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silver stocks

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The 10 Best-Performing Silver Stocks of 2016

silver stocks

We've compiled a list of the 10 top silver stocks by percentage gains in 2016. All of these stocks are engaged in the silver mining industry and have benefitted greatly from the rally in silver prices in 2016.

After we get into the 10 top silver stocks, we'll also share why we remain bullish on silver prices heading into 2017...

The Best Silver Stocks to Buy Now

silver stocks to buy

The price of silver is up 41% year to date, and the grey metal is poised for more gains.

The best silver stocks to buy are boasting even bigger advances with further growth in the sector expected.

Here are our picks...

The 3 Top Silver Stocks to Buy Now Before Prices Climb Again

silver stocks

Silver prices are off 4% over the last five trading days, but we see prices rising double digits by year's end.

That's why we're featuring the top three silver stocks to buy now before prices climb again.

The trio are up substantially year to date and poised for more gains...

The 3 Best Silver Stocks to Buy Now for Market-Beating Gains

best silver stocks

The best silver stocks, and silver prices, have been on a tear this year and are poised for even more significant gains in 2016.

That's why we are sharing the three best silver stocks to buy now.

The trio have all posted sharp gains this year with more expected...

My Silver Price Outlook for the Super Crash

I’ve written before about how gold can help protect you from the coming Super Crash, but I haven’t written so much about silver.

The main reason for that is that silver really is “poor man’s gold.” The major difference is that gold is a currency while silver remains a metal.

Silver prices are also more volatile, more dependent on the state of the industrial economy (which isn’t very good), and very beaten down right now.

That said, when the markets finally recover, silver will bounce back. And these long play plays will help you partake in those gains…

Silver Price Forecast Sees Gains on This Overlooked Headwind

silver price forecast chart 4

Today we're looking at how behavior leading up to and right after the Sept. 17 Fed decision has shaped our new silver price forecast.

Silver tends to mirror gold's price movements, both up and down - but with leverage. However, there's another factor most are underestimating in relation to silver prices.

It's like "rocket fuel" for precious metals - and especially silver. Take a look...

Is Silver a Good Investment Today?

is silver a good investment

With silver prices flat for the year, is silver a good investment to make right now?

Silver has not performed nearly as well as its high-flying days of 2009-2011, when it quadrupled in price. But that doesn't mean the metal doesn't have value to your portfolio.

Let's delve into some relevant aspects of the silver market to determine whether now is a good time to invest in silver.

Why Silver Wheaton (NYSE: SLW) Stock Is a Buy

NYSE: SLW chart

Silver Wheaton Corp. (NYSE: SLW) practically invented the streaming business model. Established in 2004 with a main focus on silver, Silver Wheaton is now the largest precious metals streaming company in the world.

SLW is a great way to play the precious metals space. It comes with less risk than investing in miners, while still offering much upside potential.

Here's a look at why now's a great time to add SLW stock to your portfolio...

Is Silver a Good Investment Right Now?

silver prices

If you're wondering, "Is silver a good investment?" - we don't blame you.

Silver prices have been very volatile over the last year. The spot price of silver in the last 12 months has been has high as $22 and as low at $15.30 an ounce.

But silver is always a good bet, and it might be an even better bet now...

Silver Prices This Year Fell 20% – Here's Why

silver prices this year

Silver prices this year fell 20%, making 2014 the second straight year of declines for the white metal.

After closing 2013 at $19.565 an ounce, the spot silver price bounced between $18.50 and $22 for most of the year. Then it crashed through key support levels in September. Silver prices then began a descent to four-year lows.

Here's exactly why silver prices finished 2014 at $15.685, and a look at where they're headed in 2015...

Silver Stocks in 2014 That Outperformed Prices

silver prices

Not all silver stocks have slipped this year along with the price of the white metal.

In 2011 silver was up as much as $49 per ounce. Now it's down all the way to about $16 - possibly headed for $12 before 2015.

Silver stocks have struggled, but not as much. And some are up for the year.

Take a look...

How to Buy Silver Without the 35% Dealer Premium

how to buy silver

Silver coin sales are at near-record highs, but premiums are soaring. American Silver Eagles are selling at $22 on eBay - a 35% premium over the spot silver price.

Many investors have taken refuge from higher premiums in silver ETFs - but not all silver ETFs are created equal.

Here's how to buy silver - and skip the hefty dealer premium - with an ETF that offers many advantages over other silver ETFs...

Investing in Silver with This One Stock Can Yield 70% Gains – or More

investing in silver

Silver is so vital in consumer electronics, solar power, and even healthcare now that it has become one of those "Miracle Materials" that are changing our lives.

And Keith Neumeyer, one of the top CEOs in the silver industry, tells me that he sees good times ahead for the white metal.

Today, I'm sharing Neumeyer's observations about silver and technology, as well as how to score gains of 70% or more by investing in silver with an intriguing play...

Silver Stock Earnings to Watch: ABX, AEM, HL, CDE

This week is one of the busiest for second-quarter earnings.

Among companies in the Standard & Poor's 500 Index, 148 post results this week, according to FactSet. A couple of key silver stock earnings are among reports to watch today (Wednesday) and tomorrow, and another is on tap to release results next week.

Take a look...

7 Gold and Silver Stocks That George Soros Bought in Q1

George Soros, one of the world's best-known and savviest investor, has been bulking up his holdings of gold and silver stocks.

According to his latest 13F Securities and Exchange Commission filing from May 2014, instead of buying physical gold and silver, Soros has been building positions in precious metal mining companies.

Following are a look at seven gold and silver stocks that Soros has been buying.