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How to Invest Your Stimulus Check Today

Every American under a certain income threshold received upwards of $1,200 plus another $500 for every dependent.

For those fortunate enough to do so, investing the stimulus check can help build a bigger nest egg for the future.

After all, an $1,200 investment in Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) in December 2008 would be worth $42,530 today.

Today, we'll discuss several ways to get started if you're interested in investing your stimulus check.

These easy strategies will make it possible for you to maximize your stimulus check and put you on the road to a better financial future.


3 "Risk Management" Investing Strategies to Weather this Market

Goldman Sachs is out with a report saying that the economic downturn will be four times worse than the Global Financial Crisis and that the U.S. will see a decline that could be "unprecedented."

I know that's hard to imagine, given the rally that's underway as I type, but you'd be wise to prepare for the possibility.

The only thing standing between your portfolio and catastrophic loss is your own caution and proper risk management.

Even as you chase profits!

Today we're going to talk about a simple, easy to use tool that can make all the difference in the world when it comes to adding tens of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars to your bottom line by avoiding portfolio-killing losses.

Here's how you can control risk BEFORE there's another reversal.

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How to Invest During the Post-COVID Return to Normal

I'm really relieved to see the first signs of the slowing of the coronavirus in Europe.

And in the U.S., confirmed cases and deaths from the virus are growing more slowly.

Many science and medical experts say that the social distancing measures are starting to work.

And that brings us to today's Reality Gap.

Big Media hails the slowing growth as a reason the market has been up the last two days - and that seems to be quite true.

But the reality is that slowing growth doesn't mean a return to business as normal anytime soon.

And while we prepare to put together our post-crisis Trade of the Decade portfolio, we need to keep in mind that even when the economy starts to recover, it's going to happen in a step-wise fashion.

Here's what you can invest in now, and what you should wait on...

The Five Crucial Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor Right Now

Turning your money into life-changing wealth requires planning... for both success and failure. It also requires competent counsel - meaning somebody who will act in your best interests.

But finding the right advisor is tough, especially now with the markets at new all-time highs.

The Internet is filled with stories of predatory sales practices, manipulative management stories, and just plain incompetence. Chances are good you know somebody who's had a bad experience, just like I do.

It doesn't have to be that way, though.

There are great advisors out there if you know how to find them and which questions to ask to make sure you're on the right track for huge profits rather than devastating losses.

Start with the following - even if you're already working with somebody you trust...

This Investing Strategy Is a "Laser-Focused Rocket Ship to Big Profits"

This week I'm spending some time testing the theory from a recent paper on how insider buying and selling affects different bearish and bullish factors.

I'm finding that adding insider data to our stable of numbers-driven market strategies really boosts returns, and more importantly, it does so by avoiding potential problems.

While insider buying does magnify gains somewhat overall, where portfolio returns go into the stratosphere is using insider selling to cancel signals that would otherwise be a buy.

This helps us avoid the big mistakes and keeps the focus of the portfolio on those companies where insiders have been buying.

The results from this combination create a portfolio that's a laser-focused rocket ship to big profits...

The 2 Best "Buy the Dip" Stocks to Pick Up for December


After leading the market since the bull market began in March 2009, the pullback in the formerly high-flying FANG stocks seems like a good opportunity to buy them on sale.

However, trying to go after them right now is like catching a falling knife, warns Money Morning Quantitative Specialist Chris Johnson.

A better buying opportunity comes when mainstream investors are overlooking it. And Chris has found two excellent opportunities right now...

Wall Street Says These 5 Stocks Could Gain 50% in 2019, but Our Pick Could Skyrocket 400%


Investors looking for the best stocks to buy often turn to Wall Street analysts for help.

Today, we're making things easy for our readers by showing you five stocks analysts are predicting will surge more than 50% over the coming year.

Plus, we've done our own research and uncovered a little-known company with the potential to rocket over 400% higher...

[CHART] Gold Stocks Soared 136% the Last Time This Happened

If you want to make serious money - we're talking retire early money - in today's markets, you need to do more than simply match the indexes.

But one way you can get ahead is digging deeper and finding the sort of data, patterns, and forecasts the average investor simply overlooks.

That's why we're showing Money Morning readers how a disruption to one pattern could send gold stocks soaring.