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Michael Burry Thinks These Stocks Are Criminally Undervalued

Have you heard of the Michael Burry? Michael Lewis made him relatively famous in his book, "The Big Short."

The novel was a celebration of Burry and his timely short-selling trade in the middle of the housing boom and then bust. Burry is still managing money today looking for opportunities. What does a guru that makes a call like that do for an encore?

Burry sees another bubble brewing, and physics dictates it pop at some point.

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One of the Best Small-Cap Stocks to Buy Now

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 have slowed recently.

But that could still mean 130% gain for one of the best small-cap stocks to buy now.

This is a stock that can carry investors through thick and thin – in fact, it already has.

The company managed to boost its market share in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

While competitors were hoarding cash, these guys rolled out an entirely new line of products in 2010.

And that’s part of what makes it a top small-cap stock to buy – this company’s products are in demand no matter what the economy does.

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The Best Small-Cap Stock to Buy on Trade War News

The latest trade war news could accelerate an industry’s projected five-year 122% growth.

And though trade wars may come and go, they’re making one company the best small-cap stock to buy and hold for decades ahead. Now that 3D printing is more than just a niche hobby, and many auto manufacturers have adopted it in their prototyping, it’s a market ready to soar. And this stock has been ahead of the curve all along.