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silver price

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    silver price

    One of silver's biggest strengths is its versatility...

    It's a monetary metal, a proper currency. It's a critical industrial material used in everything from automobiles to solar panels. And of course it's an ornament, too, that people wear as jewelry.

    Here's the thing... As diverse as it is, the global silver market is relatively "small"; as of 2014, the physical market had about $20 billion in play. So this versatility and small size can add up to volatility. The silver market can explode and recede like a wave, sometimes in very short order.

    Silver's price is highly influenced by gold's price, too, though there are many other drivers and catalysts at work.

    But right now, silver's relationship with gold and a combination of those other forces are all are working together to ensure that silver is unnaturally, incredibly cheap.

    The white metal won't be "on sale" forever, though. I'm recommending we move right now, because I believe we're about to see a huge move up very soon...

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The Silver Price Will Rise in 2016 from This One Buying Trend

silver price

As 2016 rolls on, the outlook for the silver price gets increasingly bullish. That of course is promising news for long-term silver investors.

Here's the one record-breaking trend that will ensure the price of silver climbs...

Why the Silver Price Will Climb Higher in 2016 Despite Fed Uncertainty

silver price

The silver price became increasingly unstable last week thanks to comments from the U.S. Federal Reserve.

In the near term, this weakness could well continue.

But as I'll show you, the farther out we go on the silver timeline, the better the outlook becomes...

3 Reasons the Price of Silver Will Rebound from Recent Lows

price of silver

The unyielding rise that boosted the price of silver over the last three months appears to be pausing right now.

Still, the silver price's gains have been impressive, and there are some indicators that point towards continued strength in the months ahead.

Here's what that means for silver investors...

Silver Prices Will Keep Rising in 2016 Thanks to One Figure

silver prices

The Fed's inaction last week was good for gold, but it was even better for silver prices.

Prices even broke above a psychologically significant level.

But even better, there's one metric that dialed back a bit, indicating that silver's gains are just getting started...

Silver Prices Today Showing This "Brilliant" Opportunity

price of silver

Silver prices are trying to regain footing and shake off recent volatility.

In the past trading week, we've seen the silver price gyrate up as much as 3.7% and down by 3.7%. While that may not sound like a lot, over such a short time frame, it's pretty fickle.

But a confluence of factors are combining to make silver a lucrative investment right now. Here's why...

The Biggest Reason the Price of Silver Will Keep Climbing in 2016

price of silver

The price of silver has climbed 12% in 2016, and we found one major reason why silver prices will continue to rise in 2016.

But before we get to silver's biggest upcoming catalyst, here's what has pushed silver prices higher this year...

Silver Prices Today Showing This Bullish Pattern Shift

Silver prices

Thanks to very bullish action in gold, silver prices have been able to gather the same kind of momentum over the past week.

But over the past three months, gold prices have outpaced silver prices by an astonishing 12%, leaving some to wonder about silver's viability in this renewed precious metals bull.

In order to address that very question, we'll look at the relationship between these two precious metals to determine what just might be in store for the price of silver over the coming months and even years.

Is Silver a Good Investment in 2016?


Is silver a good investment in 2016?

Last month's silver price volatility has investors worried the metal will remain risky and unpredictable throughout the year.

But there's a $940 million trend that will push silver prices higher this year...

These Are the Biggest Factors Moving the Price of Silver Today and This Week

price of silver today

The price of silver today is up for the year, but flat for the immediate trading session.

There are a handful of signals showing where silver prices will go in both the near and long term. Check them out here, along with all the important data that will move the silver price now...  

Why the Silver Spot Price Will Keep Climbing in 2016

Silver spot price

The silver spot price is flat today (Friday), but all indications suggest the silver price will keep climbing in 2016.

In fact, there is one major reason why we remain bullish on the silver spot price this year.

First, here's what's moving silver prices today...

Why the Silver Price Is Climbing 2% Today

silver prices

The silver price is up more than 2% in early trading today (Monday) to $15.33, continuing a 2016 rally for the precious metal.

The silver price is now up nearly 10% since the end of January.

Silver prices were aided in the past week by a surprise move from the Bank of Japan, which instituted negative interest rates. Statements about dollar strength by the New York Fed's president last week also boosted the silver price.

All of this has combined to make for one of the strongest weeks in quite a while for silver prices. Let's look more closely at how it got there and what other factors are driving it...

Price of Silver to Move Higher in 2016 on These Factors

silver price

The price of silver is up today. Now silver's up on the year - faring better than broader markets.

Silver prices have been especially strong lately.

Here's why silver prices in 2016 will do well...

Silver Prices Today Are Climbing – Will the Rally Continue?


Silver prices today are up. Silver's been performing well compared to overall markets this year.

It has not been as strong as gold, though. But there are signs that silver has support going forward...

Here are the biggest factors moving silver prices now...

My Silver Price Outlook for the Super Crash


I’ve written before about how gold can help protect you from the coming Super Crash, but I haven’t written so much about silver.

The main reason for that is that silver really is “poor man’s gold.” The major difference is that gold is a currency while silver remains a metal.

Silver prices are also more volatile, more dependent on the state of the industrial economy (which isn’t very good), and very beaten down right now.

That said, when the markets finally recover, silver will bounce back. And these long play plays will help you partake in those gains…