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3 Top Tech ETFs to Buy Right Now

We normally don’t like exchange-traded funds (ETFs) because want better than average returns.

But some tech stocks are so explosive you simply can’t afford to miss out.

And owning the best tech ETFs in those sectors is the simplest way to make sure you don’t.

They’re crucial to any savvy tech portfolio.



3 Ways to Play This $15.5 Billion Blockchain Subsector

While the price of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum remain choppy this year, businesses and investors across the globe have been busy exploring ways they can best use blockchain technology.

They're trying to harness the tech to improve or streamline operations in a wide range of industries – from financial services, media, and telecom to transportation, healthcare, and consumer or industrial products.

The idea here is that the blockchain can provide a digital store of value, eliminate the middleman currently required in many digital transactions, quicken settlement between parties, and authenticate transactions in an immutable way.

And that's just the beginning.

So this is going to be a big industry, with a big market.

WinterGreen Research estimates the worldwide market for blockchain products was $706 million last year and could reach more than $60 billion by 2024. That's 8,400% growth in less than a decade – and that'll lead to the kinds of gains no one can ignore.

But today, I want to focus on a smaller sector within the blockchain world. It's got explosive profit potential all on its own.

Then I'm going to show you three ways to make money on this blockchain revolution.

Check it out...


Inside the Bitcoin Mining IPO Everyone Is Talking About

The crypto community has been buzzing about a potential initial public offering from Bitmain Technologies Ltd. for a few months now.

Maybe you've been doing some of that buzzing yourself.

I know that back on Aug. 14, I buzzed about it.

I said if Bitmain goes public, it would be one of the few blockchain pure plays on the market. And I noted how a Bitmain IPO would be a big catalyst for the whole cryptocurrency sector.

That all remains true.

But now the time for rumors and whispers is up. Bitmain's big move, which would be the crypto world's largest IPO to date, is on the record.

Last week, the Beijing-based firm officially filed to go public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange – date to be determined.

There's a lot of potential upside here – but there are many possible pitfalls as well.

So we'll take a look at all that.

Then I'll show you a way you can play this crypto IPO to your advantage.

You're going to want to see this...


Here's Our Bitcoin and Crypto Outlook for 2018

David Zeiler and I have known each other and worked together for 20 years now. We worked together at The Baltimore Sun, and I hired Dave here when I helped launch and then ran Money Morning.

We've become good friends.

I've become one of his biggest admirers.

Indeed, I even started a kind of "running gag" with Dave on Twitter, where we're both active users. Anytime I see Dave post something substantive about Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, I "reply" with some variation of this tweet:

#Attention: If you aren't following @moneymorning #cryptocurrency editor @DavidGZeiler, then you really aren't following #bitcoin or #ethereum or the #blockchain. Dave is a #mustread/#mustfollow expert on #cryptocurrencies.

Here's the thing…

While I admit that this is a "running gag" between us, what I'm actually saying is no joke.

No joke at all.

In just a few short years, Dave has become one of the most prescient, most widely read chroniclers on cryptocurrencies. He's part of the amazing "bench" that Publisher Mike Ward has built here at Money Map Press – and underscores why we're "investment idea leaders" in areas like technology, cryptocurrencies, energy, medical marijuana, options trading (and trading systems), and wealth creation.

That's why I invited David to talk specifically about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Dave amassed his expertise the "right" way – through immersion. He was one of the early Bitcoin "miners" – back when it was still possible for an individual investor to be a go-it-alone cryptocurrency prospector.

Since then, as an Associate Editor at Money Morning, Dave has become one of the industry's foremost writers/analysts about all things related to cryptocurrencies.

And he's made some stunning calls along the way.

In early 2016, when Bitcoin was trading at $450, Dave predicted – on the record – that the crypto coin could zoom to $2,000 – and then go higher from there.

Much higher.

As we know now, Bitcoin did soar – just as he predicted. It zoomed past $19,000 before the crypto market collapsed.

When we last talked to Dave, it was during the big Bitcoin sell-off early in the year.

As part of the activities here at 2018's midpoint, I thought Dave would offer some terrific insights about what to expect in the last half of the year.

He didn't disappoint...


A Blockchain ETF Is the Best Play for This $3.1 Trillion Market

A blockchain ETF is a great way to play this new tech without buying volatile cryptocurrencies.

Whatever happens with individual cryptos, blockchain technology is expected to thrive. Research firm Gartner expects value of blockchain tech to skyrocket from just $4 billion this year to $3.1 trillion by 2030.

But it's so early in the game that picking winners is next to impossible.

That's why these five ETFs are an ideal way to play this market right now...