available today.

Here are the benefits – and risks – of small-cap funds, plus three to watch…

Why Trailing Stops Are One of the Most Important Investment Tools Ever

investment tools

Today I want to offer a deeper explanation of one of the very best investment tools: trailing stops.
Every single one of Money Morning's experts advocates using them, and for good reason. A "trailing stop" serves a dual role: It allows investors to capture profits and protect capital from catastrophic loss.

Here’s exactly how this investment tool works – and the best strategy for putting them to work in your portfolio today.

How to Invest in an Aging Bull Market

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Standard & Poor's 500 index both routinely making record highs, figuring out how to invest in this aging bull market has gotten increasingly challenging.

But not impossible.

"There's still plenty of upside if you know where to look," said Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald. "The game has become more one of choosing the right stocks than it is worrying about what the broader index is doing."

Fitz-Gerald says investors need to focus on three specific things...

Stocks to Buy Now: Play This Sector Before "The Crowd" Catches On


The Nasdaq experienced a sell-off in March and April, and has since rebounded. But not every tech sector has rebounded completely, and that's brought us some great stocks to buy.

According to Money Morning's experts, the semiconductor industry has never looked healthier, but it still faced the brunt of the recent sell-off. That's why they're recommending semiconductor stocks while they're trading at discounted prices.

But these stocks to buy won't be cheap for long. Get in on these profit plays before the crowds catch on...

Stocks to Buy: It's Time to Cash In on Software

stocks to buy, best investments, tech stocks to buy, tech investing, investing in software, software investing, software investments, software stocks

Update on tech stocks to buy: With the long-term decline in PC sales, many investors and the big-money guys on Wall Street are writing off software, too.

But increased sales of commercial software more than make up for the decline in PC-related software.

Today, I'm going to tell you about one of the single best software investments you can make to benefit from the profits of the entire software industry.

Here's how you get there...

Our Most "Unconventional" Investment Is in an Incredible Rally Right Now

Investing in Bitcoin may go against the grain - as it is anything but a conventional investment - but sometimes that's what it takes to maximize your returns.

And lately, those who have been investing in Bitcoin despite a string of bad publicity for the digital currency have been rewarded to the tune of a 45% gain in less than a month.

In recent months, we've seen a number of negative Bitcoin stories in the mainstream media, suggesting it was a bubble in the making.

During that period, I have remained one of the few tech analysts to say the Bitcoin market remains not only healthy, but faces a very bright future indeed...

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