What is Trading Today?

Trading Today is a free eletter that unlocks our experts' private afternoon trading strategies for everyone, at no cost. The biggest, most exciting after-lunch play of the day - called Today's Top Mover -- will hit your inbox every trading day between 1 and 4pm ET.

How can you offer all these trades for free?

Money Map Press is able to offer these in-depth trades for free because we've developed a unique "open source" model with our experts collaborating on one project. Each expert contributes a trade or two every week, unlocking a powerhouse of knowledge to traders across the country.

What experts are featured in Trading Today?

Right now, our lineup includes some of your favorite Money Map Press and Money Morning Live heavy hitters - Mark Sebastian, Andrew Keene, Kenny Glick, Tom Gentile, Chris Johnson, Shah Gilani, and others.

What kinds of trades do you offer?

Our experts will recommend a variety of trades - from stock trades up through intermediate to advanced options. No matter what the trade idea is, there will always be a way you can play it.

By design, each recommendation in Trading Today has two levels: a more advanced level (for traders who have more margin or expertise and are prepared for a little more risk) and a less advanced level (a version of the trade that an entry-level trader would feel comfortable placing).

What else do I get with my Trading Today subscription?

In addition to Today's Top Mover, your daily mailing will be full of other trading and learning opportunities. For instance...

  • Morning Live videos - detailed stock plays and analysis from our daily TV heavy hitters, like Kenny Glick or Garrett Baldwin.
  • In-depth trading education and training. Expect invitations to live training sessions where you can chat with experts, fellow traders, and more.
  • Live trading. We'll periodically open up exciting live rooms hosted by AK, Tom, and others, so you can experience moneymaking in realtime.
  • Special picks and ideas based on headlines, earnings, hot tech and anything that's moving fast after lunch.
  • Plus, of course, an active portfolio that you can track anytime you want to. Go here to see our open portfolio right now.
  • All the information on our experts' latest services and profit opportunities - for anyone who wants to take the next step and dig even deeper into our world here at Money Map Press.

How often will I receive Trading Today?

Every day the markets are open - at about 1pm.

Where is the open portfolio?

All our open trades are tracked on the portfolio page right here.

Where can I see recent trade alerts?

Here's our trade alerts page with our daily analysis and full recommendation text.

What are the "time buttons" on each trade opportunity in my mailing?

As a convenience, we've put in "time buttons" to let you know exactly how long it should take you to work through any of the action items in Trading Today -- whether it's the 5 minutes it takes to place a simple call trade, a 20-minute-long training video, or an hour of intense live trading.

These buttons do not tell you how long to remain in a trade. Enter trades at your own discretion and risk only what you can afford to lose.

How can I contact you?

Email us at [email protected] , or call our member concierge at 000.0000.