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The Best Penny Stocks to Buy Now Could Double

Buying penny stocks on the verge of new 52-week highs continues to be a winning approach.

The 2021 stock market has been hot, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average at an all-time-high of 34,900.

A rising tide raises all ships.

But the best penny stocks to buy now could rise even higher.

Because penny stocks trade at such low prices – under $5, as the Security and Exchange Commission defines it – they can pop higher percentages than most stocks.

These top penny stocks happen to be part of the biggest broad market trends happening today.

So, they're all hitting new 52-week highs. Of course, you sometimes want to avoid stocks that just popped big and fast, in case they slide back down just as quickly.

But there's a good case for these penny stocks blowing beyond penny stock prices and staying there.