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3 Dividend Stocks to Buy During the Coronavirus Sell-Off

Monday's 2,000-point pullback has fueled a significant amount of concerns in the market about the stability of the U.S. economy and current valuations in the market.

The ongoing battle with COVID-19 has stopped cruise ships, airlines, and hotel companies in their tracks.

We've seen Italy effectively shut down its economy.

Last night, the Prime Minister announced the country would begin quarantining its entire population of 16 million citizens.

And the spread continues across more U.S. states…

So today, I'm highlighting three different dividend stocks to buy with the recent market pullback.



New Las Vegas Deal Will Send These 3 Gaming REITs Much Higher

One of the most exciting spaces to invest in right now is the gaming and casino REIT industry.

This is a relatively young area of the industry.

And I absolutely love this space because the market doesn't know how to properly value them yet.

That's where our opportunity today lies…

Gaming REITs own casinos and their proximate retail and hotel assets and lease them to gaming operators like Penn National Gaming, Boyd Gaming, and even MGM Properties.

It can take some time for the market to establish a proper trading multiple for new businesses and their assets.

This situation is playing out right in front of our eyes thanks to increasing deal making across the gaming and casino industry.

In fact, gaming REITs are experiencing a "re-rating" process, according to a recent report from Nomura Instinet.

That will make prices in the top three gaming REITs push higher in the months ahead.

Let's talk about this trend and name the three companies...


This Week's Top REIT Pays a 6% Dividend Yield

The recent cut in interest rates has investors looking at high-dividend stocks.

And the best of these right now are real estate investment trusts (REITs).

In fact, our top REIT today offers a 6.23% dividend.

Not only that, but some REITs offer potential price appreciation along with their high yields.

So today's best REIT an offer great returns to investors on top of a solid dividend.

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This REIT Is Like Owning Your Personal Printing Press

With interest rates falling, income-hungry investors are turning to high-dividend stocks or paying a heavy price for bonds with declining yields.

However, investors seeking the combination of both income and price appreciation upside should turn to real estate investment trusts (REITs).

REITs remain largely misunderstood. These "alternative" investments target the real estate industry.

But you're not just investing in a single plot, townhome, or apartment complex. It's diversified across a range of sectors. And sometimes, one of those sectors thrives enough to boost the value of the REIT significantly.

But how do we identify the best REITs to own?

Our secret weapon is the proprietary Money Morning Stock VQScore™ system...