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Make Sure You're Using This Free, Simple Profit Protector

While the S&P 500 has moved back above 3,000 for the first time since late February and many investors are enjoying the long-side profits, it's important to remember that you shouldn't rush in unprotected.

Especially investors who now have even bigger portfolios to defend.

You see, the market could turn vicious in a heartbeat.

On the one hand there are the economics risks of the coronavirus and on the other, the "money migration" that was sparked by that same technical breakout above 3,000 is also a signal that we could walk into an overextended, "overbought" situation in the market.

That means hedging is more important than ever.

But there's another hedging move that's even easier - and it won't cost you a dime...

Market Crash

Brace for a Stock Market Crash as Politicians Sour on Share Buybacks

Threats to share buybacks are likely to trigger a stock market crash within the next two to three years.

Some candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination are even calling for an outright ban.

But few realize just how dependent the market has become on stock buybacks.

Much of the gains of the bull market are due to buybacks – and we have the proof.

These figures are nothing short of astonishing...

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The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Making Triple the Profits in a Downturn

Stocks lurched lower yesterday as nervous investors digested an errant Trump tweet that threatened to blow up U.S.-China trade talks.

Those folks are losing sight of the fact that we're in a different, more dangerous fever swamp altogether – the Fed's "great experiment," cheap-money fever swamp. It's a bizarre place where it's perfectly normal for markets to tank by double digits in one quarter and soar by double digits the next after an announced rate-hike "pause."

Yes, cheap money is a hell of a drug.

Case in point: More than 20% of today's stock "buyers" are actually companies drinking their own cheaply financed, poisoned Kool-Aid.

Expect the resulting $270-plus billion in stock buybacks expected this quarter to push this "most hated of all bull markets" higher… because there certainly isn't a business case for going higher.

As stocks rise, investors are bailing out of equities, where some $132 billion recently left global stock mutual funds for the dangerously deceptive green pastures of the bond market.

Those "green pastures" are now the home of around $1.3 billion worth of horrible "leveraged loans," packing appallingly weak loan documents and egregious terms. These loans threaten to see hordes of bond holders ripped off; they'll be lucky to recover maybe $0.40 for every $1 of bad account they've bought into.

The situation is so dicey that right now, as I write this, teams at Guggenheim and Blackstone's GSO Credit are furiously combing through these horrific bonds in an effort to create their own internal rating system; they're bracing for a tipping point in the equally absurd bond market.

But that's the new normal for you.

And today, I'm going to show you how to get ready for the next normal, when the Fed's cheap-money party ends and markets enter free fall.

If you're ready when this happens, you'll find just as much - if not more - profit opportunity around every corner...