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Oil Stocks to Avoid in 2016 – and One Type to Buy Now

oil stock

Investing in oil stocks is misconstrued as an easy way to lose money right now.

But you can still profit from the oil sector's volatility - if you know where to look.

Here are the oil stocks you should avoid - and the ones you should invest in this year...

This $600 Million Event Shows Why Oil Prices Won't Stay Below $30 for Long

Oil prices tumbled below the $30 mark today after a bearish IEA report sent investors running for the hills.

But there's one crucial reason why crude oil is staging a rebound.

In fact, a $600 million signal flashed last week that clearly shows prices are about to see long-term gains...

One Reason to Hold BP Stock in 2016

bp stock

BP Plc. (NYSE ADR: BP) reported its worst loss ever on Tuesday, Feb. 2.

Although the BP stock price crashed 8.5% on the day of the earnings release, now isn't the time to sell your position.

In fact, there's one big reason to hold onto your shares of BP stock this year...

Falling Oil Prices Are Making This "Middleman" Company Rich

oil prices

The drop in oil prices over the last year has lost oil companies billions of dollars.

But there's one company banking huge profits from oil's free fall.

In fact, it just posted a 14% increase in revenue thanks to the volatile commodity.

Why the Price of Crude Oil Is Down Today

price of crude oil

The price of crude oil struggled to stay above the $30 mark today as Big Oil firms report weak earnings and hopes of a production cut from OPEC fade.

But there are five reasons why investors shouldn’t avoid the energy sector in 2016.

First, here's what you need to know about oil's movement today...

How to Cash In (Big) on Russia's Unique Oil Problems

Russia oil

The Russian financial situation is heading south again - and fast.

Crude oil prices of less than $30 a barrel are bad enough, but Russia can't even fetch that. The country's "sour" high-sulfur export blend, Urals Export Blend Crude (UEBC), is trading at $26 a barrel - or less. Natural gas is faring even worse.

The fact is, Russia is dependent on oil and natural gas exports to buoy its unwieldy central budget. So the world's largest country is in trouble, and serious trouble if it can't find a way out.

There is a way out, though there's only one option, and it's far from certain whether Putin can make it happen.

What is certain is that there's a juicy profit opportunity for us. Let me show you...

A Barrel of WTI Crude Oil Now Costs Less Than the Actual Barrel

WTI crude oil prices sank below $28.20 a barrel today - making the oil in the barrel cheaper than the barrel holding it.

That's just one of many surprising items more expensive than the price of oil today.

Here's a non-comprehensive list of items selling at a premium to a barrel of oil right now...

These Are the Best Oil Stocks to Buy When Prices Are Near $30

oil stocks

With oil prices currently at 12-year lows, it's tough to find good companies to invest in.

But the best oil stocks to buy right now come from one special subsector of the energy industry.

That's because this subsector is in the prime position to profit as oil prices bottom out and rebound in 2016...

The Best Oil Stocks to Buy in 2016

Thanks to the crash in oil prices this year, many investors think there are no best oil stocks to buy in 2016.

That gives us the perfect opportunity to buy cheap oil stocks before their inevitable rally.

The best way to profit is by targeting companies specializing in this type of drilling...

Start Preparing for a Saudi Aramco IPO in 2016

saudi aramco ipo

The most valuable - and secretive - company in the world is considering going public.

According to The Economist, a Saudi Aramco IPO is being considered by the Saudi Arabian government.

And there's one important reason why Saudi Arabia is racing to launch the IPO in 2016...

Current Crude Oil Prices Fall to Lowest Level Since 2004

current crude oil prices

Current crude oil prices fell today thanks to weak data from China's services sector.

But the biggest news affecting oil prices has been escalating tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

In fact, the conflict could lead to chaos that changes the entire Middle Eastern oil market...

How Lifting the U.S. Oil Export Ban Will Affect Prices

u.s. oil export ban

The United States might start exporting oil for the first time in 40 years.

The House of Representatives just proposed to lift the U.S. oil export ban as part of a $1.1 trillion spending bill for fiscal 2016.

Here's why this could be a healthy move for the energy market...

What the OPEC Meeting 2015 Means for Prices Now


OPEC Meeting 2015: Oil officials from all 12 OPEC countries met at the Vienna headquarters today.

As expected, the meeting concluded in bitterness among members.

But here's why the meeting's outcome won't have a long-term effect on oil prices in 2016...

Why Are Oil Prices Dropping Today?

why are oil prices dropping today

Energy investors are asking, "Why are oil prices dropping today?"

After all, WTI crude oil prices rallied 2.9% yesterday (Thursday) to settle just above $41 a barrel.

But a big announcement out of today's OPEC meeting could affect oil prices moving into 2016...

Why the OPEC Meeting Matters

With the 168th OPEC meeting on Friday, many people are wondering why the OPEC meeting matters.

After all, the last summit saw no major outcomes as the cartel decided to keep production unchanged.

But there are two reasons why this meeting could have a big impact on the 2016 oil market...