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The 2 Best REITs to Buy Now (and One to Avoid)

Real estate has taken a back seat for most investors.

But that's a mistake.

Sure, there are signs of trouble in some assets, but the best REITs are well positioned to make you money right now.

And they can be gobbled up with high yields you might never see again.

Today, we'll show you which REITs are worth buying right away.

But we'll also show you one that might not recover from the changes happening around us.

We've got you covered from all sides.



2 REITs to Buy Right Now and 1 to Sell

REITs were long thought to be relatively safe investments for yield-seeking investors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed that assumption quickly and dramatically.

Owning the wrong REITs could be a costly mistake, which is why we'll show you which one to avoid on top of the best REITs to buy today.