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George Soros

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This George Soros-Funded Alliance Is About to Wage War on Trump

George Soros

A gathering of the monied liberal elite will go down in D.C. this week - hosted in part by activist billionaire George Soros.

This conference will match rich left-wingers with the most disruptive orgs at the forefront of the anti-Trump movement.

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How George Soros Lost $1 Billion on Trump

George Soros

George Soros has lost a billion dollars since Election Day.

On top of that, the government of his home country Hungary is trying to oust his businesses there...

George Soros: Putin Will Rule the EU and Threaten U.S. Democracy

George Soros

Hedge fund billionaire George Soros warned that the EU is on the brink of democratic collapse - one that could easily bring the U.S. down with it.

Here's why...

George Soros-Backed Company to Supply Voting Machines in 16 States

George Soros

A George Soros-affiliated voting machine company will supply 16 states and 307 counties with its services on Nov. 8.

Is this what Trump meant by "rigged election"?

George Soros' Media Outfit Scrambles Facts to Link Trump to Terrorism

George Soros

George Soros' media monkeys are trying to shake up the election.

This time he's using his "journalistic tie" to scramble facts to link Trump to terrorist organizations...

How GOP Bogeyman George Soros Slowed Trump's Roll with $27 Million

George Soros' political largesse knows no bounds.

He's spending on the liberal agenda like never before.

And this time he's taking a different approach...

George Soros: A Brexit Will Lead to a Currency Crash

George Soros announced today that a Brexit would lead to a currency crash more disruptive and worse than the fall on Black Wednesday.

And that's not the only unsettling outcome likely to come from Brexit.

Brexit could also mean the end of global central banks...

How George Soros Funded the Western Plot to Topple Putin

George Soros

George Soros may have had a hand in the Panama Papers release.

A heavy hand, at that.

Here's how the mega-billionaire funded the document leak to topple Putin...

George Soros: We Are Repeating 2008

George Soros

George Soros offered a grim prediction for the markets yesterday, likening this environment to 2008.

This time, however, he blames China's over-indebtedness as the primary factor responsible for global market woes.

Here's the Hungarian-born hedge fund manager's full warning...

The Establishment Enlists George Soros to Take Down Trump, Cruz

George Soros

Using George Soros as a mouthpiece, the Democratic establishment has pulled out all the stops to decelerate Trump and Cruz's increasing popularity.

The billionaire activist investor wrote an op-ed for The Guardian that ran yesterday, pleading for the public not to listen to the two leading GOP candidates.

But there are two hidden agendas at play - one benefits the Democratic establishment, and the other, Soros himself...

What Is George Soros' Fund CIO Scott Bessent Leaving Behind?

Hedge Funds

George Soros is losing his namesake fund's Chief Investment Officer Scott Bessent, who is departing from Soros Fund Management LLC to start his own $2 billion hedge fund.

Bessent is a hedge fund whiz who originally began working at Soros Fund Management in 1991 at the age of 29. He remained there for nine years before Soros closed his European fund operations.

Here's a look at George Soros' holdings - what Bessent will be leaving behind in his new pursuits...

George Soros Investments to Watch in 2015

George Soros investments

George Soros is ranked the 35th richest person in the world, with an estimated worth of $14.2 billion.

He's also got a reputation for being one of the most successful stock pickers on the planet.

Even at 80 years of age, Soros definitely gets investors' attention when he makes move on the market.

Here are five George Soros investments to consider buying...

7 Gold and Silver Stocks That George Soros Bought in Q1

George Soros, one of the world's best-known and savviest investor, has been bulking up his holdings of gold and silver stocks.

According to his latest 13F Securities and Exchange Commission filing from May 2014, instead of buying physical gold and silver, Soros has been building positions in precious metal mining companies.

Following are a look at seven gold and silver stocks that Soros has been buying.

This "Boring" George Soros Play Could Double (Again)

Editor's Note: Bill has been following the Alibaba IPO, where he found a "backdoor" that could lead to a quick 153% gain. But that's not the only high-profit investment he's tracking. This George Soros-inspired move we're sharing with you today has already doubled once. Here's Bill...

Good investing is boring.

That's a favorite aphorism of billionaire investing icon George Soros. And it's a favorite of mine.

I thought about this "Soros-ism" the other day - during a conversation with Christopher Skokna, a new associate editor who just joined me here at Money Map Press.

With Fathers' Day approaching, we were talking about dads... our dads. You've heard me talk about mine many times here. Christopher's dad spent his career as a chemical engineer who designed storage tanks.

Christopher's dad's work still stands - in Lake Charles, La., at New Jersey's Meadowlands, and at the Port of Baltimore.

I'll grant you, when you first hear about the story, it sounds like boring work.

But I was instantly intrigued - for a couple of reasons.

First, I know that "boring" is often best. And, true enough, Christopher said his dad, Doug, retired a wealthy man - and at a pretty young 55 years of age.

Second, I just happened to be looking at an investment that is related to what Doug did for a living.

It's boring.

And that's precisely why we believe this stock could be a big, big winner...

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Put Politics Aside, Invest in this South American Agriculture Stock

Three weeks ago we mentioned that Morgan Stanley announced that it will close the agriculture segment of its commodities business.

The move was just another sign of hedge funds and banks electing to shift away from soft commodities, and place greater emphasis on the oil and gas markets.

Over the last two years, a number of banks have struggled in the agricultural sector. As they continue to show impatience for the long-term, many on Wall Street have picked up the ball and gone home.

Still, from our research and conversations with investors like Jim Rogers, the agricultural sector provides one of the best investment opportunities over the long term.

With demand outpacing supply and global food stocks hovering near record lows, the fundamentals are clear. It's is why Rogers told Money Morning this year "the price of agriculture has to go up a lot, or we're not going to have any food at any price."

But there's another important investor out there who is long South American agriculture. And he's using an entirely different strategy than the big banks in New York.

The investor is George Soros, Jim Rogers' former co-founder of the Quantum Fund.

Even though many Money Morning readers might not agree with Soros' politics, there's one thing you can't deny: Like Rogers, he too is a legendary investor.

And sometimes you have to put politics aside and find the right investment. And sure enough, he's long one stock that is ripe given the need for more food development in South America.

More than One Way to Invest

Wall Street banks are pulling out of the agricultural sector for two reasons: One, the short-term focus on profitability clouds their ability to see the long-term value of agricultural holdings. Second, soft commodities are a very difficult to master.

There are many different ways to invest in agriculture, but most are subject to short-term volatility given the global supply and demand picture, and the factors impacting prices such as planting cycles, weather variations, energy and shipping costs, and political uncertainty.

While animal technology continues to be our favorite way to invest in the sector, the Soros strategy has centered on a valuable investment vehicle that remains popular with hedge funds around the world: farmland.

Farmland continues to rise in price as investors attempt to cash in on the growing need for food in a world that will have nine billion mouths to feed in 2050.

And it's a solid hedge against rising prices. Over the past 70 years, farmland real estate appreciation has easily outpaced the annual inflation rate.

But farmland isn't just spiking in price here in the United States. It's also becoming a very hot commodity down in South America and portions of Africa.

And one stock provides an opportunity to get in on the development and ownership of farmland south of the equator.

Land Opportunities Abound in South America

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