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The Social Security Funding Crisis Isn't 2034, It's Now

Social Security Funding Crisis

The Social Security funding crisis is not 16 years in the future, as Washington would like you to believe. It's happening right now.

This year, the Social Security Administration will need to start dipping into its $2.8 trillion Trust Fund to make payments to millions of beneficiaries.

Trouble is, the government spent that money as it collected it, leaving behind a pile of IOUs. Now the government needs fresh money to pay back what it spent.

Here's what the politicians will do - and how it will affect you...

Will a Government Shutdown Affect Social Security?

Social Security

As Thursday's funding deadline draws near, the U.S. federal government is on the verge of shutting down for the second time this year.

Because a government shutdown impacts a wide range of federal operations, many American retires are asking: Does the government shutdown affect Social Security payments?

The answer centrally depends on your current status with the Social Security Administration as of this week.