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Banking Fears Have Put Billions of Dollars in Weed Profits in Limbo... Until Now

Think about the last time you ran out for a bottle of wine or stopped someplace after work for a few groceries: Did you have to swing by an ATM first? Did you make sure you had plenty of cash in your wallet to cover the cost?

If you're like most Americans in 2018, the answer is probably… of course not.

It's more likely you used a debit or credit card, or even iOS, Android, Venmo, or PayPal. A debit here, a credit there, all effortlessly unfolding in the ones and zeros of cyberspace.

I'm simplifying here, but the cashless, convenient transaction between you and the merchant took place via computer – your bank, the merchant's bank, the clearinghouse – everyone involved used the U.S. communications network and financial system to "settle up" and get business done.

Now, I'm going to ask you to imagine something completely ridiculous – just for a second.

Then I'll show you how you can clean up on unique solutions to the legal weed sector's biggest problem...


Why ETF "Herd Investors" Will Always Get Burned

Just when I suspect one of America's greatest investors might be digging through my mail… I become convinced he's doing it.

Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital lambasted index investing in his latest investor letter. In this, we're 1,000% agreed: Indexing is a silly, dangerous waste of time (unless you want sub-3% returns… minus fees).

An eagle eye for warding off popular con games like indexing is just one of the reasons Marks is worth about $1.9 billion. Clearly, he knows a thing or two about grabbing unreasonably high returns.

He warned his readers about another return-sapping scheme out there on Wall Street.

It's one I've compared to buying a "ticket on the Hindenburg" and thinking you signed up for a walking tour of the Chicago Botanic Garden.

This is worth a second look – because Marks is actually pointing us toward a much, much more profitable way to invest.

It's an approach I've mastered and profited immensely with for years - and so can you...