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Find Out How Many Shares of a Stock to Buy with This Portfolio Tool

Portfolio Tool

How your investments are structured in your portfolio is at least as important as what goes into your portfolio.

The traditional "diversified" portfolio of 60% stocks and 40% bonds is still very popular.

But this portfolio tool can show you a better approach.

The Most Pressing Reason Yet to Avoid Investing in Retail Stocks

retail stocks stock

President Obama just doomed millions of hardworking Americans to the unemployment line and, at the same time, just made it harder for every retailer - large and small - to turn a profit.

This is the last thing you want to see as an investor as well.

Here's the latest reason why you should now think twice about holding retail stocks...

Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) Is Going to Work for You

It's true! Starting sometime next year, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: GS) is going to start lending money to the 99%.

But don't bother getting all suited up with hat in hand for a visit to a local branch of Goldman Sachs Bank USA (with its $73 billion in deposits) - there won't be one.

Here's how to capitalize on something we've seen coming for a while...

What My Derby "Doubler" Can Teach Us About Investing

high-yield stocks

The 141st running of the Kentucky Derby was not going to pass me by this year without a challenge...

I was hanging out with some financial friends last week when the question got popped along with a bottle of wine.

"Who do you like in the Derby?" I was asked.

I'd never really thought of it, although I enjoy the excitement of the race. But when I heard a few of my friends around the table talking about betting on the long shot, I had to open my mouth.

"You never bet the long shot," I said, knowing that in the business of options trading, nothing could be more clearly stated.

With that, I took a bold step that not only paid off handsomely for me, but can also pay off for my readers.

Indeed, this financial lesson learned from the Derby will be of greater long-term importance to you than remembering the name American Pharaoh...

How Our Top Stocks to Invest in Have Done in 2015

top stocks to invest in

Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) stock broke into our list of the top stocks to invest in today.

There are of course no surprises there. It really was a matter of time before the cash-rich, high-margin tech giant emerged as a leader in our diverse mix of 2015 stock picks.

And don't worry about AAPL stock being overvalued, there's still room for this tech juggernaut to soar...

The Best Way to Compound Your 2013 Gains

With the exceptional, unpredictable year that was 2013, we have a one-time opportunity to "mine" its insights... and make even more money in 2014.

The trick, as you'll see, is to block out the noise, stay invested, and focus on three key numbers...

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Making Money in a Generational Bull Market

This isn't just any old stock market rally. It's the first leg of a global generational bull market.

Stocks around the world can and eventually will double and triple from here.

Investors want to know if it's too late to get into the record-breaking bull market.

They want to know if they should take profits... or keep their chips on the table.

They want to know how to navigate any correction, if one comes.

The answers to those questions are easy. You just have to understand where we are.

My record picking major market tops and bottoms is exceptional.

That's important, because the global generational bull market isn't going to be a straight run.

There will be ups and downs.

And to get the most of both, you need to know this market and have a plan...

This Big-Gain Spark Can Even Boost Your "Tax Refund"

New contracts are huge catalysts, or "sparks," for companies that land them with the government. When analysts get wind of the pending business, they can send earnings estimates - and stock prices - rocketing skyward.
Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, and Boeing have been playing the game for decades, and winning it.
But the money isn't reserved just for the big boys. Hundreds of small companies get a piece of the pie as well.
You can find these sparks everywhere.
And some of them even give you a chance to boost your "tax refund," too... as you'll see.

In fact, the big-money contracts don't even have to come from the government.

This Will Change the Way You Think About Investing Forever

We've already made good money playing publically traded oil and gas companies.

125% on Cheniere... 200% on Halliburton... 210% on Western Refining... 542% on Westport Innovations... 300% on Golar LNG...

And given energy's across-the-board potential, our focus on growth isn't going to change.

In fact, it's about to expand.

Something huge just slipped under the radar.

It was so significant that it promises to change how you think about investing forever - especially in oil and gas.

A late-summer change in the rules now allows for expanded access by retail investors into the lucrative world of venture capital.

It's called direct investment, and it goes far beyond just buying stocks, bonds, and options...

It opens up the potential for all of us to make some serious money. It really is a whole new ballgame.

And for you, it starts this Thursday - perhaps even sooner. (I'll let you know.)

Like I said, this is huge...

Successful Investing: Five Things to Do Before 7 A.M. Every Day

The most successful investors of our time have one thing in common - they're early birds.

Consider joining them. Studies show that people who make things happen early are more proactive and more productive. They're also more likely to be top performers and enjoy greater financial success.

University of Heidelberg biology professor Christoph Randler notes that early risers tend to have a good idea of what they want to accomplish.

His research shows that, while evening people may be more creative and in some cases smarter than morning risers, they're "out of sync." Early birds, he noted in a 2010 Harvard Business Review article, "hold the important cards."

And if you're not a morning person?

Performance expert Tony Schwartz says that less than 10% of the population has unchangeable biorhythms. That means you can train yourself to get up - and get ahead.

But what to do?

Here's my list of five things to do before 7 a.m....

Shah Gilani Reveals How to Invest in These Wild Markets

The Fed is taking its foot off the gas, stocks are reacting wildly to any news, and no one knows if the market can function independently of quantitative easing.

No one but Shah Gilani, that is.

Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani joined FOX Business' "Varney & Co." to tell viewers how to read the signs and how to invest in these markets.

The Worst Investing Mistake You Could Make Now

Many investors are understandably nervous when it comes to what the markets will do this week. Some are downright agitated.

My take? Keep calm.

The markets are doing what they need to be doing right now. The big swings we're experiencing lately are not a sign that the markets are broken. Far from it.

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The Six Questions that Can Make You Rich (Part Three)

In May, McKinsey Global Institute released its latest report,Disruptive Technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy. The highly prestigious research and consulting firm devised a list of 12 technologies that could have a potential economic impact of $14 trillion to $33 trillion a year by 2025.

These 12 technologies (ranked by economic impact) are mobile internet, the automation of knowledge work, the "internet", cloud technology, robot automation, autonomous vehicles, next-generation genomics, energy storage, 3D printing, advanced materials (like graphene), advanced oil and gas discovery, and renewable energy.

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How to Invest in Uranium in 2013

It’s going to pay to know how to invest in uranium in 2013 – just look at why uranium prices are getting ready to soar. Read more...

The Six Questions that Can Make You Rich (Part Two)

For some reason, we love the concept of technology, but hate the tech that surrounds us.

We curse our email when it freezes for the slightest second. We damn the cellphone carrier that sends a signal to space and halfway around the earth when we're talking with someone thousands of miles away, but the drops the call.

We dismiss certain innovations because we think they're just another passive fad.

This bias against technology sometimes leads us to miss some of the greatest investment opportunities of a lifetime.

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