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The Four Stocks (That Aren't Pfizer) to Ride the Market's Vaccine High

Pfizer's recent news of a vaccine that's 90% effective caused the market (and Pfizer stock) to have a massive rally.

But there are actually four other stocks (not Pfizer) that vaccine revelations will ignite into a big-time run.

For traders, this is a setup for an extraordinary windfall window…



3 Top REITs to Buy When Interest Rates Drop Today

Around the globe, interest rates are falling.

The European Central Bank just cut rates once again and introduced new stimulus measures.

Also, roughly $17 trillion in global debt now produces negative yields for investors.

The downtick in global rates has spurred increasing demand for non-interest producing assets like gold and silver.

Unfortunately, investors are once again ignoring and remain improperly allocated to one of the best assets to own with lower rates: real estate.