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Renewable Energy

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The Best Renewable Energy Stocks in 2017

best renewable energy stocks in 2017

Investors are right to look for the best renewable energy stocks in 2017.

Renewable energy investing is primed for explosive growth as the costs of clean energy fall and fossil fuel sources dry up.

And to help, we've put together a list of the best-performing renewable energy stocks so far this year...

Investing in Clean Energy in 2017 Is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

investing in clean energy

Investing in clean energy might sound like it's simply meant to help the environment, but it's actually an extremely lucrative opportunity for savvy investors.

In fact, the market for alternative energy investments is about to soar as demand for energy rises and renewable energy costs fall.

And we're going to show you exactly how to invest in renewable energy, including our top clean energy stock, ETF, and access to our report on profiting from the $48 trillion solar industry...

Investing in Alternative Energy in 2017 Is Your Ticket to Mega Profits

alternative energy

The global market for alternative energy grew to $1.35 trillion last year, and that's just the beginning for this explosive industry.

The EIA forecasts clean energy investments like solar, wind, and hydro could pass coal and natural gas as the top source for electrical power in the United States by 2040.

That's why investing in renewable energy right now could bring you spectacular gains, and we'll show you just how to do it...

Clean Energy Stocks Are Sitting on a $48 Trillion Gold Mine

clean energy stocks

Every investor wants to buy into a young, upstart industry that will grow to dominate the economy.

We're going to show you that renewable energy has the potential to become a $48 trillion industry.

And owning the right clean energy stocks could bring you unparalleled returns.

Why Trump's Biggest Energy Impact Won't Be Coal

hot stocks to buy

Americans are continuing to digest Donald Trump's upset election victory on Nov. 8, but the continuing debate and uncertainty over what's ahead isn't limited to social issues.

Two major energy policy issues in particular - Trump's promise to make America energy independent and his stated desire to renegotiate or cancel the "nuclear deal" with Iran - have insiders all over the world concerned as well.

A great many of those insiders are here with me in the United Arab Emirates for meetings on the future of energy, particularly over the next four years.

But amid all the uncertainty, there's a big issue out there that isn't really being addressed. It's on the table here in the Emirates because it could have the biggest impact of all...

Two Kinds of Companies Will Profit from Argentina's Move


The energy markets are fixated on the Persian Gulf and OPEC's "cap" negotiations... and whether Iraq will end up scuttling them.

Now, these negotiations are crucial to future oil prices, but they're not the biggest story in energy right now.

The truth is, there are some incredibly important events underway that almost no one is paying attention to.

It's practically happening in America's own backyard...

The Energy Sector's New "Trilemma"

oil sector

The energy sector's top three objectives are admittedly essential for both economic development and acceptable human life.

But they also appear to be in conflict, if not in outright opposition...

Two Energy Sector Facts That Pundits Keep Missing

solar energy stocks

Energy demand worldwide is increasing, even according to the latest IEA report. And historically, this is the quarter of the year where the demand figure is the weakest.

In fact, in each of the last several years, the IEA has cut demand estimates in the first quarter only to increase them multiple times later in the year.

And that's not the only thing the pundits missed. You see, there are two market developments combining to open up a range of new investment targets all across the energy sector...

This "Smelling Salt" Will Pull Saudi Arabia from Its Oil Glut Deathbed

saudi aramco ipo

Saudi Arabia is shifting its focus to mend its oil-glut woes. The country and its neighbors stand to save as much as $87 billion if they achieve goals in this particular sector.

And there's an opportunity to profit as these countries work to do so.

Here's more on how to invest in Saudi Arabia - and the world's - new energy focus...

The Five Bright Spots in the Energy Sector "Crunch" – and How to Profit

oil sector

The energy sector has hardly escaped the new year's volatility. Good thing there are a number of ways to profit regardless of where oil goes.

You see, the "crunch" portrayed by some pundits as representing what oil is doing to the energy sector as a whole is not only overdone, it is also quite misleading.

There are in fact five bright spots in the energy sector, even in the current "crunch." Here they are...

Emerging Energy Balance Offers New Opportunities to Profit

renewable energy

The coming year promises to have energy markets move further into renewable energies.

But in the short term, contrasting results from this transition are emerging from both sides of the Irish Sea.

These developments are a reminder that the path toward greater reliance on wind and solar power will not be without short-term problems.

And they point to what the transition to a new energy balance will look like... and what this means for energy investing...

The One Element That Will Change the Renewable Energy Landscape

renewable energy

We’re now on the brink of a new development in renewable energy that will push this sector to the next level.

Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind have become fixtures of the current power grid. But for the next big advances to occur, the developmental process itself will take center stage.

And at the heart of this evolution lies a surprising, yet basic, element.

Here’s my take on the one thing set to transform the renewable energy landscape forever…

Will Energy Efficiency Become a New Investment Class?

light bulb

Over the past two weeks, word has emerged that moves toward energy efficiency are now the new darlings of European investment houses.

So what's holding the banks back from piling in en masse? The problem hardly seems to be raising the funds. Rather, the stumbling block is on the other end of the pipeline.

Here's what's holding back investments... how this barrier can be demolished... and how this development will affect everyday investors...

Why This Surprising Partnership Is Leading the Way for Renewable Energy


There's a new centerpiece for the accelerating move to renewable energy: Hawaii. The state has opted to go all out on alternative energy.

In May, its legislature overwhelmingly passed a plan to move to complete independence from fossil fuels for power generation.

But Hawaii has an unusual partner in moving away from its reliance on oil and natural gas - the U.S. military.

What's happening in Hawaii may allow us to make some nice money from a state deciding to go green... and from the military's need to go off the grid...

The Solution to Alternative Energy's Biggest Roadblock

alternative energy

The alternative energy sector may have found a solution to its storage problem: the hydrogen battery.

Hydrogen's chief problem as an alternative energy source has always been the staggering price of delivery and transportation. But one company is making strides daily toward energy storage efficiency and price reduction.

We may be on the verge on something quite important for the entire energy sector. Here's everything you need to know...