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Why Investors Are Walloped with a Constant "Bliss Blitz"

Investors are being targeted by an all-out media blitz. But it's a funny kind of blitz – none of the violence you'd normally associate with the word. There's a reason for that, as we'll see.

It's a decidedly opiate affair, this blitz. It's calm, soothing, numbing, and permeated with a "don't-worry, all-good" message on near-endless repeat.

Try this: Think of the last time you read, heard, or saw something about "exploding earnings," "synchronized global growth," or "record levels of consumer confidence."

I'll bet it wasn't long ago at all. In fact, I'll go so far as to say you probably read words to that effect today.

So why is the mainstream media going out of its way to spread… calm and tranquility?

I'll show you the answer in a minute, when we dive into what I can only call a "masterpiece of misinformation" from a trusted American news organization.

Here we go...

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