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big banks

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It's Earnings Season for the Big Banks – and One Is a Bottom-Fishing Buy

big banks

America's big banks just reported Q3 earnings.

Here's what their financials looked like - and which of these banking giants makes a good risk-reward play now...

Why I Wasn't Surprised by Wells Fargo's Scam

big bank

By now we all know that Wells Fargo & Co., one of America's premier banking giants, got slapped with $185 million in fines to settle charges of widespread fraud.

Or was it a screw-up? Maybe management, compliance officers, risk monitors, and auditors simply failed to catch thousands of employees who happened to be engaged in a massive and likely criminal enterprise going back five years.

In fact, this was encouraged, by pervasive "trickle-down" bankster culture that puts a premium on profit above, well, everything else. Wells Fargo just managed to get caught at it. 

The truth of this isn't pretty...

Why the Latest Big Bank Scandal Is Worse Than Usual

big bank

Big banks are routinely penalized for shady activity.

But Wells Fargo's latest scheme is indicative of systemic, incentivized criminal behavior that'll take more than a $190 million fine to fix...

Don't Believe the Hype: The Big Banks Are Still a Risky Investment

big banks

Big banks almost all reported Q2 earnings beats, and their shares look like downright bargains.

But those numbers don't paint the whole picture. Here's why these "too big to fail" giants are still risky bets...

Big Banks Could Implode Before They're Broken Up

big banks

Common sense and self-preservation tell you not to tangle with wounded animals; you're liable to get bitten... or worse.

And when that animal happens to be, say, nearly all of the "Too Big to Fail" banks in the country, everyone can get hurt.

That's exactly what's happening now. As you'll see, it resembles nothing less than a hungry snake eating its own tail, or a financial catch-22.

They benefit from central bank support, but the central banks are dangerously raising their risk profile. They thrive on capitalism, but competition is killing them. They need smart regulation, but they're getting tough regulation instead.

These are all serious problems that, by accident and design, are setting the global economy up for a system shock that will rival the financial crisis of 2008.

Make no mistake, these banks need to be curbed for our good, but that needs to happen in an orderly, systemic fashion.

These banks need breaking up, but it can't happen like this...

The Next Big Bank "System Shock" Is Inevitable – the Proof Is in the Earnings

big bank

Big banks' size and structural weaknesses are enough to push markets to the brink, but that's not all. How they're circumnavigating barriers to their profitability could ignite the next financial crisis.

And their Q1 2016 earnings are just more evidence that the next catastrophe is inevitable. Take a look...

The Big Banks Are Threatening the Global Economy Again – Here's What You Need to Know

bank stress test

Global powers increasingly rely on big banks to facilitate government borrowing, fund loans, and underwrite economic growth, among other things.

And once again, they're headed for trouble - here's how they could drag the entire global economy down with them...

How to Protect Yourself from Deutsche Bank's "Gold and Silver Fix"

stock market crash

Deutsche Bank just admitted that it and other Big Banks conspired to rig gold and silver prices.

Investing when you can't trust the markets is tricky, so here's how to protect yourself when investing in gold and silver now...

Here's the Size of the Scam the Fed and U.S. Companies Are Pulling on Us

DJIA news

Stocks have been on a tear. After looking weak in February, they've soared close to 13% in a matter of weeks.

So why does it all feel like a magic trick? Why isn't the market rally giving investors any solid feelings? Why is everyone so nervous?

I'll tell you what's going on, who's responsible, and what you need to do now. Let's get started...

If You Want an Accurate Financial Forecast, Ask a Waiter

financial forecast

Many investors really start to study the markets this time of year in an effort to divine what's next for global markets and, by implication, their portfolios.

But for an accurate financial forecast, I turn to the world's top steak houses, which are known haunts for global traders anxious to blow off some steam and have a fabulous meal.

Today I'm going to talk about what's not"on the menu" - pardon the pun - and why. Then, I'll highlight an investment poised for profits as a result.

Here's what waiters can tell you that economics can't.

You'll Love This Politician's Quip on Wall Street

wall street criminal

During last night's Democratic debate, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said a few things about Wall Street that made us stop and think.

Whoa, we might actually agree with a politician about something.

Here's what Sanders had to say about Big Banks and their cronies on Capitol Hill...

The Most Outrageous Handout Given to Big Banks Is Finally Changing

big banks

Last week, our nation's biggest banks lost a portion of an outrageous handout they've been garnishing from American taxpayers for the last 102 years.

This free handout is a ploy seldom covered by mainstream media - which, as we all know, is now generally loath to upset the powers that be.

It happened Tuesday, when Congress released a highway bill that uses surplus funds from the U.S. Federal Reserve to help pay for the legislation's $325 billion price tag.

These surplus funds will drain the source of this big-bank payout, known as Federal Reserve dividends...

Bitcoin Blockchain Potential Draws These 9 Big Banks into Alliance


The revolutionary potential of the Bitcoin blockchain - the technology underlying the digital currency - is what led nine of the world's big banks to join together to study ways to apply it to the global financial markets.

The new partnership will focus on exploring ways the big banks can use the Bitcoin blockchain to save time and money across a wide range of financial activities.

Here's what this partnership is planning - and what it means for Bitcoin...

JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley Form New Data Company

pre-market movers

Banking behemoths JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley are teaming up to create a company that will give them shared access to certain market data, which will help them cut data management costs.

The trio are each investing "seven figures" in the new initiative.

Here's why these highly competitive big banks are all teaming up...

Pass on JPMorgan (NYSE: JPM) Stock and Buy This Big Bank Play Instead


JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) stock seemingly continues to establish all-time highs with each new trading session.

It's one of the largest investment banks in the world, sitting on $2.6 trillion in assets. It navigated the financial crisis better than any other firm on Wall Street.

But here's why if you buy it now, you may miss this more profitable opportunity in banking...