The Three Biggest 2015 IPOs to Watch

Last year was the biggest for the IPO market since the dot-com era of 2000. And the market has continued its pace in 2015.

That's why we've pinpointed the five biggest 2015 IPOs for investors to watch.

According to Renaissance Capital - a manager of IPO-focused ETFs, June 2015 was the busiest month for IPOs since August 2000. A total of 35 companies went public in June.

Through the first two quarters in 2015, we saw 104 IPOs raise roughly $18 billion.

IPO 2015That comes on the heels of a massive 2014 IPO market. Last year, 275 companies raised $85.2 billion through initial public offerings.

And the companies that went public in 2015 have outpaced the broader markets. New stocks have averaged a 13.7% jump from their offer prices this year. The Dow Jones has dipped almost 1% in 2015.

The biggest winners of 2015 have been Shake Shack Inc. (NYSE: SHAK), Spark Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: ONCE) and Seres Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: MCRB). Those three stocks have gained 181%, 165%, and 123% from their offer prices, respectively.

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Now it's time to get ready for what's next. As the IPO market continues its momentum through 2015, here are the three biggest upcoming IPOs to watch now...

2015 IPOs to Watch, No. 1: Uber Inc.

In late 2014, Uber Inc. Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick announced the company raised $1.2 billion in its most recent round of funding. Now, the ride-booking company is valued over $41 billion.

And there could be more money on the way. In his announcement, Kalanick left the door open for additional funding when he said there is "additional capacity remaining for strategic investments."

With a $41 billion valuation, Uber is the second-highest valued startup in the world. Uber had completed a previous round of funding in June 2014 that valued the company at $17 billion. Through six rounds of funding since 2009, the company has raised $2.8 billion.

Uber's major appeal to investors is that it's disrupting an untouched market. The taxi industry has operated for years with relatively few changes and competitors. With Uber, consumers have a viable third option between taking a taxi cab or paying exorbitant prices for a private car service.

According to TechCrunch, Uber brought in approximately $213 million in revenue in 2013. Moreover, revenue has been doubling every six months, which constitutes an annual growth rate of nearly 145%. The New York Times claims that Uber could potentially bring in $1 billion in annual revenue if it's able to capture a 50% market share of the U.S. taxi industry. We'll get a better idea of Uber's market share when the company files for an IPO.

Uber doesn't release its financials, but Kalanick says the company generates $500 million annually from the San Francisco market alone.

Because of this recent round of funding, Uber can put off an IPO until late 2015. That's a good thing as it gives the company time to address a couple recent scandals it needs to deal with now if it wants to attract investors. One involved controversial quotes from a senior vice president while the other triggered privacy concerns.

2015 IPOs to Watch No. 2: Xiaomi Inc.

Its name may not resonate in the United States, but Xiaomi Inc. is the third-largest provider of smartphones in the world, trailing only Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) and Samsung.

According to the South China Morning Post, Xiaomi is on pace to sell 60 million smartphones for the full-year 2014. In 2015, the company expects to sell 100 million devices.

However, the same report indicates that profits may be lackluster. The company sells many of its devices near their break-even point. The average device sold by Xiaomi retails at about $150. Apple's iPhones retail for as much as $600 each in the United States.

The company reportedly plans to hold an IPO sometime in 2015. While the size of the deal is unknown, the company is expected to be valued in the $50 billion range.

Few Americans know about Xiaomi, but a U.S. IPO would be a big story due to the recent performance of Chinese stocks.

In 2014, China's largest Internet search company, Baidu Inc. (Nasdaq ADR: BIDU), has gained 26%. The Chinese online automobile seller Bitauto Holding Ltd. (NYSE ADR: BITA) is up 122% in 2014. After holding the largest IPO in history, Alibaba is up 56% from its offer price.

A debut from Xiaomi stock in 2015 would be welcomed by investors looking to play the growing Chinese market. It's unclear whether Xiaomi will debut in the United States or China, but the recent success of Chinese companies in the U.S. could sway that decision.

2015 IPOs to Watch No. 3: Airbnb Inc.

Airbnb Inc. operates a website that allows users to rent different types of properties including apartments and houses. It's a disruptive technology, one that targets the hotel industry.

The company was founded in 2008 and is reportedly in the process of raising $1 billion in funding that will value the company at $24 billion. That would make it the third highest-valued startup on the market today. At that price, Airbnb is already bigger than established hotel chains Wyndham Worldwide Corp. (NYSE: WYN) and Hyatt Hotels Corp. (NYSE: H), which are valued at $10.5 billion and $9.1 billion respectively.

Airbnb operates in more than 190 countries and has roughly 1.2 million listings. Airbnb representatives said they expect $900 million in revenue for 2015. In 2013, the company had revenue of just $250 million.

By 2020, they expect revenue of $10 billion. The company is projected to have earnings of more than $3 billion at that point.

Airbnb generates revenue by charging hosts 3% and guests between 6% and 12% on stays.

But the company does face some challenges on the regulatory front...

In New York, for example, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has claimed that 75% of Airbnb's rentals are illegal and violate hotel tax laws. The company's ongoing battle with regulators will be a storyline to watch moving forward.

Airbnb's disruptive technology and huge revenue figures ensure the initial public offering is one to watch in 2015.

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