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Finally, a Safe Way to Own a Piece of Africa's $1 Trillion Resource Rush

Right now the World Bank, along with a small, publicly traded company that we'll show you in a moment, is on a $1 billion quest to map sub-Saharan Africa's mineral wealth.

That's a big, expensive job, of course, but the inevitable payoff will reach into the trillions.

And we have the perfect opportunity to play along, before anyone else even realizes this is happening...


Double-Digit (or More) Profits in This Market Are About to Rocket

It's not often a new kid makes it onto the commodities block.

Change can be disrupting… but it can also – in this case – be hugely profitable.

It's acquiring the marketplace qualities of long-traded commodities…

You may have guessed I'm talking about cannabis.

Precious Metals

Profit from the End of This Secret "Fix"

For nearly 100 years the London gold price fix has been widely used as an industry benchmark.

Its goal was to determine a price for gold that bullion dealers, jewelers, miners, and central banks could use to value their metal.

But it's a process that may have allowed for manipulation, something a recent Financial Times article highlighted thanks to new research.

here's what is going on...


An Aging Bull Is Igniting This Sector Rally

Markets clearly move in cycles, and commodities are no exception.

In fact, resources as an asset class are prone to the most extreme examples…

The good news is that recognizing and embracing these boom/bust cycles can make for huge profits.

And right now, a boom is clearly taking shape…

A number of commodities subsectors have already erupted on a dramatic surge upward…

And some equally dramatic indicators point to them heading much higher still…


How to Play the Surging Uranium Bull

Back in November we took a close look at the uranium market.

That's because the end of a 20-year milestone agreement was fast approaching…

Precious Metals

Huge Gains Are at the End of This "Acquisition Trail"

A few weeks back, Goldcorp Inc. (NYSE: GG), a top gold producer, made a hostile $2.6 billion offer for Osisko Mining Corp (TSE: OSK).

It was one of many signs that top gold producers are on the acquisition trail.

It was also a sign of where to find the gold profits today...

: Precious Metals

Gold Prices Today Flat After "Flash Crash"

Gold prices were little changed at $1,238.80 in early trading today (Tuesday) after falling $30 an ounce Monday in mere minutes.

Trading in February Comex gold futures was halted for 10 seconds Monday when a suspected "fat-fingered" (aka erroneous) trade sent the contract tumbling more than $30 an ounce in just minutes.

Find out why here...


After 20 Years, the Uranium Race Is Set to Resume – Price Surge Could Begin as Early as December

One in every 10 lightbulbs in the United States gets its power from Russian fuel. It's been that way ever since 1993, when the Megatons to Megawattsprogram began.

Under this agreement, the highly enriched uranium (HEU) contained in ex-Soviet nuclear weapons was downblended and converted into nuclear fuel.

It was a win-win arrangement. Americans got the nuclear fuel they needed; the Russians got the hard currency they needed. And the world got a cleaner, less dangerous environment, as around 20,000 warheads were stood down.

But this era is rapidly coming to a close. The very last shipment of the program's uranium recently left St. Petersburg, Russia, for Baltimore, Maryland.

By the end of December, the deal that helped provide about half of all commercial nuclear power in the United States… will simply end.

And that's going to open up a fantastic opportunity for us...

Precious Metals

Make a "Precious" Exception for This $4 Stock

You know exactly where I stand on gold, and what my stance is on silver.

You know I'm bullish on palladium, too. And platinum.

But metals don't have to be shiny or precious to make you money.

Indeed, the only "precious" thing about the metal I'm recommending today is its profit potential.

It's huge.

And Mick Davis knows it...

precious metals

Higher Gold Prices and Coin Sales Point to Growing Gold Rush

Gold prices in 2013 haven't performed as well as the previous few years – but Washington continues to give us plenty of reasons to buy the yellow metal.

This week showed us how sensitive the price of gold can be to news from Washington.

On the heels on the down-to-the-wire U.S. government budget and debt ceiling deal, gold prices moved abruptly higher and soared above the key $1,300 level.

Here's why the next round of budget battles will be good for gold...