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Brent Crude Oil Price Soars Today on Stock Market Rebound


The Brent crude oil price surged today as stock markets rallied for the second consecutive trading session.

The Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Shanghai Index saw huge gains following yesterday's historic rebound.

Here's what you need to know about today's oil price movements...

Will Brent Crude Oil Prices Rebound from the "Black Monday" Crash?

brent crude oil

Brent crude oil prices slid into a free fall this morning and hit their lowest level in more than six years.

The plunge came on historic declines in U.S. and Chinese stock markets as "Black Monday" ravages the financial world.

Here's what you need to know about Black Monday's effect on oil prices...

What the Iran Nuclear Deal's "Secret Agreement" Means for Oil Prices

iran nuclear deal

There's a bombshell new development in the Iran nuclear deal.

The Associated Press reported that Iran will be permitted to use its own experts to inspect Parchin, one of the country's most suspicious testing facilities.

Here's a breakdown of the news and how it will affect oil prices...

The Two Best Oil Stocks to Buy Now with Prices Near $42 a Barrel

8 17 15 oil stocks to buy now

Oil prices have fallen 56.4% in the last year - but there are still great oil stocks to buy now at a discount.

In fact, there are two in particular that are set to surge as M&A rocks the sector and prices rise over the long term.

Here's why these two picks are going to profit from chaos in the energy sector...

Oil's Tumble Means a Fast 30% Gain with This Trade

8 4 15 TG2

My wife and I were just at a children's birthday party. You know, the kind where everyone gets together to sing "Happy Birthday," and then the adults drift off into their own groups to chat.

Naturally, I fell in with a group of several wealth managers, and you'd better believe we started talking about the markets.

When the subject turned to oil shares, you could have heard a pin drop.

You see, some of those folks could be looking at a mighty lean year, depending on their oil exposure.

But as we know, there's an opportunity to make money as share prices fall. Today I want to show you how to book a quick and easy 30% gain on some very big, very liquid oil shares, even as the stock tumbles down.

It's the perfect energy play for markets like this...

The Four Real Reasons Oil Prices Are Slipping


Oil prices are declining once again. Small oil operators are hurting. Throughout the decades, these small E&P outfits have endured market downswings, vicious weather, and profit constrictions.

But this year all these crises have come at once.

Here's why the price of oil is slipping out of control...

Oil Prices Are Lower – and You're Richer

oil prices

Here's what's next for oil prices - and what to do with your winning USO position. And if you don't have a USO position, here's how to get one.

Because we've got more bad news that, for us, is actually good news.

And you don't want to miss out on how we're profiting from these low, low oil prices....

OPEC Shorts Are Driving Down the Price of Oil

oil prices

The conflict between OPEC and U.S. shale/tight oil producers has entered a new phase. And the result has been an accelerated decline in the price of oil.

There is excess supply on the market and a correction has been in order even without the latest OPEC move.

Here's our take on the international scheme to keep oil prices down...

How Have Commodity Prices Performed in 2015?


The biggest news we hear when we talk about commodity prices is oil prices. That's because they've crashed nearly 50% in the last year.

But oil is nowhere near the biggest loser among the most common commodities.

Here's how the five most traded commodities have performed in 2015...

Why the Brent Crude Oil Price Is Down Today


Why the Brent crude oil price is down today: Oil prices dipped lower today after an unexpected rise in reserves.

The supply data adds to the picture of a worldwide glut that has deflated prices recently.

But despite today's drop, oil prices will follow a very particular pattern the rest of the year...

[Chart] Crude Oil Price History Since 1862


The past year has delivered one of the worst crashes in crude oil price history. Prices have slumped 47% since July 2014.

But oil price volatility is not a new concept.

This chart provides a glimpse into the history of oil volatility dating all the way back to the Civil War...

Why This Week's Market Overreaction Won't Affect Energy Demand


Some days you just want to crawl back into bed and pull up the covers. Wednesday was certainly one of them.

Greece has until Sunday to be saved from financial oblivion, and the Chinese stock market looks like it has come unglued. On top of these crises, the New York Stock Exchange stopped trading for over three hours Wednesday because of a "technical" glitch.

But none of this will have any effect on energy demand. Here's why...

Beat Canada's Oil Revenue Grab with This Investment

oil revenue

"The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth," the century-old annual Calgary Stampede rodeo and festival, has just gotten underway. But while a million-plus visitors enjoy all the city has to offer, all is not well for petroleum companies in the city dubbed Canada's oil headquarters.

A few short months ago, a forty-four year political dynasty came to an end, as the oil-rich Canadian province of Alberta elected a left-wing government that wants to extract more revenue from energy companies.

Here's one...

Why the WTI Crude Oil Price Is Up Today


There are two reasons why the WTI oil price is up today.

The main reason is the rebound in China's stock market, which saw its biggest one-day gain in six years. The other is the delay in a deal with Iran over its nuclear program.

Here's how both helped caused the surge in oil prices today...

Why the WTI Oil Price Is Down Today

wti oil price

There are three reasons why the WTI oil price is down today.

The biggest one is the debt crisis in Greece, which came to a head yesterday after Greek citizens voted against bailout conditions.

Here's a breakdown of how all three have caused the oil price drawback over the last week...