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There are a few big names known globally in the tech industry, and one of the biggest is Microsoft. As such a successful company, it’s no wonder why investors watch the Microsoft stock price carefully to gauge what’s happening with tech stocks in general.

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Microsoft Stock Price Today: Better Than Apple?

When you talk about technology stocks, most people immediately think of Apple stock. Apple is a favorite company among consumers, and of course, a favorite stock among investors for its long-term success. But, just because it’s a favorite doesn’t mean it should be your only tech investment.

Why buy Microsoft stock and Apple stock? We’ll tell you.

Market Capitalization

For a long time, Apple was the most valuable company in the world, holding the record for highest market capitalization. In November 2018, Microsoft took over that title and has held on to it into early 2019.

Microsoft’s market capitalization hit $851.2 billion in November 2018, which compares to Apple’s $847.4 billion. Microsoft has focused on cloud computing, which continues to grow and interest investors while Apple’s slumping iPhone sales has many investors concerned.


Speaking of iPhone sales, this has been an area of concern for many people looking to invest in Apple stock. In 2018, 63% of Apple’s revenue was made up of iPhone sales. That’s a lot of eggs in one basket that’s been surprisingly unstable for the last few years.

In contrast, Microsoft has focused on diversification and innovation of new products such as cloud computing.

Investor Sentiment

Unfortunately for Apple, some investors are concerned about the company’s future and its ability to continue to innovate. Apple stock has managed to hold on to much of their value over the past few years, but it’s been a struggle.

In comparison, Microsoft has steadily grown throughout the last few years. Through diversification and innovation, Microsoft is projecting continued growth over the next two years.

Microsoft Stock Price for the Future

While the Microsoft stock price today is near all-time highs, what does the future hold?

Most analysts are predicting a rise for the value of the Microsoft stock price in 2019. Buy today and you just might get a piece of Microsoft’s growth.

Whether you’re watching the Microsoft stock price today for an opportunity to invest or have been invested in this stock for a long time, you’ve come to the right place.

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    Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) on Monday announced possibly its biggest news in years.

    The company is paying $7.5 billion to acquire the parent company of Bethesda Softworks, ZeniMax.

    Bethesda is a world-renown game developer responsible for series like "Elder Scrolls" and "Fallout."

    Microsoft stock has popped about 4% since Monday, when the acquisition was first announced.

    It could have been a decent blip in the broader tech world.

    But was an absolute earthquake in the gaming industry.

    Here's the latest Microsoft stock forecast in light of recent events.

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