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silver price

Price of Silver to Move Higher in 2016 on These Factors

silver price

The price of silver is up today. Now silver's up on the year - faring better than broader markets.

Silver prices have been especially strong lately.

Here's why silver prices in 2016 will do well...

Silver Prices Today Are Climbing – Will the Rally Continue?

Silver prices today are up. Silver's been performing well compared to overall markets this year.

It has not been as strong as gold, though. But there are signs that silver has support going forward...

Here are the biggest factors moving silver prices now...

My Silver Price Outlook for the Super Crash


I’ve written before about how gold can help protect you from the coming Super Crash, but I haven’t written so much about silver.

The main reason for that is that silver really is “poor man’s gold.” The major difference is that gold is a currency while silver remains a metal.

Silver prices are also more volatile, more dependent on the state of the industrial economy (which isn’t very good), and very beaten down right now.

That said, when the markets finally recover, silver will bounce back. And these long play plays will help you partake in those gains…

Silver Price History Chart: Where the Current Crash Ranks

silver price history

Silver prices on the New York Commodity Exchange have fallen 72.6% from a peak of $51.38 in April 2011.

That makes the current slump one of the worst crashes in silver price history.

This silver price history chart tracks the metal's movement from 1976 to present...

Why We're Bullish on the Price of Silver Despite Today's Dip

silver stock

Despite the dip over the last several days, we're still bullish on the price of silver in 2016.

Spot silver prices slipped $0.04, or 0.25%, to $13.82 in morning trading Tuesday because of a stronger U.S. dollar and stabilization in Chinese markets.

While silver prices are down today, this is an excellent time for investors to add silver to their portfolios...

What's Moving the Silver Price Today and into 2016

silver prices today

The silver price today is down about $0.53 to $13.85. That's nearing a 12% slip for 2015.

The silver price showed renewed strength last week, after coming off a volatile week when the U.S. Federal Reserve raised rates. Silver's price swung nearly 4% or more in a single day... three separate times.

Here's a closer look at where silver has been trading and what that tells us about what's next...

Silver Price Outlook Heading into 2016

buy silver

True to form, the silver price has made some wild gyrations lately.

Despite considerable weakness late the previous week and then on Monday, Dec. 14, silver actually handily outperformed gold.

It's leading to an interesting outlook for the silver price heading in to 2016, and making silver a must-watch precious metal for your portfolio...

What's Moving the Silver Price Today


Despite a strong recent surge and continued strength in gold, the silver price today hasn't been able to muster the same strength. Last week was one where silver did not take its cue from gold, as it normally does.

Here's how the silver price action looked...

What’s Next for Silver Prices Following Fed Rate Hike

As the Fed's December meeting nears, investors will be considering the impact of an expected rate hike on silver prices. Here's how silver prices will be affected...

The Fed's two-day meeting on Dec. 15-16 is nearing, so it's time to look at what impact a likely interest rate hike will have on silver prices.

When the Fed raises interest rates, the value of the U.S. dollar increases, which also makes dollar-denominated commodities more expensive.

This reduces the demand for precious metals like silver, sending silver prices lower.

But this upcoming December rate hike will affect silver differently than in the past...

Today's Silver Price and Three Trading Data Points to Watch


Today's silver price is pulling back, down about $0.20 to around $14.35, following what turned out to be a wild but positive week.

The standout day for the silver price ended up being Friday, a positively exciting day for any gold and/or silver watcher...

Silver Coin Sales Hit Record High in 2015 – Still Time to Buy


Silver bullion coin sales in November broke the previous annual record of 44,006,000 ounces sold in 2014.

With one month still left in 2015, the year-to-date silver coin sales tally has hit a new record of 44,666,500 ounces.

Here's what's driving the frenzied demand...

Today's Silver Price Triggers Higher Coin Demand


Today's silver price is getting cues from gold... That's almost always the case. And this past week has been no different.

Take a look at where silver is priced today, and why we're buying...

Higher Silver Price in 2016 Supported by These Numbers


There are encouraging signs for the silver price in 2016...

Positive silver price action coupled with supportive news on the fundamental side are pointing to a possible end to the silver bear. Still, we'll need to see some key technical price targets met before we can declare an outright return to a full-fledged silver bull.

To figure out what might lie ahead, let's look at recent action and market news for silver prices...

Silver Prices Today and the Near-Term Forecast


Silver prices today are hovering around $14.28 an ounce, down nearly 10% for the year. Silver linings have been hard to come by lately in this precious metal market.

On Nov. 11, the silver price had declined for 10 trading sessions, a rare event in the markets. The $4.5 billion iShares Silver Trust (NYSE: SLV) has followed silver, also down for 10 straight days.

But we've seen some encouraging signs lately that point to higher silver prices in 2016...

Gold and Silver Prices Today Move Higher as U.S. Dollar Declines

gold and silver prices today

Gold and silver prices today settled at their highest level in four months as the Fed remains dovish and the U.S. dollar prepares for a weekly loss.

The dollar has fallen 1.9% so far this month and is on track to lose more than 0.5% this week.

Here's everything you need to know about today's movement...