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A Tale of Two Revolutions

More than two decades have passed, but folks who were there for the story I’m about to share with you still remember it as “The Revolution That Wasn’t.”

Let me share the tale with you and explain the lesson that it teaches.

Then we’ll show you a specific way to apply that lesson for a hefty profit.

First the story…

  • Microsoft Stock Up on Job Cut News – and Headed for More Gains Microsoft_square

    Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella announced today that the company will be cutting 18,000 jobs, a move that will eliminate 14% of the company's workforce. Following the news, Microsoft stock was up 3% in morning trading.

    It's clear that the layoffs are meant to streamline Microsoft's business. Nadella also contends that the job cuts will help Microsoft modernize its engineering processes.

    That has investors bullish on Microsoft stock. But where is it headed long term? Here’s how MSFT will perform for the next several months…
  • MSFT: How This Wearable Tech Dark Horse Just Changed the Rules MSFT

    If you asked most tech pundits which tech titan was most likely to win the wearable tech wars, few would give Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) much of a chance.

    You see, the Redmond, Wash.-based tech giant has a big problem as it enters the wearable tech arena. Its Windows platform, while still dominant on the desktop, is an also-ran in a mobile world dominated by Apple and Google.

    But Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is changing the rules.

    In fact, Nadella's move is so brilliant, it could completely change how the wearable tech wars will be fought...
  • Future of Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Stock Hinges on the Cloud MSFT stock

    In his first “report card” since taking the reins of Microsoft Corp. in February, CEO Satya Nadella showed why he was exactly the right choice to get MSFT stock moving again.

    Microsoft beat expectations in when it reported earnings Thursday mostly on the strength of its cloud computing products – Nadella’s area of expertise, and the single most promising business segment for the Redmond-Wash.-based tech giant.

    The small bump Microsoft stock enjoyed as a result is just the start, however. Here’s why MSFT could double from here.
  • Can Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) Stock Avoid the Microsoft Syndrome? Nasdaq AAPL

    Although Apple Inc. stock is up about 8% on the strength of an earnings beat and several shareholder-friendly announcements, the real question is whether the tech giant can keep the stock moving higher.

    But Apple today could easily turn into the next Microsoft Corp. in the last decade - a company making mountains of money with a stock that stayed flat.

    These similarities between Apple now and Microsoft then should be keeping Apple CEO Tim Cook up at night...
  • Why Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Stock Is Going to $100 stocks to buy now

    It usually pays to heed the advice of Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani when looking for stocks to buy now.

    Since Gilani, a retired hedge-fund manager who runs the Capital Wave Forecast and Short Side Fortunes advisory services here at Money Map Press, first recommended Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) stock last summer, MSFT is up about 16%.

    But Gilani believes MSFT can get all the way to $100 a share.

    In this Q&A with Money Morning Executive Editor William Patalon III, Gilani explains why....
  • Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Stock at 14-Year High, Mobile Success Would Send It Higher Nasdaq-MSFT

    Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) stock reached its highest price since 2000 today (Tuesday) following reports that the tech company will release a version of its "Office" software for Apple Inc.'s (Nasdaq: AAPL) iPad.

    In morning trading, MSFT touched $39.90 per share. That was a 5% increase from yesterday's close.

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  • Two Numbers Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Doesn't Want Investors to See Hands block view

    Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) new CEO Satya Nadella could bring the company what it's been missing, as we recently pointed out, but Nadella will have to tackle two very troubling numbers just reported for Microsoft.

    These are figures that give us a glimpse of what could prevent MSFT stock from climbing in 2014 following its 40.9% rise last year.

    These numbers were just released last week - and they're ugly.

    Here's the story...
  • Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Stock Could Get a Lift From New CEO Nadella MSFT After showing some signs of life last year, Microsoft Corp. stock could get another boost in 2014 when a new CEO takes the helm - and the job could be going to a company insider. And while Satya Nadella may not be perfect, he has several strengths that could be just the tonic for Microsoft's stock...
  • Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Stock Jumps 4% on Earnings, but Didn’t Get This Key Info Microsoft_CES_2009

    Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) stock has been drifting lower this week as investors don't know what to expect from the Q2 2014 earnings due out today (Thursday) after the bell.

    MSFT stock fell 0.66% Wednesday to $35.93. The stock is down nearly 4% year to date.

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  • The Next Microsoft CEO Will Look a Lot Like This Businessman back Microsoft shareholders suffered through a lost decade of near stagnation under the leadership of CEO Steve Ballmer. Now that Ballmer is set to retire, Microsoft has an opportunity to choose a CEO who can do a much better job of converting the tech titan's potential into shareholder value. The company has at least five names on its list, but this is the person with the most realistic shot at turning Microsoft around...
  • Is This Man the Next Microsoft CEO? 09272013KFG

    There's a shake-up brewing in the business world. Al Mulally, CEO of a rejuvenated, refocused, and red-hot Ford Motor Company, may be heading over to Microsoft, where CEO Steve Ballmer is retreating under fire. Under Mulally, Ford went from the brink of bankruptcy and irrelevance to one of the the most solid performers on Wall Street. Can Mulally do the same thing for Microsoft and move it back into the "Buy" column? Keith Fitz-Gerald joins FOX Business' Neil Cavuto to tackle this question, along with McDonalds' newest strategy and the effect of the looming government shutdown on Wall Street.

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  • Is Investing In Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Stock Finally A Good Idea? 08262013KFG1

    What would it take for Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald to buy Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) stock?

    The company's shares jumped 7% on Friday on news that often-embattled and rarely popular CEO Steve Ballmer will retire in the next 12 months. News that Ballmer will finallytake a bow was music to Wall Street's ears, apparently, but Fitz-Gerald was singing a different tune.

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  • Why the Microsoft Reorganization Plan Won't Fix What's Wrong Deck Chairs Q

    With a Microsoft reorganization plan expected to be announced on Thursday, investors at this point must be wondering: will it matter?

    Shareholders of Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) have only recently gotten a glimmer of hope. Microsoft stock had languished in the $25-$30 range for more than a decade until this year, which has seen MSFT pop about 30%.

    Although extremely profitable, Microsoft under the leadership of CEO Steve Ballmer has struggled to move beyond its core products of Windows and Office, which still deliver nearly all of those profits.

    What this new Microsoft reorganization plan needs to do is reorient the Redmond, WA-based company toward future engines of growth, such as the mobile wave of smartphones and tablets, cloud computing and big data.

    Insiders say Ballmer intends the new structure to provide "functional coherence" and will align the company into divisions based on services and devices.

    But given Ballmer's spotty track record and Microsoft's unwieldy size (98,000 employees), it's not a given that any major structural overhaul will do much good in addressing the company's real problems.

    As one worried Microsoft insider told The Wall Street Journal's All Things D: "If this is all about an org chart and not how to build great products, it does not matter what org chart Ballmer presents. Consumers buy products, not management structure."

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  • This Microsoft Invention Could Finally Destroy the Cable Company Monopoly Vintage Television

    For too long we've been held hostage by our local cable companies. Their monopoly-like status has left us chained to spotty service, inexplicable rate hikes and laughable customer service.

    But a new product is about to trigger a revolution - or, evolution - that could end the cable company reign.

    Today (Tuesday), Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) revealed its next-gen Xbox, called the Xbox One, a device which may prove capable of replacing your cable box.

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  • Buy, Sell or Hold: Is Microsoft Stock About to Break Out of Its 10-Year Slumber? Despite apathy from Wall Street, it has the potential to become a major competitor in markets like smartphones, tablets, and enterprise solutions. Here's the (surprising) fuel for Microsoft's future growth. Read More...