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These Six “Ordinary” Stocks Are Still Handing Me Monster Gains

One of the best things about my trading is that it gives me the freedom to work an hour or so per day, doing what I have to do so I can do what I want do to the rest of the time.

Plenty of my 1450 Club Members following along are getting the chance to do the same thing.

Don't get me wrong: It's great when you can work at doing what you love… but it's also great when you can draw a big, fat line between "work" and "life."

Big surprise, but a lot of my "work time" is dedicated to looking at stocks.

If you've been with me for a while, you'll know I trade the same seven well-known big-cap stocks just about every day, but there's a lot more: I'm looking for any "optionable" shares that meet my special criteria for making recommendations.

To help me do that, I develop a kind of "watch list" every week, so I can narrow it down; I don't have to track 1,000 companies, but only between six and eight. Much more manageable.

And I'm not sacrificing a nickel of profit potential by narrowing it down, either.

I can point to just five stock trades that gave my readers a crack at a combined 1,091% in gains. Put another way, not a single one of these five trades was closed out for less than 200% in profits.

So you see, targeting your moves carefully beats throwing darts at a huge list of stocks.

Right now, I've got my eye on six… Full Story

Trading Strategies

Buy This, Not That: The Real Story on Retail Profits

I just published a must-see video where I run down 50 stocks – what you should buy, what to sell, and, the best part, exactly how to do it with less than 500 bucks.

You can check that out here, but the retail story is so big, and so many financial media outlets have it so wrong, that I wanted to put these picks front and center today.

We're in the third quarter of 2020, and we've already seen 43 bankruptcy filings – just five fewer than in 2010, which was the Great Recession's worst year for retailers.

So, with four months left in the year, we're well on pace to see records broken. It's not unrealistic to talk about bankruptcies hitting the hundreds.

Now, turn on your television, and you'll hear all about how it's the U.S. consumer driving this – and that's not necessarily wrong, but what few realize is the problem goes deeper than that.

There's a problem with the way retail "works" right now that could blindside a lot of folks. So I want to tell you what's really going on and where I think the best bets are… Full Story

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Is Flat with Unemployment Filings Back in Focus

The Dow Jones today could stay flat as investors monitor the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on the U.S.


Stocks poised to benefit from a reopening have slumped as concerns rise over an uptick in coronavirus cases across the country.

Investors are still waiting for politicians in Washington to find a compromise on a new round of stimulus.

Read on to see what else could move the Dow today.