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What OPEC's New Romance with Russia Means for Oil Prices

Low oil prices have brought OPEC and Russia to the brink of partnership, but don't expect this new closeness to radically raise oil prices. Here's what the real impact will be.

OPEC's decision to protect market share over price has even hit American producers, with their huge, expensive-to-extract new reserves of shale and tight oil.

This is an important development. It means that for the first time in nearly 11 months, geopolitics is likely to give support to higher crude - meaning oil prices get a new push.

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Are Global Stock Markets Pointing to a Bear Market?

Following a summer rout, global stock markets are on track to log their worst quarterly performance since 2011.

Plunging commodity prices, China's tanking stock markets, fears of a Greek default, and fears of a U.S. interest rate hike created extreme volatility in global stock markets in Q3.

And according to our experts, the trouble is far from over...

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15 Vladimir Putin Quotes We'll Never Forget

Russian President Vladimir Putin has held office for 12 years and counting – longer than any other Soviet elected to the position.

The extensive reign, combined with his enigmatic personality, means plenty of memorable Putin quotes have racked up over the years…

Here are 15 of the most striking Putin quotes - you'll find the strained relationship between Putin, Obama, and their two respective nations surface in more than a few of these.

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Putin vs. Obama – Calling Each Other Out in the UN Meeting Today

The 70th annual session of the United Nations General Assembly kicked off today in New York City. The gathering pitted Putin vs. Obama in their first face-to-face meeting in nearly a year.

Over the last 12 months, the decimation of the ruble, record-low oil prices, and Western sanctions have crippled Russian wealth.

But despite President Obama's stated "desire not to return to the Cold War," the two leaders made clear today that's exactly where this relationship - and the Russian economy - is headed...

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Here's What Happens to the Stock Market When the Pope Visits the U.S.

What happens to the stock market when the pope visits is nothing short of a miracle.

Today (Friday) marks the fifth time in history a pontiff will address the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. Pope Francis is the fourth pope to do so – Pope John Paul II addressed the UN twice on American soil, in 1979 and in 1995.

Past visits from the Holy See have always included this one unintentional gift...

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Here's an Entire Century of Popes on Economics

Here's an entire century of quotes from popes on economics. Many of them have shared this one sentiment over the decades.

It's no surprise that Pope Francis has come to America echoing his predecessors.

Have a look at one hundred years of popes and their opinions...

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Why the EU Refugee Crisis Is a Bigger Risk to Your Money Than the Fed or China

The EU refugee crisis is considerably more dangerous than a potential Fed rate hike and much more worrisome than China's economic train wreck. This is a truly global situation, the seriousness of which is unparalleled in modern times.

You're not hearing much about how this crisis will impact global economies, but you will soon.

Here's how the refugee crisis will impact the markets, and how investors should prepare for the chaos...

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EU Refugee Crisis Is "the Single Biggest Threat to Your Money Today"

The desperate EU refugee crisis is a humanitarian emergency, a logistical nightmare, a political hot potato, and a security risk.

But what isn't being addressed by major media outlets – yet, at least – is the refugee crisis' effect on global markets…

And investors need to prepare for what's coming.

"The migrant crisis is by far the single biggest threat to your money today," Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald said on Sept. 16. He called the situation in Europe considerably more dangerous than an impending Fed rate hike, and much more worrisome than China's economic slowdown.

Here's how the EU refugee crisis will impact the global economy - and what investors can do now to get ahead of the chaos...

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Global Stock Markets Today Fall On U.S. Jobs Report and China Jitters

Global stock markets fell Friday ahead of the U.S. jobs report and jitters over the resumption next week of trading in China’s volatile stock markets.

U.S. markets sank on Fed rate hike fears.

Here’s what investors need to know to prepare for next week’s markets…

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What to Make of the Recent UK Economic Growth Numbers

The United Kingdom looks to be getting back on track.

Recent UK economic growth numbers this week revealed that UK GDP is expected to grow 0.7% in the second quarter.

But this just shows that the UK is grappling with many of the same issues as the U.S. right now...