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3 Best Cheap Growth Stocks Offer 300% Returns

It has been quite a year for the stock market, which makes finding the best cheap growth stocks increasingly difficult as the S&P 500 (up 15% YTD) and NASDAQ 100 (up 47% YTD) climb.

The rally off the March lows has been breathtaking, with the S&P rising over 70% since the darkest days of March.

The rally has been fueled by the big growth stocks like Tesla Inc.

(NASDAQ: TSLA), Zoom Video Communications Inc.

(NASDAQ: ZM), and other big-name companies that have dominated the headlines this year.

If you listen to the talking heads right now, you would get the impression that all growth stocks are trading at ridiculous valuation multiples and are just too expensive to buy at these levels.

Believing that could be the most expensive mistake you ever make.

There are dozens of companies that are growing their free cash flow by double-digit percentages every year that trade at reasonable valuations.

They are not attracting the headline some of the hyper-growth stocks have received this year.

Still, history tells us that companies with this type of steady growth ultimately reward shareholders very generously… .

Here are my latest three best cheap growth stocks to buy today for the new year...