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Three "COVID-Killer" Technologies - and Three Ways Investors Can Ride Along for Profit

The coronavirus pandemic is absolutely one of the biggest crises – and greatest tragedies – of this generation.

But trouble also spurs action – so that new ways of thinking tackle new threats like COVID-19.

And more than any other, one word characterizes these new ideas.

I'm talking about "innovation."

Now, I don't think there's any doubt among scientists, doctors, and drug executives that COVID-19 has created a huge paradigm shift.

The pandemic is prompting company executives, researchers, government officials, and medical scientists to seek new ways to do things – as well as the technologies that can fuel those new approaches.

The bottom line: All these folks are looking to use existing technologies to tamp down on the coronavirus pandemic.

And once they've succeeded – as they will – these new ways of doing things will mostly be here to stay.

That means the technologies that made this all possible will be major beneficiaries going forward.

Three areas of technology stand to be the biggest winners of all.

Today, I'm going to show you those three winners. All told, the three segments I want to walk you through today are on their way to being worth more than $70 billion on a global basis.

And I'm also going to detail three investments that will allow you to ride these new tech waves – and profit – in an equally meaningful way.

So let's get started… Full Story

So let's get started...