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How One Quick Cell Phone Pic Captured $2.9 Billion in CBD Profit Power

I made a big call at the very end of 2018.

I did it because the results I was seeing in my proprietary "NICIlytics" cannabis stock analysis were crystal clear: A monster investing trend was beginning to get underway…

So I felt perfectly comfortable predicting "2019 will be the Year of CBD."

In January, CBD was a small niche, a little-known supplement sold only through websites, a handful of health- and wellness-oriented stores, and special pilot programs.

Barely five months into the year, and we're seeing CBD-infused products sold nationwide.

Online, of course, but also in shoe stores, malls, and major drug store chains.

Although the CBD boom is still in its very early stages, I still manage to be (pleasantly) surprised by how widely it's spread in such a short time.

In one case, it literally snuck up on me – though I was happy to see it.

Let me show you a quick picture I snapped at the grocery store the other day. In just this one cell phone snap, I captured some potent CBD stocks...