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Cash in on This "Invisible" $33 Billion Business

U.S. defense contractors don’t make a habit of sending “thank you” letters to America’s enemies.

But if they did, the corporate leaders at The Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) might want to look up Vladimir Putin‘s address – before running to the Hallmark store.

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  • Finally, a Safe Way to Own a Piece of Africa's $1 Trillion Resource Rush Africa

    Right now the World Bank, along with a small, publicly traded company that we'll show you in a moment, is on a $1 billion quest to map sub-Saharan Africa's mineral wealth.

    That's a big, expensive job, of course, but the inevitable payoff will reach into the trillions.

    And we have the perfect opportunity to play along, before anyone else even realizes this is happening...
  • Argentina Stock Market Crash Reverses After Today's Deal – for Now stock-market-crash_argentina

    Monday, a stock market crash to the tune of a 12.22% drop hit the Merval Argentina (BCBA: IAR), the most important index of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. The index fell to 5,847.78 by market close on Monday – 15% from its all-time high hit just six days prior.

    But today, Argentina’s stock market got relief. Stocks are up 1.14% after the country’s lawyer said it will negotiate with a group of hedge funds that are suing over $1.33 billion in bonds.

    The move is historic since Argentina had said it would never negotiate with the group – but, after what happened this week, they had little choice...
  • The Search for Yield, Emerging Markets, and a Wacky Divergence emerging markets

    Let's talk a little more about divergence - as in wacky divergences.

    Last time, we looked at divergence through the lens of interest rates and how rates - principally measured by the yield on the U.S. Treasury 10-year note - were going lower when they were expected to move higher as the Federal Reserve tapers its monthly bond purchases.

    But there's another divergence at work, and it strikes me as dangerous.

    We're talking about the rising prices of emerging markets stocks and bonds...
  • This Is Like Investing in China… In 1980 investing in China

    Hardly anyone would argue that China isn't an economic miracle.

    Over the last 20 years, its 1.3 billion people have propelled the Chinese economy into the world's No. 2 spot.

    But two decades of blistering 10% annual growth have moderated to 7%.

    However, a potential sea change is underway in its southern neighbor, India.

    With a new, impressive prime minister, and a burgeoning consumer population, they're setting up as the next economic miracle... Full Story

  • Stake Your Claim to $70 Billion of Global Growth

    Emerging markets frequently promise better returns than their domestic counterparts.

    Still, they come with a special set of (manageable) risks that we don't always find at home.

    A profound reaction to the Fed's tapering, higher-than-comfortable inflation, current account deficits, and outright political instability have all made for a volatile 2014 in the emerging markets.

    It's easy to see why. Investors are worried about how they'll be impacted by the tapering of the Federal Reserve's bond purchases. And now Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, and South Africa are now experiencing inflation of 6% to 7%.

    Those same countries are facing current account deficits of between 4% and 7%, which places downward pressure on their currencies and upward pressure on inflation and interest rates.

    And political volatility in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and elsewhere are contributing to uncertainty that's reflected in market performance.

    But the truth is, for investors who know what they're holding, these emerging markets still hold outsize profit potential.

    And taking your share of this growth has never been easier, thanks to these special securities...

  • The Emerging Market Game Changer Is Here

    The group of five nations - Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, otherwise known as the BRICS - is making some intriguing financial, economic, and political moves.

    They're committing tens of billions of dollars each to organize their own versions of an IMF and World Bank.

    Many observers thought the BRICS nations would encounter too many obstacles to collaborate effectively.

    But after announcing such plans just over a year ago, the next BRICS summit in July is likely to see the official launch of these institutions.

    The implications are huge for investors...
  • This Emerging Markets Bet Is One of the Best Contrarian Investments of 2014

    When it comes to emerging markets, risk takers can capture the most profits when exposed equities are down.

    Buying opportunities emerge from a panic sell-off, leaving contrarian-minded investors the opportunity to pick up money that is just sitting in the corner. They zig while others zag, and they're willing to wait out the profits from deep-value picks.

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  • A Secret Gem Hidden Among 2014's Emerging Markets mexico

    Emerging markets have experienced record outflows so far this year, as global capital sailed back to safer markets.

    Just in the first five weeks of 2014, $18.6 billion fled emerging markets - a staggering number when compared to the $15.2 billion in emerging market outflows for the entirety of 2013.

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  • How to Find the Best Investments Amid Global Uncertainty: A Three-Tiered Strategy Best Investments 2014

    Just last year, emerging markets were predicted to be the driving force behind a more than 5% annual global growth rate. Yet on March 11, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development reported that emerging markets are the reason why global growth will slow.

    Here are three metrics will help investors find the best investments abroad...
  • Emerging Markets Chart: These Countries Have Been Hit the Hardest in 2014

    More than $7 billion was withdrawn from exchange-traded funds (ETFs) investing in emerging markets in January 2014, and this emerging markets chart shows which countries have been hit the hardest.

    The S&P 500 has dipped 4.3% since the start of 2014, but that pales in comparison to the losses experienced by emerging markets ETFs.

    ETFs serve as a good measuring stick for emerging market performance because they hold many of the top stocks, securities, or bonds from that country.

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  • The Top Emerging Market ETFs of 2014

    Investors have been running from emerging markets in 2014, but two emerging market ETFs have pulled in double-digit gains this year.

    More than $7 billion has been withdrawn from emerging market exchange-traded funds in 2014. As a result, funds like the iShares MSCI Brazil Capped Index Fund (NYSE: EWZ) and Global X FTSE Argentina 20 ETF (NYSE: ARGT) have dropped 10.3% and 9.4%, respectively.

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  • The Buying Opportunity in Today's Emerging Market Sell-offs 20140128_KFG-Varney_web2 Market watchers have been pointing to selloffs in emerging markets like Turkey, Argentina, and Thailand as a reason to be cautious about investing in stocks today.

    But falling share prices aren't a problem if you know where to look...

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  • Best Investments in Emerging Markets: MINT Is the Next BRIC

    In 2001, the BRICs - Brazil, Russia, India, and China - would be the engines of economic growth. These four countries demonstrated enough political stability, population growth, and openness of trade to warrant being acclaimed as the economic superstars of the next decade.

    They were named the best investments to make to play global growth. And they delivered.

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  • 4 Drug Stocks to Buy Now to Capitalize on Emerging Market Growth Drug bottles Overall, this sector has healthy global sales of $959 billion and is expected to grow those sales at a rate of 4.5% a year. But in emerging markets, sales in this sector will grow at three times that rate. And on top of that, another development will make these markets even more lucrative. We've identified the handful of companies best-positioned to take advantage of this...
  • Five High-Yield Sin Stocks to Buy to Capture Emerging Market Growth glass of cognac and cigarettes Tobacco. Fast Food. Alcohol. Gambling. These are some of humanity's favorite vices, which also happens to make them excellent investments. After all, doing things that are bad for you not only never goes out style, it's one of the world's most dependable growth markets. But there's a secret sauce that can make some 'sin stocks' even sexier...