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As the 2020 Election Ramps Up, Here's the One Chart Investors Need to See

By this time next year, we'll have elected a new president of the United States. Whether you elect a Democrat, Republican, heck, even a Martian from outer space, things are going to change… big time.

And what I'm going to tell you today isn't for everybody. It's for investors who want to make gobs of money, because the truth of the matter is that profits trounce politics every time.

If you're one of millions of Americans who are worried about power changing hands – or not – you're not alone. People are beginning to feel the pressure of political, economic, and financial chaos based on the coming year, and the big changes we could see as a result of the upcoming election.

Right now, the focus is on the Democratic Party – namely, who will be the nominee to stand up to current U.S. President Donald Trump. Both Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are polling as front-runners, and both of them have policies that will shake up the political, economic, and financial environment that Trump has cultivated.

A lot of people on both sides of the aisle view the election as a negative influence simply because we're in the middle of a market melt-up and any sort of change – whether it's the change of presidency a year from now or even the (slowly rising) threat of it – can tip the markets and send us into a full-scale recession.

It'll be full-blown chaos.

But the thing is, there's loads of money to be made here, and I won't let you miss the huge profit potential being created as voting comes down to the wire.

Let me explain...