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Sell These 3 REITs Before It's Too Late

While real estate investment trusts (REITs) are one of our favorite income investments, they are not all created equal.

Owning the wrong REITs could be dangerous for many growth investors, especially those in the telecommunication and data sectors.

But lucky for you, we know which REITs are going to fall first.

So if you're holding any of these telecom or data REITs, drop them immediately. And if you're watching them, run away...

Trading Strategies

The Last Retailer Standing Could Hand You 100%

You probably don't need me to tell you how the retail sector has transformed over the past few years. If you've driven past a mall lately, you know it's pretty grim out there for brick-and-mortar outlets.

In the coming months, over 100 Sears and Kmart stores will close. Popular teen-centric clothing store Forever 21 just filed for bankruptcy protection. Heck, I was on Bed Bath & Beyond's earnings call when management announced the closure of 20 more stores (up from 40).

You can chalk that up to Amazon, or folks going directly to their favorite brands online, or rapid delivery – it's all those things.

But there's always an exception, and now there's one "legacy" retailer that refuses to be broken. The department store just announced some big changes that should add up to one of its best holiday shopping seasons ever.

That makes it the perfect candidate for this kind of trade...


Five Top 5G Stocks to Buy That Are Completely Under the Radar

The search for the top 5G stocks to buy doesn't start with the carriers we all know, like Verizon and AT&T.

Investors instead would be better served in looking a bit deeper to the companies those carriers will need to pay in order to deploy their 5G technology. These are the companies that own the cell towers and data centers crucial to mobile networking.

These companies will milk maximum profits from the transition to 5G...