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The Facebook Stock Price Set to Soar from Incredible, Sneaky Innovation


The Facebook stock price is down 1.03% in the last month, and it has been mostly flat in 2016.

The market is volatile right now, and even FB stock hasn't been immune to the issues facing global markets.

But we just discovered a huge catalyst for revenue growth inside a simple, little smiley face...

Facebook Stock Ready to Skyrocket from Exciting New Medical Opportunity

Facebook stock

The Facebook stock price has not been immune to the volatility the global markets are experiencing right now.

In fact, the FB stock price has dropped 6.65% since it opened at an all-time high on Feb. 3.

But we just uncovered a new medical development in a sector with a projected worth of $150 billion that Facebook has a foothold in...

Facebook Stock Price Set to Skyrocket on New $150 Billion Catalyst

Facebook stock price today

The Facebook stock price has been very volatile over the last 12 months, even though the company reported strong earnings in Q4 2015.

After opening at an all-time high of $115.27 in early February, FB stock has fallen 7.09%.

But while the global markets are volatile now, we just found a $150 billion catalyst that we had to make sure our readers know about right now...

Is Facebook Stock Stuck in a Tech Bubble?

Facebook stock

The Facebook stock price is only slightly up in 2016, despite the company increasing revenue by 51.68% in its latest earnings report from the same time a year ago.

Because the FANG  stocks are down for the year, some investors are wondering if FB stock is trapped in a 2016 tech bubble.

Even though investors are panicking and the markets are volatile, we believe that there is a huge opportunity for patient investors right at this very moment...

Why the Facebook Stock Price Is a Huge Discount Now

Facebook stock price

The Facebook stock price is down today, even though the social media giant crushed expectations in its Q4 2015 earnings report.

There has been a small rebound in the markets the past few days, although Facebook stock has yet to really start climbing for shareholders.

But we wanted to get to the bottom of what's really going on with Mark Zuckerberg's company, and we provide that detailed information right here...

The Hidden Earnings Number That Will Drive the Facebook Stock Price in 2016

facebook stock price

The Facebook stock price is climbing after the company crushed expectations for its Q4 2015 earnings report.

The social media giant now has 1.59 billion monthly active users on Facebook, but can Facebook continue to grow and beat expectations?

If you want to know what will drive revenue growth moving forward, we found a word that was mentioned 31 times in Facebook's earnings call...

Facebook Earnings for Q4 2015 Released Today

dow jones industrial average

Facebook earnings for Q4 2015 will be announced today (Wednesday) after the closing bell.

The company has beaten Wall Street's expectations in the past, but a bearish market has shareholders especially anxious about this earnings report.

But before anything is announced, we highlighted for our Money Morning readers exactly what will move the FB stock price up or down.

Should I Buy FB Stock After Q4 Earnings?

facebook stock

After earnings are released on Jan. 27, the FB stock price will immediately climb or fall based on the results.

The Facebook stock price is down 8% in 2016, so the results from Q4 2015 will set the stage in investor's minds for how the stock will perform this year.

Here's everything you need to know about Facebook before tomorrow...

FB Stock: How to Play the Drop in Price in 2016

Dow Jones Industrial Average

The FB stock price is down 8.52% in 2016, and the bearish market has not been kind to investors.

Facebook announces earnings for Q4 2015 on Jan. 26, which will create even more uncertainty for shareholders if the company doesn't meet expectations.

But if you're considering selling off FB stock from your portfolio, you better take a look at this...

The Facebook Stock Price Just Received a New $3 Billion Catalyst

facebook stock price

The Facebook stock price is down 9.69% in 2016, and investors are worrying that it will continue to fall.

But WhatsApp released news in a blog post that is going to be a game-changer for FB shareholders...

Wall Street may be overlooking the significance of this news, but here's exactly what you need to know about WhatsApp's announcement and Facebook stock in 2016...

The Facebook Stock Price Today Still Down Despite Less Volatility

Facebook stock price today

The Facebook stock price today is trading below $100, despite more stable economic conditions in China.

The last time FB stock traded for below $100 was in October 2015, and investors are wondering if this is a time to add more positions or a time to sell.

The stock may be down 5.83% in 2016, but we found an additional revenue source for Facebook that Wall Street isn't talking about...

Why the FB Stock Price Has Dropped 4% This Week

how to make 100% gains

The FB stock price is down to start 4% to start 2016, but it doesn't have anything to do with Facebook's performance.

You see, investors are cautious entering the new year because of concerns over China's stock market and turmoil between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The market is timid at the moment, but here's what you really need to know about Facebook stock for the rest of 2016....

Why the Facebook Stock Price Dropped Today, and Why We're Bullish

Facebook stock price today

The Facebook stock price today is down because investors are dropping stocks from their portfolios and aren't adding any new positions before 2016.

The Facebook stock price may be down today, but that isn't the story investors need to focus on.

Here's what you really need to know about the Facebook stock price today and what shareholders should expect from the Facebook stock price in 2016...

Facebook Stock Price Prediction 2016 Shows FB Has Further to Climb

It was a great year to be a FB shareholder, and our Facebook stock price prediction for 2016 expects even more gains are on the way.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg's acquisitions are going to add billions of dollars of revenue to the company, and some of his acquisitions aren't even monetized yet.

We found four catalysts for revenue growth that are going to make Facebook shareholders very happy in 2016 and beyond.

The FB Stock Price Will Keep Climbing in 2016 Following This New Initiative

The FB stock price hasn't been stable since Zuckerberg announced he's donating 99% of his shares. This is what FB shareholders need to know about the donation.

The FB stock price has fluctuated over the last week after CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced he was going to donate 99% of his Facebook stock to charity.

But it turns out that the charity was actually an LLC called the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, which is run by Zuckerberg and his wife.

The public doesn't like the idea of Zuckerberg finding a tax shelter for his money, but the profitability of Facebook in 2016 hinges on this one revenue source...