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5 Energy Stocks That Pay You to Invest in Crypto Mining

You can't easily invest directly in crypto mining, but several energy stocks offer a convenient backdoor to this growing industry.

Crypto mining, particularly Bitcoin, consumes a tremendous amount of electricity. Today Bitcoin mining uses as much electricity as the entire nation of Hungary.

And as China grows more hostile to crypto mining, the big operators are moving to other areas that offer cheap and abundant electricity.

These five energy stocks are the first in line to benefit from this transition...


Bitcoin Mining's Massive 300% Growth Gave Us This "Safe" Profit Play

Despite the risk, Bitcoin's profit potential is still undeniable. And for people looking for a "safer" way to play cryptocurrencies, there are immense profit opportunities emerging from the growing industry around Bitcoin mining.

Mining bitcoins consumes an incredible amount of power. We're not exaggerating: Current estimates state that global Bitcoin mining consumes as much power as the entire Middle Eastern nation of Qatar.

And that has created another profit opportunity for investors in 2018...