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penny stocks to buy now

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This Week's 5 Best Penny Stocks with Double-Digit Gains

Best Penny Stocks

The broader markets were mostly flat last week, but the best penny stocks on the market all posted double-digit gains. In fact, one of these penny stocks climbed almost 50% in just four trading sessions.

It's those double-digit gains in just a matter of days that draw investors to the best penny stocks...

The 3 Best Penny Stocks to Buy Now

Penny stocks to buy

The best penny stocks to buy can bring triple-digit profits in a very short period of time, and our list features three penny stock picks that all have market-beating potential.

Each of these three penny stocks has made a recent announcement that could serve as a major catalyst in 2016.

In fact, one of these top penny stocks has already climbed more than 200% today alone, and has plenty of room to run from here...

The 3 Top Penny Stocks to Buy for March 2016

Penny stocks to buy

If you're looking for the top penny stocks to buy now for double-digit gains in March 2016, look no further than this list we have compiled for you.

These three picks boast some of the biggest profit opportunities on the market today.

Here's why each of these top penny stocks to buy offers such high upside...

This Week's List of Penny Stocks to Watch with Double-Digit Gains

List of penny stocks

The Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq closed out last week with gains of 1.51%, 1.58%, and 1.91%, respectively. But this list of penny stocks features five small-cap stocks that all ended the week with double-digit gains.

Investors are always on the lookout for hot penny stocks because they can post double- or triple-digit profits in short periods of time.

That's why we compiled this list of penny stocks to watch. Each has posted a double-digit gain in the last week...

5 Hot Penny Stocks This Week Include This 114% Winner

Hot penny stocks

We found five hot penny stocks this week all with at least 10% gains. And one of these hot penny stocks has already brought investors a profit of 114% in a short period of time.

Here's why each of these hot penny stocks is soaring this week, and has room for even more gains from here...

The 5 Top Penny Stocks This Week All Posted Double-Digit Gains

Top Penny Stocks

The broader markets were all higher during the last week, but our five top penny stocks from this list all posted market-beating gains.

That's why penny stock investing can be so lucrative - investors can bank double-digit profits in just a matter of days.

Here are the must watch penny stocks this week...

The 5 Best Penny Stocks This Week All Posted Double-Digit Profits

penny stocks

The five best penny stocks this week all logged double-digit gains last week even as the broader markets ended the week flat.

That's why investors are always on the lookout for the best penny stocks to buy. They can return triple-digit profits in a short period of time, even when the markets are underperforming.

Last week was the perfect example. Take a look...

5 Hot Penny Stocks to Watch This Week

Hot penny stocks

It's been a rough week for global stock markets, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling 5.2% to start 2016.

But despite the sell-off, five hot penny stocks to watch this week have logged impressive double-digit gains.

Here's a closer look at each of this week's hot penny stocks to watch...

How to Pick the Best Penny Stocks in 2016

Top Penny Stocks

Penny stock investing can be very profitable, but it is also extremely difficult. That's why we've created a go-to guide on how to pick the best penny stocks in 2016.

This guide will not only tell you how to pick the best penny stocks in 2016, but it will also help you steer clear of the obvious penny stock scams out there.

Let's get started...

The Top 3 Penny Stocks to Buy Before 2016

penny stocks to watch

As we head into the final stretch of 2015, we've picked out the three best penny stocks to buy before 2016.

This is a great time to look for buys because the "January effect" could end up having a major impact on penny stocks. The January effect is a seasonal run-up in stocks that takes place at the end of December into January.

Here's three top penny stocks to buy before 2016...

The 7 Top Penny Stocks of 2015 Show Gains as High as 110%

Penny Stocks

While the broad-based S&P 500 Index is showing a modest gain of just 2.2% so far this year, a handful of this year's top penny stocks are boasting gains as much as 110%.

Two recently signed deals to be acquired, one just inked a deal with a major pharmaceutical company, and one is close to approval on a cancer therapy

Keep reading for the names of these top penny stocks and a couple more...

The Three Best Penny Stocks to Buy Today

penny stocks to buy

The three best penny stocks to buy today all have the capability to return triple-digit gains in a matter of months.

Each of the best penny stocks to buy trades on the Nasdaq and is priced between $3 and $5. So you won't be buying shares that trade for a fraction of a penny. They also all have solid liquidity, meaning you can enter and exit these trades easily.

Here are our three best penny stocks to buy now, and the reasons we're so bullish on them...

Today's Top Penny Stocks: APP, CCCR, NSPH, STEM, SYMX Are Soaring

Best penny stocks

Penny stocks represent an inherently riskier investment option for investors. But with these risks in mind, be aware that not all penny stocks are created equally - some can be solid investments with wonderful upside potential.

Today's (Wednesday) big movers come from a variety of sectors, including biotech, retail, financial services, and energy, and they are making gains for different reasons. These top penny stocks do have one thing in common - today their investors cashed in big.

Here are today's top penny stocks, and why they're on the rise...

The Next RadioShack: 5 Stocks Slumping to Penny Stock Prices

In December of 1999, Radioshack Corp. (NYSE: RSH) stock was worth more than $76 per share. Today, RSH is worth less than $1.

And while RadioShack is the most recent example of a high-flying stock that dropped to penny-stock levels, there are plenty of other major companies that are prime candidates to make the same move.

Here are five companies in danger of trading for less than $1 if they don’t turn it around soon…

VRTX, ABT, AAPL Among Hot Stocks to Watch Today

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Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Nasdaq: VRTX) tops Tuesday's hot stocks to watch list. Shares skyrocketed 50% intraday after the biotech company deemed its cystic fibrosis treatment a success.

Also landing on today's hot stocks list are a number of penny stocks, a semiconductor company, and several stocks moving up on analysts' action and M&A activity.

Check out 12 of Tuesday’s movers – including VRTX, AAPL, and ABT – and find out what’s behind their action…