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VC Investing in Bitcoin Rises to the Fastest Pace Yet

The amount of money venture capitalists are investing in Bitcoin continues to accelerate, demonstrating their faith in the potential of the digital currency.

In the first quarter of 2015, venture capitalists poured $229 million into Bitcoin startups. That was more than double the $144 million invested in Bitcoin in Q4 of 2014.

And now venture capitalists are concentrating on the most promising Bitcoin startups.

One company set a Bitcoin funding record last month and has venture capitalists swooning...

Big Wall Street Players Investing in Bitcoin Startup

Dow Jones today

Not only has venture capital investing in Bitcoin failed to slow even as the price of the digital currency has slumped, but now some big Wall Street names have hopped on the bandwagon.

On Tuesday Bitcoin payments and wallet platform Coinbase announced it had raised $75 million in Series C funding. That's more than double the previous amount of venture capital invested in a Bitcoin company.

But this time it wasn't just the usual Bitcoin-friendly VC firms backing Coinbase.

These heavy hitters just made investing in Bitcoin a hot new trend...

Bitcoin Forecast 2015: Four Powerful Trends Will Deliver a Pivotal Year

bitcoin forecast

The Bitcoin forecast for 2015 is for major strides toward the promise we've been hearing about for more than a year.

The power of the idea - a decentralized, digital currency that includes ownership data and can move money around the world in an instant - just keeps gaining traction.

But the Bitcoin forecast 2015 isn't just for more of the same. For sure, mass adoption will continue. But next year we'll see a lot more activity on Wall Street as well as a lot more innovation from Bitcoin startups.

This will be a pivotal year for Bitcoin...

World's First Bitcoin IPO Sets Stage for More Bitcoin Stocks

The world's first Bitcoin IPO is on track to launch on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in early December, paving the way for more Bitcoin stocks to go public in over the next few years.

The company is Melbourne-based Bitcoin Group. Right now Bitcoin Group runs a cryptocurrency arbitrage fund, but is planning to expand into Bitcoin mining if the IPO succeeds.

It’s one more big step toward the day when the major players of finance jump aboard the Bitcoin bandwagon…

Expected Bitcoin Payment on eBay Is a Significant Step Toward Mass Adoption

bitcoin payment

E-commerce giant eBay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY) is very close to offering Bitcoin payment as an option via its Braintree subsidiary - a high-profile move that will mark another milestone on the road to mass adoption of the digital currency.

It's likely that the Braintree subsidiary is serving as eBay's guinea pig, testing Bitcoin payments on a smaller scale before rolling the feature out to PayPal and the eBay site itself.

At that point, other major merchants will have some big decisions to make...

Bitcoin IPO Countdown: One of These Five Companies Could Be the First

While there are no imminent plans for a Bitcoin IPO - the first major public offering of a Bitcoin-based company - the steady growth of the Bitcoin economy means it's just a matter of time.

And with venture capital investing ramping up this year, some companies have moved to the head of the pack as the most likely IPO candidates.

Let's take a look at each of the five companies with the best chance to make Bitcoin history...

How the Growing Bitcoin Market Will Cause a $3.4 Trillion Disruption

Bitcoin market

A tsunami of disruption - courtesy of Bitcoin - is headed directly for several sectors of the financial services industry.

Some of these companies may adapt to a world in which the digital currency plays a major role, but most are likely to become Bitcoin market victims - companies that will struggle and possibly disappear altogether.

This could have a tremendous impact on the U.S. economy, as 20% of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP) derives from the financial sector - an eye-popping $3.4 trillion.

These companies can’t afford to wait much longer…

Investing in Bitcoin with $18 Million: Why Tim Draper Did It

When a well-known venture capitalist like Tim Draper is investing in Bitcoin with some $18 million of his own money, there has to be a really good reason.

Draper was the sole winner of the 29,656 bitcoins auctioned off June 27 by the U.S. Marshals Service. Those bitcoins had been seized by the federal authorities that shut down the notorious Silk Road website last fall.

But Draper isn’t just going to squirrel all those Bitcoins away.

He has a plan – and it's why he wanted all those bitcoins in the first place…

Two Charts That Show the Bitcoin Market Is About to Take Off


While the Bitcoin market has had its ups and downs, what matters is that it is a major new technology that will disrupt the financial sector, and probably several others as well.

And that means Bitcoin should follow the same dramatic patterns as other disruptive technologies - which, so far, it has.

In fact, according to these charts, it's on the verge of a major move...

Race to Be First "Official" Bitcoin Exchange in United States Heats Up

Within the next few months, we should see the first U.S. Bitcoin exchange. Some half dozen companies have just been waiting for a final set of rules from New York regulators - and those rules are due next week.

While it's not that hard to buy Bitcoin in the United States, the digital currency has lacked the polish of legitimacy that a U.S-based exchange would give it.

Here are the top contenders - and a look at the huge impact the first U.S. Bitcoin exchange will have…

The First Bitcoin Stock Could Be This Mining Company

Today you can't buy a Bitcoin stock on the Nasdaq or New York Stock Exchange, but that could change as soon as next year if Bitcoin mining hardware maker BitFury can make its aspirations come true.

The company develops and manufactures the hardware used to "mine" bitcoins, and in its short three-year history has built a powerful reputation.

Now, BitFury's audacious CEO has vowed that his company will be the first Bitcoin IPO.

This is why he’s so sure he can make it happen...

Bitcoin Stock Losers That Will Get Crushed by the Digital Currency

You'd think the Bitcoin stock losers -the credit card companies, big banks and international payment companies -- would be worried about the digital currency.

But they're not.

In fact, the companies most threatened by Bitcoin, the credit card industry, haven't even bothered to list the digital currency as a risk in its Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings.

But their failure to recognize this existential threat is going to pummel their stocks…

Venture Capitalists Are Investing in Bitcoin at the Fastest Pace to Date

Venture capitalists are stepping up the pace of investing in Bitcoin, a powerful sign that the digital currency is on track to fulfilling its promise of being the most innovative and disruptive force since the Internet.

According to a running tally on the CoinDesk website, venture capital Bitcoin investments in May alone was $56 million, which was nearly as much as the 2014 total through the first four months, $57.24 million.

Here's what venture capitalists are seeing that has convinced them to pour ever-increasing amounts of money into Bitcoin...

Why the Bitcoin Price Is Falling This Week

After a recent 45% pop, the Bitcoin price is falling again. But this time it's not China, but a move by the U.S. government that's to blame.

The U.S. Marshals Service has announced that it will auction off 29,656 of the bitcoins it seized from Silk Road, the illegal drug website the FBI shut down last October. The Bitcoin market grew concerned over what that might do to the market.

But it could get worse -- those bitcoins are just a fraction of what the U.S. government seized...

Our Most "Unconventional" Investment Is in an Incredible Rally Right Now

Investing in Bitcoin may go against the grain - as it is anything but a conventional investment - but sometimes that's what it takes to maximize your returns.

And lately, those who have been investing in Bitcoin despite a string of bad publicity for the digital currency have been rewarded to the tune of a 45% gain in less than a month.

In recent months, we've seen a number of negative Bitcoin stories in the mainstream media, suggesting it was a bubble in the making.

During that period, I have remained one of the few tech analysts to say the Bitcoin market remains not only healthy, but faces a very bright future indeed...

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