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This Bitcoin Price Chart Shows What's Blocking Faster Adoption

bitcoin price chart

The Bitcoin price chart for January shows volatility is just as much of an issue for the digital currency as ever.

But for Bitcoin to gain mainstream adoption, this problem must be solved. A currency that can Bitcoin's tendency to lose 20% to 40% of its value in a matter of days, or even hours, discourages its use for daily transactions.

The good news is that the mechanisms to achieve Bitcoin price stability have already begun to appear...

Big Wall Street Players Investing in Bitcoin Startup

Dow Jones today

Not only has venture capital investing in Bitcoin failed to slow even as the price of the digital currency has slumped, but now some big Wall Street names have hopped on the bandwagon.

On Tuesday Bitcoin payments and wallet platform Coinbase announced it had raised $75 million in Series C funding. That's more than double the previous amount of venture capital invested in a Bitcoin company.

But this time it wasn't just the usual Bitcoin-friendly VC firms backing Coinbase.

These heavy hitters just made investing in Bitcoin a hot new trend...

Bitcoin Price Slumps, but the Ecosystem Is Thriving

Bitcoin price

Last year's Bitcoin price decline has persisted into 2015, but don't mistake that as a sign the digital currency will soon be history.

Because even as the Bitcoin price has fallen from a 2014 high of $951.39 to a low this year of $257.09, the Bitcoin ecosystem has continued to grow.

Bitcoin's critics have pounced on the cryptocurrency's latest woes. But the months-long fall in Bitcoin prices and string of bad news has done little to slow the digital currency's progress.

In fact, the rate of Bitcoin adoption in recent months has accelerated...

Forget the Bitcoin Price – These Are the Trends That Matter

Coinbase Bitcoin exchange

On Sunday the Bitcoin price hit a 2014 low of just under $291 on the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index, but as of this afternoon (Wednesday) it had bounced back above $340.

It's just another week in the volatile life of Bitcoin.

But despite all the digital currency's wild ups and downs, the trends that matter have stayed on a remarkably consistent path, utterly unfazed by the gyrations in the Bitcoin price.

Just look at what’s been going on…

Why “End of Bitcoin” News Headlines Are a Positive Sign for the Digital Currency

bitcoin news

When you start seeing a lot of Bitcoin news headlines declaring that the digital currency is dead or dying, it can only mean one thing.

Bitcoin prices are bottoming out and will soon start rising.

That’s not the conclusion one would normally draw from a Financial Times story that just pronounced the “end of Bitcoin,” but in this case it’s correct.

To make sense of this, we need to turn to science…

Bitcoin Price Gets 9% Lift from "Monumental Moment" with PayPal Deal

Bitcoin price

The Bitcoin price jumped as much as 9% today (Tuesday) after PayPal announced partnerships with the three largest Bitcoin payment processors - BitPay, CoinBase, and GoCoin.

The news arrested a two-month slide in the Bitcoin price that had dropped the value of the digital currency from more than $600 to under $400. The CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index was hovering around $434 in mid-afternoon trading after reaching a high of $443.38.

Here’s why the announcement moved Bitcoin prices so much higher…

Why the Bitcoin Price Is Stuck in a Rut for Now

bitcoin price

There's no sugarcoating it: The Bitcoin price has plunged nearly 29% over the past two months.

While few in the Bitcoin community are panicking over this decline, many are puzzled. Despite the lack of any unusually bad news, the price keeps trending down.

It's actually not as perplexing as it appears. At this point in Bitcoin's evolution, the market forces pulling the Bitcoin price down are stronger than those pushing it up.

Here’s what’s been going on – and why it won’t last forever…

Why the Bitcoin Price Is Falling – and Why It's Not a Crisis

Why the bitcoin price is falling

While everyone wants to know why the Bitcoin price is falling, no one is panicking.

There are many reasons for that, such as the rising number of merchants accepting Bitcoin and the millions of dollars in venture capital that continue to pour into Bitcoin startups.

But the latest crash in the Bitcoin price took many by surprise, as it followed weeks of stability. So what happened?

It turns out the most likely explanation is one that most seasoned investors will recognize...

Expected Bitcoin Payment on eBay Is a Significant Step Toward Mass Adoption

bitcoin payment

E-commerce giant eBay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY) is very close to offering Bitcoin payment as an option via its Braintree subsidiary - a high-profile move that will mark another milestone on the road to mass adoption of the digital currency.

It's likely that the Braintree subsidiary is serving as eBay's guinea pig, testing Bitcoin payments on a smaller scale before rolling the feature out to PayPal and the eBay site itself.

At that point, other major merchants will have some big decisions to make...

Investing in Bitcoin: A Gold Rush for the Digital Age (Graphic)

Bitcoin Funds

More than one observer has compared investing in Bitcoin now to getting in on the California Gold Rush of 1849.

And there are numerous fascinating parallels, particularly regarding the area of mining and the wave of people who suddenly took an interest when they realized that fortunes could be made.

In this detailed graphic, you can see exactly how Bitcoin and the Gold Rush match up...

Two Charts That Show the Bitcoin Market Is About to Take Off


While the Bitcoin market has had its ups and downs, what matters is that it is a major new technology that will disrupt the financial sector, and probably several others as well.

And that means Bitcoin should follow the same dramatic patterns as other disruptive technologies - which, so far, it has.

In fact, according to these charts, it's on the verge of a major move...

Why the Bitcoin Price Is Falling This Week

Why the bitcoin price is falling

After a recent 45% pop, the Bitcoin price is falling again. But this time it's not China, but a move by the U.S. government that's to blame.

The U.S. Marshals Service has announced that it will auction off 29,656 of the bitcoins it seized from Silk Road, the illegal drug website the FBI shut down last October. The Bitcoin market grew concerned over what that might do to the market.

But it could get worse -- those bitcoins are just a fraction of what the U.S. government seized...

Our Most "Unconventional" Investment Is in an Incredible Rally Right Now

Investing in Bitcoin may go against the grain - as it is anything but a conventional investment - but sometimes that's what it takes to maximize your returns.

And lately, those who have been investing in Bitcoin despite a string of bad publicity for the digital currency have been rewarded to the tune of a 45% gain in less than a month.

In recent months, we've seen a number of negative Bitcoin stories in the mainstream media, suggesting it was a bubble in the making.

During that period, I have remained one of the few tech analysts to say the Bitcoin market remains not only healthy, but faces a very bright future indeed...

Full Story...

Bitcoin News: Expedia Latest Big Name Merchant to Take Bitcoin

Bitcoin news

Online travel site Expedia's (Nasdaq: EXPE) announcement yesterday (Wednesday) that it had started accepting Bitcoin for hotel payments is a significant piece of Bitcoin news, as shows an increasing willingness among big-name merchants to adopt the cryptocurrency.

The Expedia announcement follows that of DISH Network Corp. (Nasdaq: DISH) two weeks ago that it would let its customers pay in Bitcoin, and that of in January.

Now another major U.S. merchant is close to accepting Bitcoin - and this will get everyone' s attention...

Does a Bitcoin Fund Belong in Your Retirement Account?

Bitcoin Funds

With the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF and SecondMarket's Bitcoin Investment Trust just months away from approval, it may be time to consider the addition of a Bitcoin fund to your retirement account.

Bitcoin, you see, can easily be considered an "alternative" investment. Many retirement investing experts advocate setting aside up to 10% of a portfolio for alternative investments, which covers almost any investment outside of stocks, bonds, or cash.

Here’s why a Bitcoin fund just may be the ideal alternative investment for your retirement account…

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