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Make a Killing from the Trade War While Everyone Else Focuses on the Headlines

To be perfectly honest, the political saber-rattling these days has gotten a bit old.

It seems every day we're hearing news of another country threatening the United States with sanctions, tariffs, or just vague retaliation for comments from the White House.

And in response, the Twitter audience receives constant entertainment in the form of retaliatory rejoinders from our commander in chief.

But despite the relationship drama between the world's most powerful nations, it's still important to know what's going on.

If only to be properly prepared.

That's why the escalating threats between the United States and China are now more important than ever...

These Superweapons Will Dominate the South China Sea Dispute

South China Sea dispute

Were the South China Sea dispute to morph into an all-out war, it would be a fight the likes of which the world hasn't seen before.

That's because the United States and China will be wielding a new class of superweapons.

Weapons with which the two superpowers will fight for superiority in the air and sea.

Check them out...