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Earn a Quick 77% with This 3D Printing "Backdoor" Tech Stock

The 3D printing industry cooled off in 2015, but it's geared up for an explosive rebound. In fact, 3D printing is on pace to become the next $1 trillion sector.

And this tech stock will ride that massive growth to stellar long-term profits - to the tune of 77% gains by next year alone...

The Best Way to Cash In on the $150 Billion Virtual Reality Market

virtual reality market

The USA Today Network will be the first media company to broadcast a regularly scheduled news show in virtual reality (VR), demonstrating how VR technology is on the verge of mass adoption.

In fact, the virtual reality market could reach $150 billion in sales by 2020. And this high-tech leader is poised to benefit most from VR's rapid growth in all these areas. Take a look...

One Tech Stock to Play the Wireless Spending Boom

tech stock

The coming wireless revolution will go far beyond handheld mobile devices. By 2020, we'll be using 50 billion connected "things" worldwide.

To make this revolution possible, our wireless Internet is going to have to get faster - much, much faster, in fact.

Once this huge breakthrough in mobile communications takes hold, the wireless Internet will run up to 50 times faster than existing 4G connections.

Today I want to show you a tech stock tapped in to this unstoppable trend that combines high yields and market-beating gains...

How to Profit from the $14.4 Trillion Internet of Everything Market

Internet of Everything

Small-cap stocks got hammered in the market's sell-off earlier this year. That's because Wall Street became convinced that the global growth story was dead.

But the Internet of Everything market is experiencing explosive growth. It's expected to top 50.1 billion connected devices by 2020 and $14.4 trillion in sales by 2022.

You can grab a slice of these profits playing this tech ETF - and right now, it's trading at a bargain...

This Major IBM Move Lets Investors Tap a $2 Trillion Market

After years of declining revenue, investors have called for IBM chief Virginia Rometty to unlock the shareholder value living deep inside her company.

In February, IBM announced a $2.6 billion acquisition in a $2 trillion market. This move could be the catalyst IBM needs to return to its glory days...

Double Your Money Playing the "Great Software Sell-Off"

double your money

Software stocks have fallen in value because they've fallen victim to Wall Street's hair-trigger herd mentality. But some of these stocks are down for no good reason.

And I've found three great software stocks you can play to turn this overreaction to your advantage - and potentially double your money.

These market leaders are trading at steep discounts now, but I expect these shares will go up 100% before the decade is out. Here's how...

How to Make 69% Off the Biotech Stock Rebound

biotech stocks

Despite the recent slump, the life sciences sector - which includes biotech - offers investors some of the best long-term opportunities for building wealth.

And that means you definitely want biotech stocks in your portfolio, especially now.

The market is already bouncing back. And that means the three plays I'm going to tell you about are poised to hand investors 69% on average...

This "Crown Jewel" of Silicon Valley Will Double Your Money – Again

double your money

While the market may be down, great stocks and outstanding bargains are out there. You just have to know where to look.

Today I want you to take a look at one Silicon Valley giant we've talked about before.

This company and its savvy leaders are conquering the cloud-based computing space... spending money on growth... moving into new markets... and growing their customer base by leaps and bounds.

Since I first recommended it, this stock has more than doubled. And now it's poised to double your money again...

Why Big Tech Stocks Are "Unwinding" in 2016

tech stocks

Blue-chip tech stocks were some of the biggest growth catalysts for the bull market we exited in January. That was the longest bull market since World War II, which lasted six years.

Now we've entered a bear market. And it's sent the Nasdaq down 17% from its July highs.

Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) and Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN) are already down 11% and 26% this year, respectively.

Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald explains why big tech stocks are forfeiting their gains and how investors should play them long term...

The $30.4 Billion Tech Investing Opportunity in Super Bowl 50

tech investing

Super Bowl 50 could rebrand itself as the Silicon Valley Bowl. After all, sports broadcasting serves as a testing ground and showcase for TV and camera technology.
But I'm most excited about a new replay camera system that gives one of the tech investing trends we've long been following a Super Bowl debut.

This technology is now so significant that it's beginning to disrupt the entire TV sector - enough so that UHDTV sets will earn a 50% market share by the end of this decade - making them a $30.4 billion market.

That's a market that promises to be highly profitable - and so we want to grab a piece of it. Here's how we'll do it...

A Tech Investing Survival Guide for These Rocky Markets

tech stocks

During times like these, your first reaction may be to sell everything. However, the last thing you should do now is let your emotions take over, join the panicky crowd, and dump your stocks.

Instead, you should remain disciplined in your tech investing strategy. Here's everything tech investors need to know to survive these rocky markets...

An Open Letter to IBM CEO Virginia Rometty

Whenever a CEO takes the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, we investors expect them to reveal something meaningful... innovative... in a word - big.

But after IBM Corp. CEO Virginia Rometty's keynote speech, I was left unimpressed - and so was Wall Street. Last week, shares of IBM fell to five-year lows, off nearly 19% over last six months.

This sudden drop is only the latest bad news for the once-mighty IBM. And it's just one reason why I've penned a letter to Rometty and offered her a custom-made action plan.

If she listens, my plan will rescue IBM by making it the undisputed leader in one of the fastest-growing sectors of the market.

Four Tech Stocks to Avoid in 2016

tech stocks

There's a lot more to making money in tech stocks than choosing the right investments. You also have to know which stocks to avoid. After all, no one wants to lose money chasing after overhyped stocks.

If current trends continue, expect to see a lot of hype from Wall Street about great "turnaround" investments. Today I want to peer inside several turnaround prospects the Street is likely to peddle in the coming months.

On paper at least, they appear to be good candidates to come back from recent sell-offs. But they're not...

These 3 Stocks to Buy Round Out 2016's New Internet "Dream Team"

tech sector

The "New Internet Economy" is a market sector worth a combined $2.6 trillion, with major trends driving a select group of five big-cap leaders to new heights.

Each of these all-stars commands a growing slice of e-commerce, mobile transactions, and cloud computing, and all are poised to hand tech investors steady gains, starting in January.

So let's drill down and take a look at these other stocks to buy - and why you must have them in your portfolio...

Beat the Market by 30% Riding Tech Stock Buybacks

tech stocks

In just the first six months of 2015, U.S. firms spent more than a quarter of a trillion dollars on share buybacks.

And federal data shows that corporate buybacks, which have been rising for years now, are likely to grow even more between now and 2020.

The really good news for tech stocks is this: Technology companies make up the bulk of firms that are racing to repurchase their stock.

There's an easy way to cash in on this buyback frenzy. With it, you can beat the market by more than 30% over the next five years...